Will China or the United States win the ‘competition to win the 21st century’?

This week The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald have launched a series on the biggest question in geopolitics: USA v China – who will win the superpowers’ struggle for world domination.

North America correspondent Matt Knott and North Asia correspondent Eryk Bagshaw have been examining the two nations’ power, reach and influence across several criteria to determine which one has the upper hand in the superpower showdown, one that US President Joe Biden has called “the competition to win the 21st century”.

They’ll be looking at diplomatic clout, economic might, military strength, tech mastery and climate change leadership. At the end of the week, we’ll work out who is ahead now, and who will be ahead this century.

Today on Please Explain, Eryk and Matt join Nathanael Cooper to discuss this fascinating series and just what we can expect as the two most powerful countries in the world fight for global supremacy.

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