Thug told police ‘Why arrest me, she’s 30 stone’ after kettle attack on woman

A thug battered a woman senseless with a kettle before fat-shaming her victim while she was being arrested for the attack.

Eleanor Knapton, 21, screamed at police: ''Why are you arresting me – she must be 30 stone", after carrying out the unprovoked attack on Ceri Jones.

Minshull Street Crown Court heard as Miss Jones was being rushed to hospital with head and face injuries, shameless Knapton told officers: ''She's f***ing smacked me – I can't be dealing with this.

''Have you seen the size of her. She started on me for no reason can you go and speak to her.

"The woman is just out of her head, she p***ed, she must be about 30 stone. I have not done it intentionally, I'm not evil."

Knapton and boyfriend Simon Lawson were later charged over the assault outside the Assheton Arms hotel and pub in Middleton, Greater Manchester.

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Knapton, who has 13 previous convictions including robbery, battery and assault, was jailed for 12 months after she admitted assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

Lawson, 35, was jailed for 18 months after he admitted assault on Miss Jones and assaulting the victim's friend Liam McMahon.

He was given a further 18 weeks for being in breach of a suspended sentence imposed after he was convicted of stamping on a man's head

The assault happened on December 5 last year, just an hour after police had been called to the couple's flat above the pub.

They had received reports Knapton was shouting and screaming and Lawson was throwing items out of the window into the street below.

Prosecutor Rachel Widdecombe said: "Police officers saw the complainants stood near the railing outside the hotel.

"Ceri Jones had visible injuries to her forehead, cheek and neck and was covered in blood whilst Liam McMahon had a small injury to his face.

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''Both were extremely intoxicated and said they had been subjected to an unprovoked attack outside the hotel.

"They said the defendants had been shouting at them from a window and next thing was they were physically assaulted on the street.

''Both had limited memory of the assault and both were taken to North Manchester General Hospital Ms Jones had a three inch laceration to her forehead and a one inch laceration above her eyebrow, Mr McMahon had grazing to his lip area.

"CCTV showed Ms Jones and Ms McMahon walking down the street they appear to be arguing with a male and pointing, they then appear to be arguing with somebody at a high window in the hotel.

"Lawson comes onto the street and he and Ms Jones appear to be arguing with each other.

''Lawson then strikes Ms Jones who falls backwards and onto the street. Ms Knapton then came onto the street from the hotel and approached Ms Jones.

"She was carrying a kettle and she strikes Ms Joes over the head with the kettle.

"She strikes her face and Ms Jones falls into the main road, Ms Knapton stands over her and hit her two times on the head with force and kicked her to the head.

''Lawson then approached Mr McMahon and struck him multiple times to the face.

"Mr McMahon fell to the floor and the defendants then went back into the hotel. Police arrested them shortly afterwards.''

In mitigation her defence barrister Robert McKail said: "This is an appalling assault but it follows a series of difficult and challenging incidents in her life.

"She is an extremely vulnerable individual who has been trampled on by all the adults in her life.

''She is extremely remorseful, she was crying during her interview and was apologising.

"She's ashamed and embarrassed and it is genuine remorse. This wasn't wholly unprovoked there are words being exchanged.

''I don't seek to make excuses but it is clear something happened between the parties before this incident took place.

"She's very vulnerable and very impressionable she has been let down by many people in her life.

Passing sentence Judge Sophie Mckone said: "For reasons we will never know Ms Knapton you armed yourself with a kettle and went outside and proceeded to assault Ms jones by hitting her round the head with the kettle and kicking her in the head as she lay on the floor.

''This was a vicious and nasty, sustained attack. There may have been a degree of provocation one doesn't know but that doesn't justify what you then proceeded to do.

"Thankfully their injuries while quite serious could have been a lot worse."

