Virgo March 2020 horoscope: Check astrology reading for your star sign now

The Virgo horoscope for March predicts “a loving partnership”, “forgiveness” and ” a romantic trip” on the horizon this month, according to Russell Grant. What else is in store for you in March?


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Virgo (August 24 – September 23)

Characteristics: Virgo is an earth sign historically represented by the goddess of wheat and agriculture, an association that speaks to Virgo’s deep-rooted presence in the material world.

Virgos are logical, practical, and systematic in their approach to life.

This earth sign is a perfectionist at heart and isn’t afraid to improve skills through diligent and consistent practice.

Virgo is governed by Mercury, the messenger planet of communication.

Though Mercury also rules Gemini, these two signs are radically different: Gemini is about output and expression, whereas Virgo is about input and processing.

A Virgo deals with information like a computer, transforming even the most jumbled set of information into organized, clear concepts.

They are kind, gentle, and supportive friends and lovers who use their incredible intellect and resourcefulness to problem-solve.

So, what does Russell Grant predict for Virgo this March?

Russell said: “An old health issue could flare up at the start of March; don’t put medical matters on a back burner. Getting a professional opinion will be helpful.

“A loving partnership gives you the courage to take a creative risk on the 8th.”

According to the astrology expert, the Full Moon on the 9th will encourage you to “forgive someone who hurt you long ago.”

“Holding this grudge is robbing you of inner peace and happiness,” he explained.

The astrology expert also revealed: “You could finally get a job offer on the 10th after a longer-than-expected waiting period.”


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Russell also encouraged people born under the Virgo star sign to work “with an artistic colleague” on the 16th as “you bring out the best in each other” and results will be rewarding.

However, he warned Virgo to be cautious on the 22nd.

He said: “The 22nd warns you against burning the candle at both ends; taking better care of your body is critical.

“Let your romantic partner introduce you to something unfamiliar on the 24th when the New Moon rewards adventurous behaviour.

“Taking a romantic trip would be a very good idea on the 29th; you and your amour will enjoy a break from the pressures of home,” he said.

Virgo love and relationship horoscope

According to Sun Signs, Virgo compatibility will be heavenly this month and life with your spouse will be romantic and passionate.

“Love has the support of a host of planets such as Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto, and Mars,” said Anna Marie, love and relationship astrologer.

“If you are in a confirmed relationship, you will go to any length to please your partner.

“Singles will be able to form love relationships with their aggression and fortitude. Forget about your professional and domestic worries, and seek love brazenly. Love can be found in social gatherings and in the workplace among your colleagues.”

The most compatible signs with Virgo are generally considered to be Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio, and Capricorn. The least compatible signs with Virgo are generally considered to be Gemini and Sagittarius.

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