Woman slams boyfriend for cancelling their holiday to go abroad with his family – but people are on HIS side | The Sun

A WOMAN slammed her boyfriend for cancelling their holiday so he could go away with his family – but people are on HIS side.

The 25-year-old woman said that she had booked a trip to Vegas with her 27-year-old boyfriend, who she had been dating for three years.

However, a few weeks before the trip, she said he had to cancel it and move it back as he couldn't come.

She explained on Reddit: "Now by then we'd already booked our flights and hotel, and I told him that I understood but everything's already set, but he did end up rescheduling everything to early next year.

"He wanted to cancel because he went on a trip with his family (mom, brother, sister and BIL) out of state during the time we were meant to go to Vegas.

"I asked him if I could come with them, but he said they decided it was just for family, so I agreed and stayed back."

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She said she had been ignoring him since he came back, only for him to call her selfish and unsupportive.

She asked if she was in the wrong – and lots of people said she was, as she failed to mention why he was actually travelling abroad.

An earlier post of hers revealed that he was actually travelling to his brother's fiancee's funeral.

She added: "What happened is tragic but I don't think me or [my boyfriend] should have to sacrifice for that."

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People were stunned by her reaction to having to cancel their holiday.

One person wrote: "Being angry at your boyfriend for helping his family through the death of a loved one is ridiculous, and he had more than a good enough reason to cancel a trip to Vegas."

Someone else agreed: "He went to a funeral! How selfish of you to think a vacation is more important than a funeral."

A third added: "This wasn’t a jolly with his family, he went to a funeral for a significant member of his brother’s family. Have some shame."

Other holiday dilemmas have caused debate online as well.

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