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‘Paris Calligrammes’: Film Review

It would be a great mistake, sight unseen, to pigeonhole Ulrike Ottinger’s “Paris Calligrammes” as just another nostalgia-filled personal documentary about how amazing life was in Paris in the 1960s. Where others self-servingly wax lyrical about being in the nexus of the Left Bank’s Golden Age of hipness and activism, Ottinger takes us through this formative time of her life in a way that deftly balances past and present to paint a picture of a threshold era of both positives and negatives.

Recounted in the director’s own measured voiceover (the English version features Jenny Agutter while the French version has Fanny Ardant) and largely composed of found footage, film clips and home movies, the film reflects the director’s generosity of spirit as well as the period’s bubbling cauldron of syncretic and opposing movements. Promoted together with a handsome book tie-in, “Paris Calligrammes” should spark renewed interest in Ottinger’s work and is a natural for repertory houses.

“Calligram” signifies a text artistically arranged to form shapes that reflect the words’ meaning. Ottinger intends her title to resonate in multiple ways: first because Fritz Picard’s bookshop Librairie Calligrammes was her introduction to the city’s intellectual elite, but also because she wants her images and voiceover to act as a kind of reflexive mosaic that takes the viewer from the 1960s to the present and back again. At the start, she admits her task is impossible: How can she make a film from the perspective of a young artist when, 50 years later, she’s no longer that person? The documentary answers the question by recounting her youthful excitement while incorporating a more measured understanding of what she experienced and whom she met, narrated from the seasoned vantage point of the 21st century and the tumultuous times in between.

Like so many before her, she arrived in Paris at the age of 20, determined to become part of the city’s art scene. Picard’s shop in the Rue du Dragon was her natural destination given its reputation as the gathering place for the German-speaking intelligentsia, many still in self-imposed exile since the war years. It was there that she hobnobbed with people like Hans Richter, Raoul Hausmann and Tristan Tzara, towering figures in the art scene who (at least in Ottinger’s recounting) were open to including younger generations in their rarefied midst. From there, it was a two-minute walk to La Hune, the iconic bookshop of France’s literati; next to the latter is Café de Flore, where one could rub shoulders with Simone de Beauvoir, Jean Rouch and Simone Signoret while looking amusedly out the windows to see Isadora Duncan’s eccentric brother Raymond walking the boulevard in his customary toga.

Who wouldn’t want to have been part of that world? But then Ottinger does the editorial equivalent of dragging a gramophone needle across a vinyl record by discussing the Oct. 17, 1961 massacre, when Parisian police killed a still undetermined number of demonstrators protesting the Algerian War, for which no one to this day has been prosecuted. She talks of Jacques Panijel’s suppressed film “Octobre à Paris,” of the brutal police chief Maurice Papon, of the legacy of racism and colonialism which can still be seen today in buildings and monuments whose inherent beauty may be acknowledged at the same time that the odious agenda behind their construction is examined.

Culture as activism — a largely dormant notion in today’s world — is exemplified by the 1966 staging of Jean Genet’s “The Screens” (“Les Paravents”), starring Jean-Louis Barrault and Madeleine Renaud; Ottinger includes interview footage of the playwright and actors, reminding audiences of a time when towering performers like these successfully defied entrenched conservatism in the name of justice.

“Paris Calligrammes” isn’t just about social movements. It’s also Ottinger as flâneuse, strolling the teeming byways of Les Halles at night, listening to Barbara in the nightclubs, attending screenings at the Cinémathèque Française, sitting in on lectures by Claude Lévi-Strauss. The documentary captures the zeitgeist as experienced by a young woman eager to soak up the cultural riches around her, which she then distilled through her own sensibility to create paintings reflecting the era’s upheavals. Though her style at the time was largely aligned with Pop Art, her influences were diverse, springing from the older generation of Dadaists and Surrealists whom she met at parties characterized by equal amounts of elegance and eccentricity, but also crucial to her artistic formation were the medieval tapestries at the Musée de Cluny and the hothouse phantasmagorias of Gustave Moreau.

