Thug told police ‘Why arrest me, she’s 30 stone’ after kettle attack on woman

A thug battered a woman senseless with a kettle before fat-shaming her victim while she was being arrested for the attack.

Eleanor Knapton, 21, screamed at police: ''Why are you arresting me – she must be 30 stone", after carrying out the unprovoked attack on Ceri Jones.

Minshull Street Crown Court heard as Miss Jones was being rushed to hospital with head and face injuries, shameless Knapton told officers: ''She's f***ing smacked me – I can't be dealing with this.

''Have you seen the size of her. She started on me for no reason can you go and speak to her.

"The woman is just out of her head, she p***ed, she must be about 30 stone. I have not done it intentionally, I'm not evil."

Knapton and boyfriend Simon Lawson were later charged over the assault outside the Assheton Arms hotel and pub in Middleton, Greater Manchester.

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Knapton, who has 13 previous convictions including robbery, battery and assault, was jailed for 12 months after she admitted assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

Lawson, 35, was jailed for 18 months after he admitted assault on Miss Jones and assaulting the victim's friend Liam McMahon.

He was given a further 18 weeks for being in breach of a suspended sentence imposed after he was convicted of stamping on a man's head

The assault happened on December 5 last year, just an hour after police had been called to the couple's flat above the pub.

They had received reports Knapton was shouting and screaming and Lawson was throwing items out of the window into the street below.

Prosecutor Rachel Widdecombe said: "Police officers saw the complainants stood near the railing outside the hotel.

"Ceri Jones had visible injuries to her forehead, cheek and neck and was covered in blood whilst Liam McMahon had a small injury to his face.

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''Both were extremely intoxicated and said they had been subjected to an unprovoked attack outside the hotel.

"They said the defendants had been shouting at them from a window and next thing was they were physically assaulted on the street.

''Both had limited memory of the assault and both were taken to North Manchester General Hospital Ms Jones had a three inch laceration to her forehead and a one inch laceration above her eyebrow, Mr McMahon had grazing to his lip area.

"CCTV showed Ms Jones and Ms McMahon walking down the street they appear to be arguing with a male and pointing, they then appear to be arguing with somebody at a high window in the hotel.

"Lawson comes onto the street and he and Ms Jones appear to be arguing with each other.

''Lawson then strikes Ms Jones who falls backwards and onto the street. Ms Knapton then came onto the street from the hotel and approached Ms Jones.

"She was carrying a kettle and she strikes Ms Joes over the head with the kettle.

"She strikes her face and Ms Jones falls into the main road, Ms Knapton stands over her and hit her two times on the head with force and kicked her to the head.

''Lawson then approached Mr McMahon and struck him multiple times to the face.

"Mr McMahon fell to the floor and the defendants then went back into the hotel. Police arrested them shortly afterwards.''

In mitigation her defence barrister Robert McKail said: "This is an appalling assault but it follows a series of difficult and challenging incidents in her life.

"She is an extremely vulnerable individual who has been trampled on by all the adults in her life.

''She is extremely remorseful, she was crying during her interview and was apologising.

"She's ashamed and embarrassed and it is genuine remorse. This wasn't wholly unprovoked there are words being exchanged.

''I don't seek to make excuses but it is clear something happened between the parties before this incident took place.

"She's very vulnerable and very impressionable she has been let down by many people in her life.

Passing sentence Judge Sophie Mckone said: "For reasons we will never know Ms Knapton you armed yourself with a kettle and went outside and proceeded to assault Ms jones by hitting her round the head with the kettle and kicking her in the head as she lay on the floor.

''This was a vicious and nasty, sustained attack. There may have been a degree of provocation one doesn't know but that doesn't justify what you then proceeded to do.

"Thankfully their injuries while quite serious could have been a lot worse."

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