These are the adorable entries of comedy pet awards 2020

Ready fur our close up! Proud owners submit their dog ‘selfies’, dancing cats and headbutting horses for the Comedy Pet Photo Awards 2020

  • Adorable shots, which including smiling pooches and dancing cats, have been entered by pet owners in UK
  • Competition, which is in partnership with rehoming charity Blue Cross, was started by founders of the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards, Paul Joynson-Hicks and Tom Sullam who offer £3000 to winner
  •  Here FEMAIL reveals some of the funniest and most adorable shots so far, including an intellectual dog and gossiping trio of horses

An intellectual dog, a gossiping trio of horses, some socially distancing cats and a pair of guinea pigs doing tricks are among the entries to this year’s Mars Petcare Comedy Pet Photo Awards 2020.   

The adorable shots, which including smiling pooches and dancing cats,  have been entered by pet owners across the UK, who hope to win the £3,000 prize and be crowned pet photographer of the year.

The competition, which is in partnership with rehoming charity Blue Cross, was started by the founders of the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards, Paul Joynson-Hicks and Tom Sullam.

They hope to showcase the positive impact that pets have on people’s lives and raise awareness around homeless pets in the UK, a message that is at the heart of competition sponsor’s Mars Petcare and their mission of ‘Ending Pet Homelessness.’  

Those who hope to enter have until 31st August,  and the  finalists will be announced 28th September 28th.

Here FEMAIL reveals some of the funniest and most adorable shots so far… 

Magdalena Strakova’s ‘Gossip Girls’ shows three clumsy horses butting heads, which caused for a very cute shot. The photo was taken in Prague.  Magdalena said: ‘I was photographing horses in a pasture, and these three got together and appeared to have a chat, gossiping like giggling schoolgirls’

Bag for life please! Sarah Bub’s ‘Cat or Snail’ shows a very cute black and white cat in a plastic bag – who also uncovered some dirty soil. Taken in Kreuztal, Germany. Sarah said: ‘This is my crazy tomcat Ron. On a sunny afternoon we were on the balcony together. I had repotted plants and when I turned around I saw this interesting snail’

Say cheese! Nicole Rayner’s Smiley reveals an hilarious angle of her pet Mimi the German Shepherd from above – which made it look like a selfie. Taken in Stockport, Greater Manchester, Nicole said: ‘I was rubbing her belly and then asked if she’s ready to go walkies, her reaction was priceless’

You looking at me? Dean Pollard’s ‘Super Happy Dog’ shows an cheerful golden retriever posing up against a fence at Hill Head Beach in Fareham . Photographer Dean said: ‘Taz, our rescue dog from Cyprus was super happy on a sunny day and clearly delighted to be at the beach’

Karen Hoglund’s ‘Hung Dog Drop Out’ showed this heartwarming snap of a retriever perching on a rock to say hello to a bird – which is in fact made of paper. Taken in the Colorado mountains near Denver, Karen explained: ‘One year, we decided to send out Thanksgiving cards and our dog, Murphy, was a willing model. The turkey is made out of paper, twigs, pinecones, etc. Murphy is naturally curious so it was easy to get him to look at the fake turkey. My husband just put treats near the turkey and Murphy did the rest!’

This is a good one! Maria Indurain’s ‘Intellectual Dog’ shows her pet pooch deep in a book while lounging across a comfy bed. Taken in Barcelona, Maria explained: ‘I was reading, sitting on the floor, went to the kitchen and on my way back I found him playing with the book’

Dancing in the street! Iain Mcconnell’s photo ‘Overdramatic cat’ shows a cute kitty on her backlegs howling at the sky. It’s not known where it’s taken 

Ivan Studenic’s Vegetarian Cat’ shows a kitten very excited by a green pumpkin – who looks like she may eat it whole. Taken in the artist’s garden in Plavecky Mikulas  Slovakia on a phone. Ivan explained: ‘The model is our cat Kamila’

Is it a snow day? Magdalena Strakova ‘Snow Monster’ shows a pair of black dogs hidden among the snow on a winter’s day in the Czech Republic. Magadelena explained: ‘I was walking with a friend and her dog, and he started to roll in the snow and really had a blast. He packed as much snow in his fur as he could, then shook it off and started again, and we could not stop laughing. Such a comedian, doing it again and again, just for the laughs’

Wheely good! Isabelle Merriman ‘Guinea pigs doing tricks’ shows a pair of pets trying to catch a small treat from their owner in Guildford, Surrey. Pictured of Stigg, a rescue guinea pig on the left and Minky on the right

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Keep six feet apart please! Mehmet Aslan ‘Social distance meal order’ shows a line of pets queuing up for a treat from their human in Hatay Turkey. Mehmet said it was taken as it was inspired by ‘corona days’ as ‘social distance meal orders and curfews are in place’

Is anybody home? Sally Billam ‘Ding dong, Can you spare a few minutes of your time’ show a cute spaniel taken through a fish eye lens in Hornsea, east Yorkshire. Sally said that Freddie the ‘sproceker’ (a springer spaniel – cocker spaniel cross) was suspicious of having his photo taken 

Road trip! Alice van Kempen’s ‘The Shepherd Family Road Trip’ shows a group of white Swiss shepherd dogs in an old red car ready for a journey in the northern Netherlands. Alice explained: ‘Thee owner of the dogs had put her dogs in the back of the car. We didn’t pay attention while we talked, when we looked at them after a good five minutes we noticed two of the dogs had move to the front seats. It looked so funny so I took this photo of the Shepherd family.

Teun Veldman’s ‘Red slippers? I don’t know anything about them’ shows an adorable little kitten hiding in a pair of woollen shoes. Shot in Heerenveen, the Netherlands, the photogarpher captured the playful look of the cat caught being mischievous  

It wasn’t me! Svetlana Popova ‘What?!’ shows a pair of mischievous cats hiding in a roll of toilet paper – which has been scrunched up uncontrollably  in Edmonds in the US state of Washington. Sveltlana said: ‘This is a typical morning in our house and a perfect illustration of partners in crime collaboration. Dotty (left) who is obsessed with toilet paper is giving Pixel (right) a practical lesson on how to use the toilet paper in the most efficient way. Pixel who knows where the treats are stored and how to open counters, will teach Dotty how to find good things if mum or dad forgot to lock a container’

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