When things heated up in May 1968, Ottinger had to seal the windows of her garret overlooking the Sorbonne in order to keep the tear gas out, and in the following year, she returned to Germany, perhaps sensing the end of an era. She continued to paint, but in 1972, she expanded her output to include films, viewing them as a way of synthesizing and reacting to the multitude of impressions she’d been imbibing. Those early works, like Dadaist allegorical pageants, responded to the state of the world through the influences not just of her peers but the paintings of Moreau, which appear in “Dorian Gray in the Mirror of the Yellow Press,” and the Goya prints she studied in the Print Room of the National Library, which resonate in “Freak Orlando.” Her Paris isn’t the empty, rose-tinted fantasy of Woody Allen: It’s vital and contradictory, stimulating for positive and negative reasons, and her willingness to explore her experiences from multiple angles, as advised by the philosopher Victor Segalen, is what makes this documentary so enriching.

Given just how much material she wrangles, it made sense to divide it all into 10 chapters plus an epilogue. Anette Fleming does excellent work editing the multitude of visual material in various formats, and the footage, whether licensed or newly shot, steers clear of the hackneyed and commonplace. Ottinger ends with Piaf singing “Non, je ne regrette rien,” which despite its ubiquity feels deeply satisfying; then she reminds us that Piaf dedicated the song to the pro-colonialist right-wing French Foreign Legion, and suddenly what seemed merely right becomes, in a word, perfect.

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'Paris Calligrammes': Film Review

Reviewed at Berlin Film Festival, Feb. 22, 2020. Running time: 130 MIN.

Production:(Documentary – Germany-France) A Real Fiction Filmverleih (in Germany) release of a Zero One Film, Idéale Audience, INA, ZDF/3Sat production. Producers: Thomas Kufus, Kornelia Theune. Co-producers: Pierre-Olivier Bardet, Gérald Collas.

Crew:Director, writer: Ulrike Ottinger. Camera: Ottinger. Editor: Anette Fleming.

With:Ulrike Ottinger. (Available in German-, French- and English-language versions)

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Exorcist ‘saw’ 90lbs woman pick up and throw man twice her size across room

An exorcist has claimed that he once saw a woman throw a man twice her size across the room as he tried to “remove her demon”.

Pastor Bob Larson says he has performed more than 40,000 exorcisms in a career spanning several decades.

Many of his most bizarre rituals are shown on his YouTube channel .

But, in an exclusive chat with Daily Star Online, Bob revealed one exorcism that was so terrifying it didn’t even make its way online.

“I have seen extraordinarily violent displays of behaviour,” he told this site.

“I have seen a 90lbs (40.8kgs) woman pick up a 200lbs (90.7lbs) man and throw him across the room.”

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The pastor – who performs exorcisms across the US in his “Spiritual Freedom Churches” as well as across the globe – said the troubled woman was usually “very docile”.

He added: “She was mentally troubled but in this particular case it was more than a mental health issue.

“These are very dramatic outbursts. It is when we confronted the demon and told the demon to leave the women, that’s where the retaliation took place because the woman was fighting to take control of her.”

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Bob has previously told this site about another ritual that saw a woman having to be restrained by nine men.

Footage on his YouTube channel showed "possessed" Katchia trying to attack the pastor but being held back.

Exorcisms are often subjected to ridicule by sceptics, who claim they can be easily faked.

But, in his exclusive interview with this site, Bob dismissed the critics.

“I have been doing this for 40 years, is it really possible that there are that many people that I could have deceived?” he asked.

“If this wasn’t authentic, surely people would have noticed?”

If it were a hoax, the pastor added, it would be the “greatest hoax ever perpetrated”.

To find out more about Bob’s exorcisms, visit his website or send an email to [email protected]

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Loose Women: Stacey Solomon’s stunning coral jumper is just £18

Giving us that Friday feeling, Loose Women panellist Stacey Solomon brought with her the first signs of summer when she stepped out in this coral pink jumper. Speaking on the panel alongside her co-stars Andrea McLean, Nadia Sawalha and Kaye Adams, viewers couldn’t take their eyes off of Stacey’s vibrant jumper – and neither could we. Nailing her desk-to-daywear look, the mum-of-three coordinated her chic knitwear with a pair of white fitted jeans and silver jewellery. Styling her caramel-coloured hair in a low ponytail with loosely curled strands framing her face, the TV star also opted for natural makeup. Stacey’s eyes were dusted in a copper eyeshadow complete with statement lashes and her lips were painted in a nude gloss – beautiful! 

