Gogglebox Steph and Dom Parker’s £5million hotel goes bust as it shuts doors

Gogglebox icons Steph and Dom Parker have admitted that their £5m hotel The Salutation has gone bust.

The couple, show shot to fame on the television show back in 2013, have admitted that their hotel closed in January, with some of their guests deposits being lost.

Steph and Dom reportedly revealed that the company running the huge Manor House will be liquidated.

The property situated in Sandwich, Kent, sent home 33 workers when it shut its doors for good at the start of the year.

It was run by John and Dorothy Fothergill who leased it from the couple.

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According to The Sun, Dom said: "We are sorry to confirm that The Salutation Hotel Ltd, which has been managing The Salutation, has indeed become insolvent.

"We are in discussions with other interested parties and we aim to have the hotel back up and running very soon, under new management."

Last week, 55-year-old tv star Dom said the couple wanted to sell the property, admitting: "We are just too old and exhausted and don’t have the energy to run it any more."

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The married couple opened the doors of The Salutation back in 2017 as the building became a hotel after their new-found Gogglebox fame.

Steph and Dom were loved by many on Channel 4's Gogglebox for their quick-wit and hilarious one liners.

They revealed they were leaving the show back in 2017, after entertaining viewers for years.

The couple have both taking part in tv shows since their stint on Gogglebox, with the couple taking part in Four in a Bed and Dom taking part in Celebrity Masterchef and The Jump.

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Justin Timberlake Shares Sweet Birthday Message With Wife Jessica Biel

Justin Timberlake celebrated the 38th birthday of his wife Jessica Biel on Tuesday and shared several pictures of the two of them on Instagram.

“Happy Birthday to the LOVE of my life… A new adventure every day and a treasure to me. I can’t wait to share many more of these with you,” Timberlake captioned his post on Instagram.

“Thanks for putting up with me when I smell funky after a round of golf or, when I smell funky in general,” he added. “You are the mostest of the mostest, my love! I adore you.”

Timberlake signed the post, “HUZ.”

Biel responded, “As you always say, you can’t be funky if you don’t smell funky.”

Earlier in the day, Biel shared photos from a recent evening spent with her hubby.

“Celebrating my birthday in style… and by that I mean, in pajamas,” the caption read. “I made Justin PROMISE not to sing Happy Birthday to me, so he improvised. Sorry you can’t hear it, but I’m still laughing.”

She added, “Thank you, you wonderful human, for really listening to me, and for throwing my kinda party. And thank YOU ALL for the birthday wishes. Feeling the love.”

Timberlake and Biel began dating in 2007 and officially tied the knot in 2012 during a romantic ceremony in Italy.

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Joe Biden is back from the dead, but there are twists and turns ahead

So much for F. Scott Fitzgerald’s famous claim that there are no second acts in American life. Just look at Joe Biden. His political success this week represents one of the most epic political comebacks in the annals of American history.

A week ago, the 77-year-old former vice-president was widely written off as the Democratic candidate to face Donald Trump in November’s election. Media pundits were once again proverbially hammering nails into his political coffin. (I say “once again” because he spectacularly lost presidential bids in 1988 and 2008.)

It’s been a big comeback week for former vice-president Joe Biden.Credit:AP

Since last month’s debacles in Iowa and New Hampshire, where he finished fourth and fifth respectively, he looked doomed. (This writer called him “damaged goods”.) At the same time, the 78-year-old socialist outsider Bernie Sanders looked unbeatable.

But the experts were wrong. Following his South Carolina rout last weekend, Biden swept 10 out of the 14 Super Tuesday states. On February 22, the betting markets rated his chances of winning Virginia and Texas at 13 per cent, Oklahoma at 7 per cent and Minnesota at 1 per cent. A fortnight later, he won all states convincingly. Lazarus-like, Biden is back from the dead.

What accounts for such a remarkable comeback?

For one thing, there is a growing anxiety among Democrats that Sanders would be a liability against Trump in November’s election. His polarising socialism and vision of a “political revolution” unnerve many Americans, especially most of the Cold War-era voters over 45 years of age.

Also, other moderate candidates – Minnesota senator Amy Klobuchar, former South Bend mayor Pete Buttigieg and now billionaire former New York mayor Mike Bloomberg – dropped out of the Democratic presidential race and endorsed Biden. As a result, the party has consolidated around a candidate to defeat Sanders.

