Xbox Live down leaving thousands of gamers unable to play or sign in

Xbox Live servers are down for gamers across the globe tonight.

A further issue with Call of Duty Warzone servers is also angering thousands of users.

The errors are largely affecting users in the UK and parts of the US.

One gamer tweeted: "I was grinding GTA Online with friends then the party discounts and kicks us all to the home screen."

Another posted: "I am about to throw my Xbox in a lake".

Most of the issues are connected to logging into core services on Microsoft platforms.

And further tweets suggest the errors have persisted for some time tonight.

One reads: "It has been ages. Can they just fix it now?"

"Imagine being in an Apex predator match and about to win almost killing the last guy and getting disconnected, thanks Xbox," reads one post.

Over the years, Microsoft has made multiple versions of the famous Xbox console, including the 360 and Xbox One.

It's now a rival to the PS4 and the two tech companies continue to battle it out for the top spot.

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