Whitlock serves up ‘filthy darts’ as three bullseyes checkout sends fans wild

Simon Whitlock brought the house down at the Dutch Darts Championship in Zwolle with a sensational and unique finish to a match.

The Australian was in third-round action against Swede Daniel Larsson, having beaten Joe Cullen 6-5 on Saturday. Whitlock stormed into a 5-1 lead against Larsson, who looked set to pull a leg back when he needed just 40, while the Wizard was on 150.

However, Whitlock had other ideas, reeling off three bullseyes in one visit to close out the match 6-1. On commentary for the PDC, Paul Nicholson, one of Whitlock’s old rivals and former Australia World Cup team-mate, saw it coming.

After the first dart hit the bullseye, Nicholson said: “I knew he was going to try this. Do it, do it now!”

Quick as a flash, the next two darts hit their target too with Nicholson adding: “It happens, and it’s happened before. He’s done that to win an Australian ranked event before.”

The sparkling finish went down well on social media, with professional player and YouTuber Matthew Edgar tweeting: “Might as well cancel the rest of 2022, nothing is beating that.”

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David Taylor added: “That's what you call filthy darts” while someone else said: “Wow! Still got it Simon!!”

Another darts fan pointed out: “Brilliant…. and this is why you hit the fat number and take a shot at the bull. When your opponent sends a clear signal that you're not going to take out the big finish you have just improved his odds of taking it out. Quality.”

Another tweeted: Well done to the wizard. Excellent checkout boy” while Mark Antonio simply posted: “Lol. Ridiculous.” Kevin Shepherd echoes those sentiments, adding: “Oh WOW."

While one more said: “That is absolutely brilliant!” and a delighted @nathanjohn29 tweeted: "This is why he'll always be my favourite darts player."

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