Unlike Hillary Clinton, Biden does not have high disapproval ratings: he’s genuinely liked. Add to this Biden’s broad coalition – African Americans, Baby Boomers, suburban women and moderates – and the very real prospect that Biden could attract college-educated Republican voters, especially women, from relatively affluent suburban electorates (America’s version of Warringah or Wentworth) who are turned off by Trump’s polarising politics.

So, is Biden now the nominee? Not yet. Plenty of chances for twists and turns remain, and there is a real chance of a long drawn-out contest in the next four months before the party’s national convention.

Sanders won’t give up easily: he has created a nationwide, well-financed grassroots organisation with plenty of passion. With his progressive rival Elizabeth Warren’s withdrawal from the race, the Vermont senator is likely to attract more support.

In recent years, the Democrats have lurched to the left. From taxes, spending and regulation to trade, identity politics and energy policy, the party of FDR, JFK and Bill Clinton is now more interventionist and progressive. There is also a hankering for an outsider to take on Trump while Biden, who was elected to the Senate when Richard Nixon was president, is a quintessential Washington insider.

There are also Biden’s glaring flaws: he does not have a firm grasp of facts, details and language. He has recently declared “we choose truth over facts” and claimed that “150 million” – nearly half of the country – had died from gun violence since 2007.

If voters did not support his bid for the Senate (he’s running for president), he told a breakfast event last week, they should “vote for the other Biden” (there is only one Biden running for office!) He also embellishes stories. In 2008, he claimed to have rid Lebanon of Hezbollah.

Notwithstanding his many gaffes and stumbles, which the anti-Trump media is quite capable of ignoring anyway, Biden has lived up to the adage that old politicians never die, nor do they fade away.

History is littered with older politicians resurrecting themselves from many previous defeats and coming into power as the right person at the right time. Think of Winston Churchill in 1940, Robert Menzies in 1949, Charles De Gaulle in 1958, Richard Nixon in 1968, Yitzhak Rabin in 1992, John Howard in 1996 and Aung San Suu Kyi in 2015.

If Biden defeats first Sanders, then Trump in November’s election, he will join some prominent company. History will also judge this week as marking the turning point in his great political comeback.

Tom Switzer is executive director of the Centre for Independent Studies and a presenter at the ABC’s Radio National.

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The hotel with beds that change to an upright position to wake guests

Quirky Japanese pod hotel has beds that automatically change to an upright position to wake guests up

  • The Millennials is a capsule hotel in Tokyo’s trendy Shibuya district
  • It is made up of ‘SmartPods’ that feature a reclining bed and an iPod Touch
  • Stays start from around £30 per night and the hotel also has co-working spaces 

A quirky Japanese pod hotel is giving its guests wake up calls – without even making a sound.

The Millennials capsule hotel makes sure its customers don’t sleep in by propping up their beds and automatically turning on the lights when it’s time to get up.

The hotel, in Tokyo’s trendy Shibuya district, is made up of ‘SmartPods’ that feature a reclining bed as well as an iPod Touch and an 80-inch screen.

The ‘SmartPods’ at the Millennials capsule hotel in Tokyo’s trendy Shibuya district

Guests can set a wake-up call alarm that changes the angle of the bed

Guests can use the iPod to set an alarm, which activates the motorised bed and turns on the lights. 

The iPods can also be used to control the lighting, pod temperature and bed angle manually. 

The 120cm-wide beds also feature a 25cm-thick Serta mattress, which the hotel says makes ‘the comfort of the beds rival that of a five-star hotel’.

The 80-inch screens, which are at the front of the pods, allow guests to watch relaxing videos or look at photos from their personal devices.

There is also storage space underneath the beds that is big enough for a large suitcase to fit inside.

In addition to the pods, the hotel, where stays start from around £30 per night, also has several co-working spaces and common areas, where guests can relax.

In addition to the pods, the hotel, where stays start from around £30 per night, also has several co-working spaces

One of the common areas at The Millennials. Breakfast is included in the price of a stay

Breakfast is included in the price of a stay and free coffee is available 24 hours a day.

Guests can also take advantage of free beer, which is on tap between 5.30pm and 6.30pm each evening.

There are also branches of The Millennials in Kyoto and Fukuoka. 

