Woman shares ‘glue stick’ hack to make buttering toast easier

Is there anything worse than hard butter scuffing up your perfect toast?

Whether you let a chunk sit on the warm toast for a bit, or try to heat up the dairy product beforehand, it can feel like a battle just to achieve a simple buttered slice.

But athlete Jessica Fox on TikTok has a different technique.

She recently revealed her own butter hack that’s very similar to using a glue stick.

Jessica explains that she butters her toast straight from the block – just how you would stick something down with glue.

In the video, shared to her account @jessfoxcanoe, the Olympian can be seen using her preferred method.

She says: ‘So this is how I butter my toast. It might be a little bit controversial. Does it make you feel uncomfortable or am I a genius?’

‘It’s just easier, no clumps of butter or holes in the bread. surely I’m not the only one?’

Its just easier, no clumps of butter or holes in the bread.😅 surely im not the only one #toast #fyp #hack

It’s safe to say that Jessica’s hack has caused some controversy – with many saying this method ‘bothered’ them deeply.

But others have praised the creative trick.

One person said: ‘That’s not a bad idea. I now need butter and toast butter so I don’t transfer any crumbs on to other things that’s not toast.’

Another added: ‘It gets the job done, and saves on washing a knife. Genius.’

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