This new Netflix documentary is a mix of The Last Dance and Friday Night Lights

Netflix’s Audible, a coming-of-age documentary following a deaf high school football team navigating their senior year, is available to stream on 1 July.

If there’s one thing that’s sure to inspire us, it’s stories of incredible athletes who break boundaries and push limits, particularly during an Olympic year.

Netflix’s newest documentary, Audible, looks to be no different. The coming-of-age short follows high school athlete Amaree McKenstry and his friends during their senior year at the Maryland School for the Deaf, focussing on the students’ experiences in their final year of school, on and off the football field.

Executive produced by actor and director Peter Berg, who was also the creator of sports drama series Friday Night Lights, the documentary is directed by Matt Ogens, who also made the award-winning From Harlem With Love.

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High school football player Amaree McKenstry and his friends face the pressures of senior year.

After the success of The Last Dance, Netflix’s last sports documentary which followed the Chicago Bulls, Audible is just the kind of diverse and uplifting true story we want more of on our screens.

“The reality of this life is that we are going to face some adversity. We must examine who we are. No matter how tough it gets, we gotta go hard and continue to fight,” speaks McKenstry’s father in the trailer.

Here’s everything we know about Audible so far. 

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Filmed in 2020, before the Covid-19 pandemic, high school football player Amaree McKenstry and his friends face the pressures of senior year and grapple with the realities of venturing off into the hearing world.

McKenstry and his team are forced to overcome a devastating result that ends their 42-match winning streak, while also coming to terms with the tragic loss of a close friend’s death.

“This film is about Amaree and his relationships, but I hope, in some ways, he’s an avatar for at least some aspects of the deaf experience for everyone,” director Matt Ogens told The Observer.

Watch the trailer below.


Calling this powerful 36-minute documentary short “the most important thing I’ve ever done to date,” Ogens told The Observer about the process behind the show, which involved deaf model and advocate Nyle DiMarco coming on as an executive producer. Both he and Ogens made sure to pay significant attention to details like the timing of subtitles, in order to “capture the true essence of deaf conversations being translated to English in subtitles.”

“Rather than just doing a general film about being deaf where I interview experts, I wanted to tell what I call an immersive, audiovisual experience, so it felt like it was told through the point of view of a character.”

On social media, one user wrote “Looking forward to this. Love a decent high school documentary and nice to see deafness as part of that story.”

“It has been amazing to see studios and companies putting deaf culture and stories to the forefront recently, I hope it continues,” another remarked.

“It looks primed to win some awards,” read another comment.

Audible is just the kind of diverse and uplifting true story we want more of on our screens.


Luckily, you don’t have to wait long.  Audible will be available on Netflix from 1 July.

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