Woman shows off incredible skin transformation after two-year battle

How to banish acne FAST: Young woman, 25, shows off her incredible skin transformation after a two-year battle – and reveals the products that cleared her complexion for good

  • Sports Illustrated model Georgia Gibbs has shared her exact skincare regime  
  • The 25-year-old model has been suffering with years of severe acne and rosacea
  • But against all odds, Georgia said she was able to clear her skin for good

Sports Illustrated model Georgia Gibbs has shared the exact skincare regime she swears by after she cleared up her severe acne.

The 25-year-old, from Perth, Western Australia, has been documenting her remarkable ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures of her skin transformation after battling with crippling breakouts across her forehead, cheeks and chin for two years.

And now Georgia has revealed the skincare products – including a $15.99 moisturiser – she uses every day and night to keep her acne at bay.

Sports Illustrated model Georgia Gibbs has shared remarkable before (left) and after (right) pictures of her skin transformation after struggling with years of severe acne

The 25-year-old shared the exact skincare regime she swears by after she cleared up acne

Georgia’s skincare day and night routine  


Ointment: Oleogel N Skin care for barrier disordered and atopic skin

Moisturiser: Avène Cicalfate Restorative Skin Cream – $15.99 

Tinted moisturiser: Dermaviduals Base Foundation Plus


Double cleanse: Dermaviduals Cleansing Milk with DMS

Eye makeup remover: Certified Organic Jojoba oil – $34.95

Moisturiser: Dermaviduals DMS – Base Cream High Classic

Avène Cicalfate Restorative Skin Cream – $15.99 

Avène Antirougeurs Fort – $41.95

‘Less is more skincare… because what I’ve learnt is the more gentle I am, the less that I do, the happier my skin is,’ Georgia said in her latest YouTube video.

She explained how her morning and night routines are completely different. 

‘My morning routine, I don’t cleanse,’ she said, explaining she’s aware her statement is controversial but she has an explanation behind her decision.

‘When you have an impaired barrier like me, if you’ve kind of got on top of your acne but you’ve got a couple breakouts like me, I personally don’t believe you need to be stripping your skin of its oils every single day now.

‘Not to say that all cleanses strip your oils because the cleanser that I use definitely does not – but personally for me when I wake up, my skin just wants to be revitalised, it wants to be freshened up and it wants to be protected throughout the day.

‘For me, someone that has very hypersensitive skin, I don’t want to be using actives in the morning before I go out in the sun because the sun makes your skin more sensitive.’ 

Every morning, Georgia said she keeps her routine ‘real simple’.

‘I wake up, I put on Oleogel N [ointment]. I rub it into my skin and the more you rub it, the less oily it gets. It takes care of skin that’s irritated and redden,’ she explained.

‘The reason I use this is because my skin doesn’t break out as much. But my skin needs the nourishment without the heaviness.’

1. See a dermatologist to determine what kind of rosacea you have.

2. Find out when it started and what triggers it.

3. Work with a naturopath or medical practitioner on the treatment.

4. Identify if there are any food triggers and change your diet accordingly.

She then applies Avène ‘restorative’ face cream.

‘The reason why I love this is because it’s super hydrating for hypersensitive skin,’ Georgia said.

Once she moisturises her face, she puts on a tinted moisturiser called Dermaviduals Base Foundation Plus, in which she got in her shade.

She said the product doesn’t irritate her skin because it contains zero nasty ingredients. 

‘I’m done, that’s my morning routine,’ she said, adding: ‘Your skin needs to be as calm as possible first thing in the morning.’ 

Her night ritual includes cleansing, using an oil-based product to remove her makeup, followed by a moisturiser. 

‘When I go to sleep, I make sure it is scrubbed clean and super plump and that’s when I would use actives if I do use them before bed,’ she said.

She uses Dermaviduals cleansing milk to cleanse her complexion, followed by a Jojoba oil to remove her eye makeup.

Georgia said she uses the cleansing milk to cleanse her skin again just to ‘make sure my skin is 100 per cent clean and 100 per cent fresh’.

After her double cleansing method, she dabs a bit of Dermaviduals active cream around her breakout areas before applying Avène restorative cream.

Finally she dabs Avène Antirougeurs Fort under her eyes and nose crevices which helps treat redness. 

She pointed out the products work well for her skin – but may not work for others so it’s best to find the ingredients that are suitable for your complexion.

The 25-year-old has been documenting her battle with acne and rosacea on Instagram to help young women get through their own skin conditions

Earlier this month, Georgia shared remarkable before and after pictures of her skin transformation after struggling with years of severe acne. 

‘For the girls struggling with their skin, chronic illness, auto immune disorders, extreme stress, hormonal problems, this post is for you, to tell you healing is not linear, healing is complex,’ she explained in a lengthy post on Instagram.

‘No one will ever understand how exhausting, how emotionally draining and how discouraging it can be so I’m here to tell you I get it.’

Georgia said her acne recovery didn’t come easy after her chronic battle with rosacea triggered her inflamed skin in 2018. 

Rosacea is an inflammatory skin condition that often affects the face, creating swollen red lumps and making small blood vessels visible.

‘My skin is finally in a really happy place, my acne finally cleared and then my Rosacea went crazy, I lost it ‘why is it always one thing after another?’ she said.

‘When the body is truly healing, it’ll heal something that will clear out ready for the next thing until the root of the problem is addressed.

‘Skin can definitely get worse before it gets better – and improve then get worse repeatedly until it settles.’

Against all odds, Georgia said she was able to clear her skin for good after she ‘finally got to the root of the problem’

Georgia reveals the causes of rosacea

  • You’re genetically predisposed
  • You’re suffering with skin mites (demedex)
  • You had underlying severe inflammation that found a trigger and rosacea is how it shows itself
  • You have gut issues, specifically SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth), leaky gut or an IBS diagnosis
  • You have built up emotions, anger, resentment, guilt, or self loathing 

Georgia said she managed to clear her skin when she focused on nutrition, herbal medicine, supplementation, meditation, trauma healing and kinesiology. 

‘If you’re clearing out your body, remember there will be an affect on your skin, your skin is a detox organ,’ she said.

She noticed her skin started to clear before breaking out again when she turned to natural remedies and worked on her mental health. 

Within the last year, her complexion was noticeably clearer but she started suffering ‘all different kinds of breakouts and swollen eyelids and belly’.

‘The worst rosacea I’ve ever had,’ she said.

But after two years, Georgia said she was able to clear her skin for good after she ‘finally got to the root of the problem’. 

‘Today, [I’m] happy and healthy,’ she said.

‘I’m studying this sh** because I have fire in my belly to help as many of you as I can deal with chronic illness and chronic symptoms.’

By sharing her story, Georgia wanted to dedicate her post to ‘all the beautiful girls’ who contacted her over the years about their struggles with a skin condition.

‘My skin went from its worst, then now its best, then all the in between,’ she said. 

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