We won't force our children to learn to read and write

We’re ‘unschooling’ our three children and won’t force them to learn to read or write – our son decided to teach himself when he was 10-years-old

  • Adele Allen, 39, from Brighton says her kids don’t need school
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A couple have revealed that they won’t force their three young children to read or write – and even allow them to set their own bedtimes.

Adele and Matt Allen, both 39, from Brighton believe in ‘child autonomy’ and say their kids Ulysses, 12, Ostara, eight, and Kai, four are allowed to make their own decisions.

The couple first hit deadlines when then one-year-old Ostara shocked viewers by urinating on the floor during an episode of This Morning in 2016.

Since then, stay-at-home mum, Adele, has shockingly revealed that her children keep to no fixed schedule, bedtime or meal times in what she calls an ‘unschooling’ approach.

What’s more, the couple refuse to vaccinate their children, and instead seek natural and herbal remedies for when they’re feeling poorly. 

Adele and Matt Allen, both 39, from Brighton (pictured with their children) say they won’t force their three young kids to read or write – despite criticism from fellow parents

Ulysses, 12, Ostara (right), eight, and Kai (left), four are allowed to make their own decisions – which includes setting their own bedtimes

The couple have shunned the ‘cruel’ and ‘lazy’ labels thrown at them by other parents, with the pair defending their actions, saying their kids have now forged a strong sense of identity.

‘Our son was ten-years-old when he began taking an interest in wanting to read and write’ said Adele.

‘He just picked up pen and paper and taught himself’ she added.

‘The kids go to bed when they like, wake up when they like, as we don’t like alarms, and we don’t have set meal times. We just make food when they’re hungry, and as they get older they make themselves food.’ 

‘We never force kids to do chores. But we do actively encourage them to help out. They help us look after our animals, garden in our allotment, and keep their rooms tidy.’ 

Adele – who breastfed her kids until they were three – explained that they have no need for school, and would rather the children follow their own paths, with a little guidance from her and Matt. 

‘We just follow their lead’ she said.

‘We don’t use the education system. Instead, we unschool our kids. This means they have to show an interest in something for us to explore it with them.’

The frugal mother – whose daughter famously urinated on the floor during an appearance on This Morning in 2016 – also refuses to vaccinate their children

Ulysses, (pictured far right) 12, was ten-years-old when he began taking an interest in wanting to read and write

‘With them not being in a classroom setting, there isn’t the pressure there to do certain things by a certain age.’

‘We believe in child autonomy and enabling kids to take governance of their life, make their own choices, and decide what goes on in their life rather than dictating to them.’

‘However, this doesn’t mean no guidance. It’s just about involving them in the decisions.’

And so far the mother-of-three says their unconventional parenting style has paid off, with their eldest Ulysses picking up passions for animals and computers, while daughter Ostara has taken to sewing.

She also shed light on her and Matt’s natural lifestyle, that she says naturally progressed after she fell pregnant.

The couple’s eldest Ulysses has picked up passions for animals and computers, while daughter Ostara (pictured) has taken to sewing

Kai and Ostara together with the family dog. The children don’t follow a strict routine and instead enjoy a more fluid schedule

She said: ‘I didn’t have any medicalised births, and we started doing things alternatively and out of this system.’

‘We didn’t do vaccinations for our kids, which people say is cruel of us, and we don’t use the healthcare system. Instead, we use natural and herbal remedies.’

‘We just focus on natural remedies, and grow our own herbs so the kids are involved in that too.’

‘People also think we are also being cruel to the kids because we don’t use the healthcare system or believe in vaccinations. It really riles them up.’ 

And for the haters who call the parents ‘lazy’, Adele says they couldn’t be more wrong, due to the sheer amount of work and effort that goes into raising their children.

‘People have called us lazy, which just makes me laugh, because our parenting style is the opposite of lazy.’

‘They don’t see our lifestyle in action. It’s full-on in the fact that we don’t have as much of our own time as adults, because we aren’t in the routine of putting the kids to bed.’

‘Every day looks different for us. We don’t have a strict schedule that we follow each day.’

‘And we’re always monitoring the kids, their emotions and how they’re feeling. We aren’t just sending them off to school for teachers to deal with. We have to respond and adapt accordingly to how they’re engaging.’

‘I think it can be confused with permissive parenting, where there are no boundaries or guidance, but we do have boundaries just not arbitrary rules.’

‘We are taking full responsibility for their development.’

Adele says fellow parents label her ‘lazy’ but they couldn’t be more wrong, due to the sheer amount of work and effort that goes into raising her children

The parents believe that their unconventional parenting method gives their kids a strong sense of identity

The news comes as the wife and mother revealed that she wouldn’t be turning her radiators on except for ‘extreme’ conditions – and would use a minimal amount of lighting in her home instead.

Last year, the frugal mother insisted that central heating was dangerous and said they didn’t want to expose their three children to ‘health hazards’ that radiators present. 

The couple are also known for sparking controversy with their ‘off-grid’ parenting updates on YouTube and Instagram.

And in 2019, the family-of-five revealed they claimed £900-a-month in benefits while living in a council home, with Adele’s partner Matt working just a few hours a week as a yoga teacher. 

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