You’ve been saying Aldi and Lidl wrong – here’s how you actually pronounce them

There’s always a debate over something nowadays, previously it was revealed that you may be pronouncing IKEA all wrong .

The discussion all happened when AC Milan striker Zlatan Ibrahimović settled how to say the Swedish retailer during an interview on the Jimmy Kimmel show.

Now if you think it’s all over, apparently you’ve all been pronouncing Aldi and Lidl all wrong too.

When it comes to Aldi, some people like to drag out the first syllable to pronounce it as All-di.

But according to the German retailer, the A should be short and sharp, quite like Al Murray – so it’s Aldi.

Aldi stands for his family name of AL and the DI is discount, the retailer opened its first store in 1913 as a family discount supermarket.

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And as for Lidl, things are slightly more complicated when it comes to pronouncing that supermarket giant.

In Germany, it is pronounced Lee-dl, but in the UK, we tend to say it with a short, sharp Li at the start – which sounds like little.

Lidl, which has over 3,100 stores in Germany, operates over 10,000 stores across Europe and the United States.

It belongs to Dieter Schwarz, who also owns the store chains Handelshof and hypermarket Kaufland.

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Meanwhile back in 2018, we revealed why you’ve been pronouncing Nutella all wrong and how you should say it.

Even if you’re the world’s biggest fan of the hazelnut chocolate spread, there is a possibility you’ve referred to it as the incorrect name.

According to the chocolate spread website, it is pronounced NEW-tell-uh, although most would say NUT-ell-ah.

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