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The Tweets About The Jonas Brothers Moment In Demi Lovato’s "I Love Me" Video Are So Emotional

The day Lovatics have been waiting for has finally come. Demi Lovato released her new single, "I Love Me" on Friday, March 6, and fans are in their feelings about it, and for good reason. These tweets about the Jonas Brothers’ moment in Demi Lovato’s "I Love Me" show just how passionate of a fanbase she has.

Lovato has been in full force the past few months. After taking a year break from music to focus on herself following a July 2018 drug overdose left her hospitalized, Lovato made a comeback at the 2020 Grammys where she performed an emotional rendition of her song "Anyone." She then went on to deliver a powerful National Anthem at the Super Bowl, leaving fans waiting for what’s to come next.

Lovato surprised fans when she announced that new music would be coming sooner than many people expected. "Couldn’t keep it a secret any longer!!! My new single #ILoveMe is out on Friday," she captioned an Instagram post on Monday, March 2.

Adding to the excitement, Lovato’s mom, Dianna De La Garza, commented: "The world’s not ready for this song…" And now that "I Love Me" is finally here, fans know what De La Garza meant. What’s more is that along with the song, Lovato released an emotional music video to go along with the powerful anthem. In it, a reference to The Jonas Brothers was not lost on fans. Some Twitter users saw it as subtle shade, while others think it’s a nod to her putting their past in the past and moving on.

Scroll down to see what Lovatics had to say on Twitter about the faux JoBros cameo in the music video.

Lovato absolutely slayed in the "I Love Me" music video. Regardless of what fans are reading into the Jonas Brother’s reference, there’s no doubt that this song started a new chapter in Lovato’s life and career.

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Second coronavirus cruise passenger, 72, dies after getting off stricken Grand Princess ship – The Sun

A SECOND passenger has died after leaving coronavirus cruise ship the Grand Princess.

The 72-year-old was found dead at his home in Sunnyvale, California and he had been on the same voyage as another man, aged 71, who died of the virus after leaving the vessel.

The Grand Princes is being held off San Francisco after the traveller, from Sacramento, who had been on a voyage to Mexico in February, died of the coronavirus.

A desperate search is underway to track down the 2500 passengers who had sailed with the man, though some are currently still on the ship.

In the latest incident, police found the man unresponsive at his home in Sunnyvale, California and despite officers performing CPR, he died, the Los Angeles Times reports.

“It was later learned the patient had recently been on a cruise with two passengers were suspected of having COVID-19,” the Sunnyvale Department of Public Safety, referring to the official name for the virus.

The officers who performed mouth-to-mouth resuscitation were quarantined at home, said the department chief Phan Ngo.

“We don’t yet know if the patient had COVID-19,” he added.

The passengers who are being tracked down got off the ship in San Francisco last week and fears are growing they could be "potentially spreading the virus".

The US death toll from the coronavirus climbed to 12 on Thursday, with all but one victim in Washington state.

The number of infections swelled to over 200, scattered across 18 states. Colorado and Nevada reported their first cases.

Those confirmed as being infected include Leanne and Robert Cummins of Santa Clara, California, who were on February cruise on the Grand Princess, ABC7 reports.

Two other passengers from that voyage have been hospitalized with the virus in Sonoma County, northern California

Officials in Nevada confirmed a man in his 50s from Washoe County who was on the Grand Princess also tested positive for the virus.

The test kits were delivered by the National Guard copter to the Grand Princess, which has 3,500 passengers and has been ordered to stay away from the coast of California.

The helicopter was scheduled to retrieve the kits later Thursday for delivery to a lab in California.

The test results could be processed in a few hours.

A Canadian man in his 60s from that voyage has also tested positive, and two other passengers from have been hospitalized.

Princess Cruise Lines has said that fewer than 100 people on the ship had been identified for testing.

California Governor Gavin Newsom declared a state of emergency on Wednesday.

“The ship will not come on shore until we appropriately assess the passengers,” he said

The governor had previously said that 21 people on the cruise ship may have shown coronavirus symptoms.

Dozens have had flu-like symptoms over the past two weeks, said Mary Ellen Carroll of San Francisco's Department of Emergency Management.

"Once we have results from the tests," she said, authorities "will determine the best location for the ship to berth.”

Some of the current passengers had been on the previous voyage, to various Mexican ports.

A passenger from the Mexico voyage says she and her husband became ill later but did not think much of it until the fellow traveler succumbed to the virus.

“They're telling us to stay home, but nobody told me until yesterday to stay home," Judy Cadiz said Thursday.

