Viewers of Five Guys A Week baffled after single mother chooses banker

Single mother is warned ‘alpha male’ will dump her within DAYS after she chooses a high-flying banker who admits he’s never been in love on new dating show

  • Amy Butterworth, 34, from St. Albans, was looking for love on Five Guys A Week 
  • Programme follows single women as they invite five men to live with them 
  • Ended up being charmed by high-flying banker Christian, 37, and sharing a kiss  
  • He said he’d never having been in love and lived an ‘adrenaline-fuelled’ lifestyle
  • The single mother ultimate chose Christian to pursue a relationship with   
  • Viewers were left stunned by the move, with some questioning her choice 
  • One shocked viewer wrote: ‘His verbal diarrhoea will bore you to death Amy.’

Viewers of a new Channel 4 dating show were left baffled last night after a single mother looking for partner chose a ‘competitive’ banker who admitted to never having been in love. 

Amy Butterworth, 34, from St. Albans, appeared on Five Guys A Week as she invited a handful of men to go through a ‘trial run’ and live with her for several days to compete for her affections. 

After kissing both musician Scott, 30, and high-flying banker Christian, 37, as well as forming an emotional connection with father-of-four Glen, 38, she ended up choosing to pursue a relationship with Christian.

But many viewers argued she had made the wrong decision in picking the ‘alpha male’, with one commenting: ‘Please not Christian. His metaphors, analogies, cliches and other verbal diarrhoea will bore you to death Amy.’ 

Viewers were baffled last night as Amy Butterworth, 34, from St. Albans, chose to pursue a relationship with high-flying banker Christian, 37, Five Guys A Week (pictured) 

While another wrote: ‘She’s gonna choose Christian and they’re not going to last. He makes me nervous.’ 

Speaking about her past marriage, Amy, a marketing consultant, revealed: ‘I think I got married at a time when I didn’t really know who I was. I’d lost my way a little bit.’

She said: ‘I know who I am now and I know what makes me happy, this is about finding someone really amazing and I’m actually excited about the future.’ 

As he arrived at her home, Christian revealed: ‘I live an exciting, adrenaline fueled lifestyle.’

He added: ‘Girls I meet at the minute just seem to want to have a good time, not for a long time. I’m not single for a lack of options, it’s for lack of girls who want to settle down.’ 

Meanwhile Amy said: ‘Ambition and aspiration are really important to me, because it’s about being able to say yes to life.’ 

The second person to arrive was Glen, 38, a father-of-four, before Michael, 42, a Hollywood stunt man, followed by musician Scott, 30, and surf instructor Trystan, 33.

The group settled into the living area as they enjoyed drinks and began chatting, and when Christian asked who fancied Amy, everyone put their hand up.  

Amy stunned viewers by choosing to pursue a relationship with the high-flying banker, despite their apparently opposing lifestyles 

And it wasn’t not long before Amy revealed that, despite having an initial physical attraction to Trystan, she was finding herself falling more for Christian.   

As they sit down for dinner, Amy asked why everyone was single, with Glen revealing his wife left him for a 19-year-old. 

Meanwhile Scott had a similar story, and welled up as he spoke about how much his parent’s marriage meant to him. 

The tone didn’t seem to impress Christian, who told the camera: ‘How did we go from top of Everest to bottom of Snowdon? Deep for the first night.’ 

Social media users were stunned by Amy’s choice, with some branding Christian a ‘melt’ and others calling him ‘a manipulator’ 

He told the group he was determined to ‘move onto good times’ and opened up a New York cheesecake. 

The next morning, the five men woke up in Amy’s house and Christian headed up to her bedroom to catch her for a chat. 

Christian admitted: ‘I like a little bit of competition, I think if you go quiet, Amy is going to forget. No one is putting in the stock cupboard, you’ve got to put yourself in the shop window.’

Taking a seat on her bed, he said she ‘wasn’t giving anything away’, before explaining: ‘Everyone fancies you, they’re just got different ways of showing you. I’m really forward. If we were on a first date one-on-one, I’d be all over you like a tramp on chips.’ 

Christian admitted he was unimpressed by the other men’s stories of woe and heartbreak on the programme 

After breakfast, Amy revealed she felt she didn’t have a natural rapport with Trystan, before bidding the surfing instructor farewell.  

The other suitors felt positively joyful over the news they could stay in the contest, with Scott revealing: ‘So relieved it’s not me. I was kind of wishing it was Christian, because I feel him and Amy have this big bond going on.’ 

That evening, Amy invited the men to meet her friends, before the group headed out to a local nightclub.

