YouTube activate: Easy activation steps to setup on your TV

If you have ever wanted to watch YouTube content on your big screen, then wait no more, as YouTube allows users to stream Youtube on some smart TVs. 

Users can activate their YouTube to send content straight to their TV.

These videos are scaled to the quality of your TV, allowing for HD content to be instantly accessed away from your Laptop or phone. explains how to activate your YouTube and watch content on your TV.

How to activate your YouTube

You can only access this feature if you have a smart TV, which only a few of the most up-to-date TVs have. 

If you have a Smart TV, head over to the Smart Hub.

Go to Sign in & Settings and sign in.

From here you will receive a code. Remember this code and head over to on either your laptop, mobile device or tablet. 


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Sign in to your YouTube account and enter the code you got on your Smart Hub. 

Click Allow Access on your device.

Now go back to your TV and you will now have access to YouTube on that account.

Note that this will also save all your favourite channels, with your subscriptions moved over to your tv.

From here you can use your TV controller to select videos you want to watch and instantly watch them.

How to create a YouTube account

Creating a YouTube account will open up a number of new features for you. 

You will be able to subscribe to your favourite channels, set reminders for when videos are uploaded from your favourite content creators and also comment and interact with live videos in the chat. 

To create a YouTube account, head over to and click on the Sign-Up tab.

Complete the form with your email address and password and click continue. 

Select which country you are in from the drop-down menu, as well as some personal details, like your age and gender. 

Click finish and you will now have a YouTube account. 

From here you can subscribe to content creators and start interacting with your favourite YouTubers.

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