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Stacey looked gorgeous in this coral pink jumper on Friday’s show

Featuring a ruffled high-neck, long cuffed sleeves and oversized pointelle panels, Stacey’s versatile top is perfect for the coming seasons. Want to know where you can get your hands on the TV star’s pretty pink knit? We’ve got the lowdown…

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Pink Knitted Jumper, £18, Oliver Bonas


Originally retailing at £55, Stacey’s jumper has since been reduced and is now priced at just £18 from high-street favourite, Oliver Bonas! Almost completely sold out, our advice is to act fast. Cutting a relaxed fit, this statement piece will certainly become your new best friend. Feeling casual? Take a leaf out of Stacey’s book and pair with skinny jeans. In search of your next date-night outfit? Why not mix and match with patterned trousers and a pair of heels.

Stacey has been wearing a lot of spring and summer colours this week 

Abandoning cool winter colours, fans of the show have seen Stacey modelling a range of pastel hues this week – and we’re loving it. Clearly ready for the British summertime, on Thursday Stacey appeared on the hit ITV show in a mint-green smock dress and matching green trainers. Posting the details of Stacey’s outfit on Instagram, fashion stylists MotherShoppers revealed that Stacey’s dress was from Reserved, her trainers were from Oliver Bonas and her jewellery was from Laura Gravestock.


VIDEO: Stacey Solomon – The Tidiest Person in Britain?!

MORE: Loose Women’s Stacey Solomon’s green mini dress sends viewers wild

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Alexa Chung’s Clapback to Troll Who Calls Her ‘Anorexic’ Is a Must-Read

There’s no shame in loving your body. Thankfully, more Hollywood stars than ever before are preaching that message. Model Iskra Lawrence is an outspoken advocate for body positivity, and she recently opened up to Us Weekly about her journey to self-love.

After spending many years “consumed with trying to fit one ideal,” the 28-year old Aerie model said, “I really had to go on a journey of self-discovery.” She said she realized, “It’s all in your mindset. For me, it’s realizing that my body is my home so there can’t be anything wrong with [it]. It’s mine and it was made in this way. Just got to be grateful for it, and so other people can get in that mirror and find things that you can love and value and appreciate yourself.”

Ashley Graham is another voice for body positivity in the fashion industry. “I wish that [loving yourself] was as easy as saying, ‘Here’s a magic pill,’” she recently told Us. Instead, she said, “It’s just like doing homework. You have to put in the effort. So if I want to put in the effort, my effort will be I wake up every morning and I talk to my body.”

Of course, when online trolls — or anyone, for that matter — have something negative to say about your physique, it can be hard to maintain that level of positivity. But when faced with bullies and naysayers, the women below didn’t let mean comments get them down. Instead, they stood up for themselves with clever clapbacks.

Scroll through the gallery to see how inspiring stars such as Demi Lovato, Khloé Kardashian, Kesha, Bebe Rexha and more have shut down body-shamers and reminded Us that everybody should love the body they’ve got!

In order to view the gallery, please allow Manage Cookies

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Rashid Khan spins Afghanistan to T20I victory over Ireland

Spinner Rashid Khan took three wickets as Afghanistan beat Ireland by 11 runs in a rain-affected T20I match to take the lead in their three-match series.


Rashid finished with impressive figures of 3-22 from his four overs to restrict Ireland to 172-6 at the Greater Noida Sports Ground, India.

Although Afghanistan lost a string of wickets during their reply, Najibullah Zadran’s undefeated 42 from 21 balls was enough to keep his side ahead on Duckworth-Lewis-Stern calculations when rain intervened.

Ireland began brightly after winning the toss, with Paul Stirling (60) and Kevin O’Brien (35) putting together an opening stand of 63 in the powerplay.

