This ‘Home Alone’ BarkBox Has Toys & Treats Themed From The Movie For Your Dog

You can celebrate your pup this holiday with a special new gift from BarkBox. To ring in the holiday season, the dog goodies service introduced a new themed box, and this Home Alone BarkBox has toys and treats that will delight any fan of the movie, so your pooch can join in on the fun during movie night. Here’s how you can get your hands on the special box this season.

BarkBox and Super Chewer launched the new Home Alone boxes on Nov. 17 to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the iconic film. The release of the themed boxes were timed alongside the release of the Home Alone trilogy on Disney+, so your pup can stay entertained during your upcoming movie nights.

The boxes are perfect for your Home Alone celebration, since they’re filled with original toys representing characters and items from the movie. `Inside the Home Alone BarkBox, you’ll find two plush toys, two bags of corn, soy, and wheat-free treats, and one meaty chew. The toy options include include the Oh-Kay Van, Marv, and Harry. All the toys come with a satisfying squeaker.

If you’d like to upgrade your Home Alone BarkBox, you can sign up for the `Double Deluxe option. The upgraded version comes with four toys, four bags of treats, and two chews in total. The extra plush toys you’ll find in the box are Kevin’s Paint Can and Buzz’s Tarantula.

If your pup prefers plush-free toys, you’ll want to opt for the Home Alone Super Chewer box. You’ll get two rubber toys, two bags of corn, soy, and wheat-free treats, and two meaty chews. The rubber toys included are McCallister Doorknob, which is made of a transparent glow-in-the-dark rubber, and the Oh-Kay Van, which can dispense five treats. For an extra cost, you can also add an additional toy, Harry’s Gold Tooth, to the box.

If you choose to upgrade to the Double Deluxe version of the Super Chewer Box, you’ll also get Kevin’s Christmas Bulb and Kevin’s Videotape.

Both the Home Alone BarkBox and Super Chewer box are available for new and current subscribers on and Since the products are only available for a limited time while supples last, you’ll want to place your order ASAP.

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