WWE legend The Undertaker makes surprise Good Morning Britain appearance as lights cut out on show ahead of retirement

THE GOOD MORNING BRITAIN studio was plunged into darkness this morning after WWE legend The Undertaker made a surprise appearance.

The Deadman, 55, called time on his legendary three-decade long career in the squared-circle this summer after beating AJ Styles at WrestleMania.

Taker, real name Mark Calaway, is returning at Survivor Series on Sunday for his ‘Final Farewell’ – exactly 30 years since his debut.

And ahead of that goodbye he shocked viewers in the UK with a special outing on GMB this morning.

The lights cut off live on air as the wrestling superstar’s iconic gong rang out and his music began to signify his presence.

As the lights returned, images of Undertaker’s iconic three decade career were shown before presenter Richard Arnold said: “That’s the best lighting for us, Kate, on this show ever at this point in our career, isn’t it?

“That wasn’t a power cut by the way. Anyone familiar with wrestling knows when the lights go dark and that music plays, it can only mean one thing – The Undertaker.”

A zoom interview then took place, with the fearsome Phenom admitting that the ThunderDome’s virtual audience will save him from bursting into tears as he says farewell to his loyal fan base.

Taker laughed: “Our audience being on monitors, I think I’ll be able to get through it a little easier that way than if I had to actually look out into an ocean of people and make eye contact.

“I might have killed off The Undertaker character for good. A crying Undertaker is not what the world wants to see!”

Certain reports had suggested that he would appear at Wrestlemania 37 for a face-off with John Cena.

But in another media appearance he declared he was ‘100 percent’ done – before dropping a huge tease that WWE boss Vince McMahon could still persuade him to wrestle again.

Undertaker said: “In my mind, I am 100% done.

“But there's this guy that lives up in Stamford, Connecticut, who lives by the motto, 'never say never.'”

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