Watch as quail chicks cause a stampede in farmer's home

Cool chicks! Watch as baby quails the size of bumblebees cause a stampede in farmer’s home

  • Bernard Henry, from New Milford, Connecticut, shared the adorable footage 
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A farmer has filmed the adorable moment his newly-hatched quails caused a mini stampede in his home.

Bernard Henry, 29, who lives in New Milford, Connecticut, raises birds on his farm as pets and recently hatched a new batch of the small species.

The 13 king quail chicks were three-days-old and the ‘size of bumblebees’ when they hatched.

Bernard let the quails fluff up in the incubator for a few days and transferred them to a small heated pen.

The 13 tiny birds now live in his home.

Bernard Henry, 29, raises birds on his farm as pets in New Milford, Connecticut, and shared an adorable video where 13 baby quails can be seen running hammock in his home 

The farmer revealed that his teeny tiny quails are as small as bumblebees when they first hatch  

Bernard said: ‘I hatched them as a hobby.

‘I raise lots of birds but specifically LOVE quail! ‘These tiny ones in the video are called button or king quail and are the smallest species of quail that I raise.

‘They’re the size of bumblebees when they hatch!’

Bernard runs a flower farm and has raised birds for over a decade.

He now has 60 quails in total and 90 other birds including pheasants, chickens, ducks and peafowls.

He said: ‘I name a few of my favorites but it’s hard to name them all!

‘Some of my favorite little quail are called Boots, Dash, Jet, Quinn, Finn, Jake, and Daisy!’

Bernard’s videos are a hit online where they have garnered over 35 million views.

Bernard runs a flower farm and has raised birds for over a decade. He has raised 60 quails and 90 other birds in total  

Bernard often photograph his chicks next to objects, like dices, left, to show how small they are, or will use his fingers for scale 

Bernard said: ‘My baby quail videos are always a hit on my platforms but I didn’t expect to hit over 28 million views on the TikTok video I posted about that.

‘I love that everyone’s just as obsessed with these tiny creatures as I am.

‘In person, it’s even more incredible to see just how small these little birds are when they first hatch.

‘Videos and pictures sometimes don’t do them justice.

‘I try and compare them to everyday items like the tip of an iPhone charger or a water bottle cap to try and show my followers just how microscopic button quail chicks are!’

Pictured: Bernard with one of his adult size quails wearing a cap and resting on top of his head at home 

Bernard revealed he loves quails. One of the farmer’s chicks resting on his bed next to a plug to show its tiny size

Not satisfied with just 13 baby quails, one pictured left, Bernard, with an adult quail, right, plans to hatch 40 of the chicks next 

Bernard’s gang of 13 quails are set to increase in numbers as he plans to more than double the amount of chicks.

‘My plan for my next hatch is to have 40 of these little guys running towards me instead of just 13!

‘I’m looking forward to my next hatch in 18 days!’

Bernard also has two dogs, two cats and seven goats on the farm and spends his days harvesting and planting flowers.

He gets up every morning to feed and let out the birds and animals so they can roam freely over an acre of land.

Bernard said: ‘I go through about 200lbs of feed a week which costs £166.

‘We feed them sustainably and cut down on waste.

‘I also cut the nails and file the beaks of the quails and do a health check once a week.’

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