These "Silver Linings" That People Are Sharing During The Coronavirus Quarantine Will Put A Smile On Your Face

Like many parents around the country, journalist Emily Ramshaw is dealing with a new normal of working at home with her young child. However, she is choosing to look at the positives.

Now, she is encouraging others to do so. In a Twitter thread on Wednesday, she called on others to share their “silver linings” to their new situations.

Ramshaw added that another positive is getting to work from home with her sister, and “we haven’t spent this kind of quality time together since we terrorized each other as teenagers.” The two sisters, she said, are FaceTiming with their parents often, which is “probably more consistent quality conversation than we’ve had in ages.”

Other people soon answered Ramshaw’s call. Many people said that connecting with family has been a huge plus side during all of this.

And parents are sharing special moments in their kids’ lives.

So much family time!

In fact, all over social media, people are sharing upsides to being able to slow down. Like baking bread.

Getting outside (as long as you’re distancing, of course).

Tackling neglected chores.

Starting new habits or hobbies.

Also, everyone’s pets are STOKED.

“It’s tough times at the moment, but Tia is happy to have us home all the time now. How can you stay worried or upset with a face like this staring up at you!”

Some even had conspiracy theories. ?

Others have realized this may be the perfect time to find a new family member.

What has been your silver lining in these hard times? Please share in the comments.

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