But Khan picked up the key wickets of Stirling and Andy Balbirnie (29) in quick succession and Ireland needed Harry Tector’s undefeated 29 from 17 deliveries to clamber above the 170 mark.

Afghanistan openers Rahmanullah Garbaz (28) and Hazratullah Zazai (23) put on 54 for the first wicket before both fell to off-spinner Simi Singh (2-18).

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Metallica Get Newly Discovered Deep-Sea Crustacean Named After Them

A newly discovered deep-sea crustacean has been named after the rock band Metallica.

The 6.5 millimeters-long tiny species, named “Macrostylis metallicola,” is usually seen in the Clarion Clipperton Zone, a submarine region between Hawaii and Mexico.

Senckenberg researcher Dr. Torben Riehl and Dr. Bart De Smet of Ghent University in Belgium discovered the species in the depths of the northern Pacific Ocean.

Dr. Riehn named his discovery after Metallica as he has been a fan since childhood.

“We’ve played on all seven continents, made it into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and now… we’re a crustacean,” Metallica wrote on Instagram and posted a sketch of the Macrostylis metallicola.

The worm-like creature dwells in complete darkness, has no eyes, and is colorless. It also lives amongst metallic nodules containing cobalt, copper, manganese, nickel, and rare-earth elements.

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Princess Margaret’s Lady-in-Waiting Opens Up About Margaret’s Relationship with the Queen

Despite their differences, Princess Margaret and Queen Elizabeth were extremely close, with Margaret being “terribly loyal” to her older sister, says one of Margaret’s closest confidantes.

In her new candid memoir, Lady in Waiting: My Extraordinary Life in the Shadow of the Crown, Margaret’s lady-in-waiting Anne Glenconner, 87, opens up about her 30 years in service to the princess. Speaking with PEOPLE exclusively, Glenconner looks back on the intricate relationship between the two sisters.

“She always minded about not being educated as well as the Queen. The Queen had people from Eton and Cambridge, naturally. But Princess Margaret was never part of that,” Glenconner tells PEOPLE.

She adds, “[Margaret] had a governess and was taught to play the piano and speak French. She was very well read and would have really enjoyed being educated in a more stringent fashion.”

In a 2018 documentary called Margaret: The Rebel Princess, Glenconner noted that the diverging approach to educating the two sisters was when Margaret realized they were headed on very different paths.

“She said to me, ‘That was the first time I sort of thought or realized that my sister was going to be Queen and I wouldn’t really be part of what she was going to do,’” Glenconner said in the documentary. “It hit her quite hard that their lives were going to be completely different.”

However different the two sisters may have been, as their fallouts have been portrayed in Netflix’s historical drama The Crown, Margaret and Elizabeth remained extremely close. Glenconner acknowledges their age difference may have helped.

“She was terribly loyal to the Queen – and being five years younger, I think it would have been much more difficult if she had been just [a little] younger than the Queen,” Glenconner tells PEOPLE. “There would have been more rivalry. She never said anything.”

Princess Margaret’s lady-in-waiting draws a comparison from her own experience as the oldest child in her aristocratic family, regarding inheritance by default of being the first-born.

“With primogeniture, I missed out. You have it in many families,” she told PEOPLE. “I would help my father and I would be treated almost like a son.”

She adds, “I was the oldest but didn’t inherit. People are much better about their younger children than they were.”

Although Princess Margaret was always second to the Queen, the two were there for each other through thick and thin, up until Margaret died in 2002 following a stroke.

“Margaret was very loyal to the Queen,” says Glenconner.

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Lady in Waiting: My Extraordinary Life in the Shadow of the Crown will be released in the U.S. on March 24.

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Meet the Two Female Filmmakers Who Teamed Up with LeBron James to Fight for College Athletes

Pakistani-born filmmaker, journalist and activist Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy is a true believer in the transformative power of a good story—especially when it comes to changing public opinion on complex social issues.