"We were in Sacramento, we were in Martinez, we were in Oakland. We took a train home from the cruise.

"I really hope that we're negative so nobody got infected.”

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Dreamy treehouses in the UK you can book for idyllic countryside retreats

Long gone are the days when a treehouse stay meant a rickety structure, some snacks and sleeping bags.

Nowadays, think large cabins with luxurious interiors where rooms have king size beds, bathrooms have roll top tubs, and decks come with hot tubs and pizza ovens.

Basically, the perfect excuse to recreate that classic childhood experience – only with plenty more glamour.

There are some pretty amazing treehouses nestled amidst the UK which you can book, whether you're after a romantic retreat or looking for somewhere that the kids will love too.

There's more good news too, as you can find treehouses to suit a whole array of budgets whether you're looking to splurge or just want a cosy rustic stay to get away from it all.

To help you narrow it down, we've rounded up some of our favourite UK treehouse stays that are worth having on your radar…

1. The Treehouse, Somerset

Tucked away in the countryside right by Exmoor National Park, this family-friendly treehouse has spacious bedrooms, a full kitchen, cosy living room with a TV… and its own outdoor hot tub!

In the summer, make use of the enclosed private garden complete with a play area for the kids, as well as a deck and picnic bench.

If the weather lets you down, the living room has a large TV and stacks of DVDs, as well as a wood-burning stove and underfloor heating to keep you warm.

The property is also part of Lavender Hills Holidays so you'll also have access to fun activities and an indoor heated swimming pool.

How much? Prices start from £396 for two nights with Independent Cottages. The Treehouse sleeps up to four people across two rooms, so if there are four of you, that works out at £99pp.

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2. Treetops Treehouse, Devon

There's heaps of beautiful countryside to explore around this picturesque treehouse, but it might be difficult to tear yourself away!

After all, you can take in the views of the lakes and nearby forest from the comfort of your own private outdoor deck which has its own cubby hole with bean bags.

In the evenings the living room's wood burner and comfy sofas look very inviting.

There's everything you need for a comfortable stay too thanks to the bedroom with its king-size bed, a bathroom with a huge copper bath, and a kitchen with all the equipment you need for whipping up your favourite meals (or if you fancy dining out, there's a hotel a short walk away).

How much? Prices start from £250 a night with Canopy and the Stars, based on two people sharing.

3. Private Secluded Treehouse Retreat, Kent

Hidden amidst three oak trees, this treehouse made of recycled timbers is the ideal spot for going off the grid.

With spectacular views of the north downs, it's the ideal spot for a couple who want some quality time together.

Spend the days exploring that picture-perfect countryside, then cosy up in the evenings in the lush cabin with its rustic interiors (including tree trunks growing through the property).

Fancy a date night out? The nearby village offers pubs and a restaurant.

How much? Prices start from £99 a night on Airbnb.

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4. Woodside Bay Treehouse, Isle of Wight

Couples after a romantic retreat may want to bookmark this cosy adults-only treehouse.

Take in the dreamy woodland views from the outdoor hot tub or the spacious deck, or if it's a bit chilly head indoors and curl up on the plush furniture by the large wood burner.

The treehouse boasts an open plan living room, complete with a kitchenette (hob and microwave), a flat screen TV for cosy nights in, and plenty of essentials already there on arrival including tea, coffee, milk and toiletries.

There's a beach nearby, and as the treehouse is part of the Woodside Bay Lodge Retreat, you'll have access to facilities like the gym, on-site treatment rooms, the country club restaurant and the bar.

How much? Prices for a seven-night stay start from £879 on Hoseasons.co.uk.

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5. Secluded Forest Retreat, Outer Hebrides

This secluded self-catering cabin offers spectacular sea views over the forest to the beach, not to mention there's heaps of wildlife to look out for (bird watchers can spot everything from goldcrests to white-tailed eagles).

Take in the views from the freestanding bath in the bathroom, or head out to the private balcony and unwind by the wood burning fire.

Inside, the decor is modern with all the essentials you need for a comfortable stay, including an equipped kitchen.

How much? Prices from £186 per night on Airbnb.

6. Puckshipton Treehouse, Wiltshire

If you're after a remote escape, then this could be the place. For a start, cans are banned in the area so you'll need to either walk or cycle the six miles from Pewsey.

The whole home is suspended from the trees on a platform which you can reach on a walkway.