And after admitting Christian’s wealth was making him feel insecure, Scott said: ‘Christian is a little bit pumped up right now.’  

Christian revealed he was determined to lift the mood on the first night of the experiment after the other men opened up about past heartbreak 

He added: ‘I think he’s blowing it a bit, I think she’s not into bravado. I don’t think that’s going to work.’

It seemed Scott had assessed the situation correctly, with the suitor sharing a cheeky kiss with Amy in the club, much to the disappointment of the other men.  

Later, Scott told the group: ‘I feel like I’ve been with Amy a lot tonight. Like I’ve got to admit right now I’m finding it hard to even look at Christian.’

The next morning, Christian admitted he was struggling with his feelings about the whole experiment, saying: ‘For a guy like me, emotions are the devil. What are you meant to do with them?’ 

While the other men enjoyed breakfast the following morning, Chris headed up for a heart-to-heart with Amy (pictured, Glen, Scott and Michael in the kitchen) 

After breakfast the following day, Amy said goodbye to Michael before the remaining three men head off to Amy’s mother Jackie’s house for a roast. 

Sitting down at the table, she horrified the group by asking: ‘It’s lovely to meet you all. But what has been your sexual experience in life?’

Christian said: ‘I’ve never had any complaints.’  

Later, Scott took Amy to one side, and revealed Christian was making him feel insecure, saying: ‘Christian has a lot of money, he’s got a good job, he’s a nice guy and he’s good looking.

Amy’s mother Jackie demanded to know what the men’s sexual experiences had been throughout their lives 

‘It makes me really uncomfortable the way Christian is trying to push himself on you all the time. 

‘I mean, you’re nobody’s property. It’s so stupid. And I don’t know why, but it makes me feel so awkward because I really, really like you.’ 

Later, Amy and Christian settled down on a bed as he finally opening up about his past relationships, saying: ‘I don’t think I’ve ever been in love. When I finally do get a family,  I want it to be a settled position.’ 

And Christian could barely finish his sentence before Amy said: ‘I do really, really like you’ and the two shared a slow and passionate kiss. 

At one stage Christian took Amy to one side, and admitted he had never been in love before the two shared a passionate kiss 

On the final morning, Amy bid farewell to Scott, while Christian admitted he was feeling overwhelmed by his emotion, saying: ‘I’ve only had two girlfriends in my whole life. 

‘I’ve got so much new emotion and butterflies. And I’m an analyst whose normally in control of everything.’

And later that night, Amy tucked into a romantic dinner for three with Glen and Christian, saying: ‘These two guys couldn’t be more different. It’s working out which one I realistically could see a future with.

‘I really need to understand what are their genuine wants, and do they fit with mine.’

Christian said the experiment had given him ‘new butterflies’ shortly after admitting he felt emotions were ‘the devil’ 

She said she wanted to get to a deeper level with both of the men, before asking them what kind of relationship he wanted.

Christian slammed his fellow competitor Glen with his answer as he referred to the suitor’s four children as ‘anchors’.

He said: ‘I think a relationship should be a lot of fun. And, sorry to say this in front of you mate Glen, but I don’t have the anchors he’s got. I don’t need to think about things 50 per cent.’ 

And, as the dinner came to a close, Amy revealed she had made her decision over who to continue to pursue a relationship with.   

Later, Amy revealed how she felt torn between two men who she ‘really, really’ liked in different ways 

Amy said: ‘This is a ridiculous process. I’ve ended up with two guys I really, really like in completely different ways. 

‘You’ve said things which have made me think about what it would be like to be in a relationship with both of you. But the person I see more of a future with right now is Christian.’ 

As Glen dismissed himself from the table, a loved-up Amy and Christian kissed and embraced in Amy’s kitchen.

But viewers were stunned by her choice on  the programme, with one commenting: ‘Yuck Christian. Well he’s good to buy dinner a few times at least.’

Christian slammed his competitor Glen on the programme, telling Amy that he was a better suitor because he didn’t have ‘any anchors’, referring to Glen’s four children

Another wrote: ‘I think Christian is a competitive guy. He wanted to beat the other guys, win, and not much else. 

‘I can’t imagine these two making it past 2 dates. Certainly don’t think he has the capacity to play a role in the lives of her two kids.’

Another said: ‘Christian is a master manipulator and this is all going to end in tears.’ 

Another added: ‘This Christian bloke is a tight might. Thinks he is everything and he is just a tool.’  

Viewers admitted they were baffled after Amy chose the banker to be her suitor, with some questioning his motives  

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