“Seeing and listening to other peoples’ personal testimonies can connect you to perfect strangers,” the Oscar- and Emmy-winning Obaid-Chinoy, 41 — who teamed up with director and producer Trish Dalton to tackle the complex ecosystem of college athletics — tells PEOPLE as part of the Women Changing the World Special. “That’s how you move the needle on issues.”

Student Athlete, the duo’s powerful 88-minute HBO documentary, sets out to do just that by shining a critical light on the NCAA’s rules prohibiting pay for college players who generate billions of dollars for universities.

“Sharmeen and I both like to tell stories about human rights, where there’s an injustice and unfairness,” says Dalton, 45, of their film that turns a critical eye on the NCAA’s rules prohibiting pay for college players — while colleges and coaches earn millions.

Dalton adds, “Many of these kids are homeless or don’t have jobs or health care. It quickly became clear to us that this was something that needed a light shone on it.”

Produced with the help of LeBron James (“This is something he’s passionate about,” says Obaid-Chinoy), the 2018 documentary followed four young male athletes who aspired to make it to the NFL and NBA, along with a former NFL coach who now serves as an advocate for high school and college players.

Thanks, in no small part, to Obaid-Chinoy and Dalton’s story-telling prowess, public opinion on the issue is slowly beginning to shift.

Last year California passed legislation allowing college athletes to earn compensation for marketing and endorsement deals — with more than 20 other states looking into changing how the NCAA regulates compensation for these athletes.

But much more work needs to be done, says the pair.

“We have to keep screening the film, talking to more Congress members and keep pushing for legislation,” says Obaid-Chinoy, who finds it ironic — but understandable — that their film has begun making waves in the world of men’s athletics. “Sometimes it just takes the perspective of women to change the way people see an issue.”

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Meghan Markle & Prince Harry’s Endeavour Fund Award Body Language Is Full Of Love

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex officially made their first joint public appearance since their January 2020 announcement that they will be stepping down from senior royal life. They attended the Endeavour Awards on March 5, and their outing was — hmmm, how can I put this lightly? — iconic. Meghan glowed like a human angel in a cerulean Victoria Beckham dress. Harry held an umbrella for her like the chivalrous darling he was raised to be. The rain made their photos sparkle! It looked straight out of a fairytale. Meghan and Harry’s body language was full of love, too, according to Traci Brown, body language expert and author of Persuasion Point: Body Language and Speech for Influence.

"They’re broadcasting that they’re a tight unit and really in support of each other," she observes. This is an especially important message for the couple to send as they approach their transition out of senior royal life on March 31.

Let’s get straight to the most glorious photo that has ever graced the World Wide Web: Harry and Meghan, beaming in the rain, sheltered by an umbrella-ella-ella-ay that even Her Royal Highness Rihanna herself would approve of, lit up by paparazzi flashes and not giving a care in the world. While skeptics might say this was an act for the cameras, Brown believes it’s the real deal.

"It’s clear that they’ve had fun together," she says, noting their wide smiles. "They look to be pretty well in step." (FYI: In the world of body language, two people falling into step with each other basically means they’re on the same wavelength.)

If you would like to pause reading this story to screenshot the photo above and save it as your phone background, print it out as wallpaper for your bedroom, or text it to your tattoo artist for your next appointment, feel free. This story will resume when you are ready.

All right. Good to keep reading? I promise the cuteness will continue.

This photo might not be as flashy as the one that went viral, but it contains a few significant clues about their bond. "She’s fully facing his way and they appear to be locking eyes, looking at each other in close range, even as others look to them. That’s real intimacy," Brown points out.

Also worth noting: See how Harry is protecting Meghan from the rain? She calls that "chivalrous."

Throughout their entrance to the event, Harry seems totally set on keeping his love dry. "This one is even cuter because he’s holding the umbrella but steps out from under it while still covering her," Brown says. A man who’s committed to ensuring your good hair day: What a concept!

"They’re doing great," Brown concludes. "They’re happy and bonded as a couple — they’re a team here."

As they gear up for this next phase of their life, that’s the best news of all.

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