There's a whole deck, sleeping pod and mini lounge that make up this quirky property – complete with an outdoor shower, cooking hut and firepit on the ground level.

If you're after luxury, this won't be what you're after, but for those after a rustic stay, it's ideal.

How much? Prices start from £82 a night on Canopy and Stars based on two people sharing.

7. The Treehouse, Yorkshire Wolds

Grown-ups can let their inner child run wild at this beautiful treehouse, that offers a private hot tub.

Sitting approximately 12 miles from the centre of York, the property offers everything you need for a comfortable stay including a private outdoor deck with views of the Yorkshire Wolds, an open plan bedroom with a king-sized bed, and a living room with a flatscreen TV.

Oh, and there's a seriously inviting fireplace for warming up by after a day of exploring.

How much? Two-night stays from £495 with Wolds Edge. Find out more here.

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8. Treehouse Retreat, Devon

Looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life? This picturesque adults-only retreat is tucked away amidst birch trees and has everything you could want for some peace and quiet.

We're talking a specially-created reading nook, dedicated yoga and meditation spot, and even a glorious roll-top bath from which you can take in the sweeping valley views.

Spend the day exploring the grounds of the private estate, then head back in the evening and curl up with a good book in the reading nook, or watch your favourite films on the TV.

Board games more your thing? There are plenty of classics to be found in the living room.

How much? Prices start from £215 per night on TripAdvisor.

Tucked away amidst 12 acres of private woodland near Ilfracombe, this secluded treehouse offers beautiful valley views and even glimpses of the ocean.

There's a spacious outdoor deck with plenty of furniture and a dining area. In fact, if you want to whip up a meal there's a wood fired pizza oven and a gas barbecue.

Meanwhile, the cosy living room has plush furniture, a wood burning stove, as well as an impressive games selection and range of DVDs to watch on the TV.

The bedroom has a king size bed, the bathroom a walk-in waterfall shower – pamper yourself and enjoy the well-deserved downtime.

How much? Prices start from £281 per night on HolidayLettings.

10. Hergoed, Powys

You'll feel like you've stepped into a storybook at this cosy cabin in a secret valley.

For a start, you need to cycle or walk to reach the secluded treehouse, which sleeps up to four people.

The treehouse has a living room and dining space with a kitchen, spacious bedrooms, and a woodburner for cosy nights in.

There are treetrunks winding their way inside the property as well as rope bridges outside for that fairytale-esque feel, porthole windows offering views of the landscape and heaps of cosy furniture.

How much? Prices start from £190 per night on Canopy and Stars based on two people sharing.

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Is Switzerland safe? Latest travel advice as coronavirus cases exceed 100 and large gatherings are banned – The Sun

CORONAVIRUS has soared past 100 cases in Switzerland, with the first death due to the virus confirmed.

With large gatherings banned, here is all the essential advice you need to know if travelling to the country.

Follow our coronavirus live blog for all the latest news and updates

Is it safe to travel to Switzerland?

There are currently no travel restrictions for entry into Switzerland, although large gatherings and events have been banned until mid-March.

The latest advice from the UK government states: "There is an ongoing outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19). The virus originated in Wuhan City, Hubei Province, China, but cases have been confirmed in other parts of China and in some other countries, including Switzerland.

"You should comply with any additional screening measures put in place by the cantonal authorities.

"On 28 February, the government of Switzerland introduced a ban on large-scale events in all cantons of Switzerland involving more than 1000 people, until at least 15 March 2020."

Other major events including the Geneva International Exhibition of Inventions and the Geneva International Motor Show have been either rescheduled or cancelled.

The situation in the country has been categorised as "special" in accordance to the Epidemics Act, allowing authorities to take over certain powers from the country's 26 cantons, or states.

In addition, travellers are being provided with advice and information at the country's borders and airports.

Can I cancel my holiday to Switzerland?

If you are flying to Switzerland in the next few days, then your flights will remain unaffected.

However, you are advised to keep up to date with the latest travel advice as it is likely to change at short notice.

Concerned passengers can contact their airline to find out whether they can change their flights if concerned, but they are unlikely to offer refunds or free changes.

The only time that tour operators are required to give a refund on holiday packages is if the Foreign Office changes its travel advice for a region and turns it into a no-go area, which they have not done in this case.

Independent hotels are not even required to refund money in this instance, so if you have paid in advance and choose not to turn up then you will lose your money.

