Woman spots ‘ghost of her dad’ at his favourite pub in Facebook livestream

A woman claims a spooky image filmed at a pub is her late dad.

Katie Taylor, 33, was stunned to see his likeness captured during a ghost hunter's live Facebook stream.

She thinks taxi driver Roger is communicating by showing up at his old haunt The Black Dog in Grantham, Lincs.

Special needs teacher Katie, from Sheffield, said: "My parents lived in Grantham before they had me. My mum said they used to go to The Black Dog quite a bit.

"That picture is clearly a man's face and the resemblance to my dad is uncanny. Everybody that I've shown it to has said, 'Wow, that's definitely your dad'."

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Roger passed away in March 2016 from pneumonia aged 60, after battling lung cancer.

The investigation at The Black Dog was carried out by Retford Ghost Hunters.

Katie added: "I was just scrolling through Facebook and saw some images captured on a ghost hunter's webcam.

"I stopped and immediately thought, 'Eh?' When I properly looked at it, I saw that it was my dad's figure."

Landlord Chris Knowles said: "I lived here with my family for four years and there were all sorts of strange goings-on.

"We sometimes felt that someone was in a room when we were on our own."

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Many pubs around the UK are allegedly haunted and paranormal activity has been witnessed by patrons or captured on CCTV.

A childlike ghostly figure was seen roaming the Lamb and Lion in York in 2019, while the Drover's Inn in Loch Lomond has reported self-opening doors, sinister laughter, mysterious bruises, moving objects, orbs and unexplained 'sexual bumping' in the night.

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