If the hotel is a large chain, it could be worth asking to change your stay to another location or delay your trip but they are under no obligation to grant this.

Holidaymakers are advised to check with their travel insurance providers to see if there is something they can do, but that is also unlikely

Officials have advised not cancelling your holiday abroad – if you are concerned about your trip, then we explain how you can cancel it.

We've also updated the latest advice for Austria as well as Spain.

Italy has reported the highest number of coronavirus cases in Europe, with numbers exceeding 3,800.

If you're heading to Thailand, we've explained what to know following a number of coronavirus cases.

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Jane McDonald explains sudden Channel 5 exit on This Morning

Jane McDonald opened up about her recent shock announcement during an appearance on This Morning today, joining Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford in the ITV studios.

The 56-year-old made headlines last week when she revealed she was quitting her Channel 5 show Cruising With Jane McDonald.

Comedian Susan Calman will be replacing her on the show, after four and a half years at the helm.

Chatting with Eamonn and Ruth today, Jane admitted "it has been fabulous" fronting the hit travel series for so many years.

Digging for answers, Eamonn asked Jane upfront about her motivation to leave the show.

Jane confessed: "I always believe you should leave the party when you’re still having fun.

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"I just feel it's time to pass the baton.

"I’ve had the most amazing time and I thank Channel 5 for giving me the experiences that I’ve had."

The singer admitted she planned to spend more time at home with her family, having spent so many years away at sea.

  • John Barrowman confirmed to join Holby City cast in menacing newcomer twist

  • Amanda Holden gets fans fired up as she squeezes curves into skintight jumpsuit

Assuring fans they will see more of her in the future, Jane said: "I’m only giving up travelling – not TV.

"It's all about that gut feeling and knowing when to go."

Earlier in the week, Jane wished her replacement, Susan, good luck over Twitter, saying: "I’m so delighted that @SusanCalman is taking over Cruising & Holidaying. She is going to be fabulous!"

"Wishing you the best of luck ever Susan. I'm sure you will have a ball. I certainly did. Lots of love Jane xxx."

This Morning airs on weekdays at 10am on ITV.

  • Eamonn Holmes
  • Ruth Langsford
  • This Morning

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Jennifer Lopez stuns in make-up free snap after beach day with fiancé Alex Rodriguez – The Sun

JENNIFER Lopez has ditched the makeup and embraced her natural beauty this week as she enjoys some much-needed beach time.

The star took to Instagram to show off her flawless complexion, and also gave fans a glimpse at her natural, wavy beach waves.

Sporting a blue bikini, the hitmaker filmed herself on her Instagram stories and wrote: “Perfect day”.

JLo has been making the most of her down time following her incredible performance at last month’s Super Bowl.

She said she felt like she’d been “hit by a truck” afterwards.

“I was exhausted,” she said.

Jen has hit the beach not once, but twice over the past week – once with friend and celebrity vocal coach Steve Mackey and again with fiancé Alex Rodriguez.

Soaking up the peaceful atmosphere, Jennifer revealed to fans that she’d enjoyed a ‘Morning mediation’ on the sand.

The day before, the singer showed off her curves in a backless white swimsuit. She accessorised her outfit with a hat and a pair of oversized sunglasses.

“No one likes a shady beach”, she wrote as she uploaded a video of herself posing and smiling for the camera.

Fans were quick to comment on the star’s natural beach look.

One wrote: “When I was 5 @jlo was beautiful and now I’m 30 and she hasn’t aged a day!”

Another added: “I hope I look this good when I hit her age”.

Earlier this week, it was reported that Jennifer and fiancé Alex had plans to make a movie together in their hope to build a multi-million dollar brand.

The singer is keen to build on the critical and financial success of movie Hustlers, according to Radar.

A source close to the couple suggests they are now looking to star alongside each other in a romantic comedy to keep building the JRod brand.

An insider told the gossip site: "Alex is actually pretty good actor even though he's only been in a few small parts over the years.

"He's excited by JLo's idea that they should do a Mr and Mrs Smith-type flick, which she hopes will bury the ghost of her disaster movie Gigli once and for all."

JLo starred alongside her then-boyfriend Ben Affleck in romantic crime drama Gigli in 2003, which tanked at the box office.

However, Jennifer is keen to capitalize on her recent success as stripper Romana Vega in Hustlers.

The role earned her a Best Supporting Actress nomination at the Golden Globes, SAG Awards and Critics' Choice Awards.

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