Black hole: THIS is what would happen if you got close to a black hole

Black holes remain one of the most mysterious entities in the universe, with scientists knowing little about them, and what is on the inside. Their ability to completely deconstruct the laws of physics remain both baffling and mesmerising.

Black holes completely break the laws of physics with their singularity at the centre, which is a one-dimensional point where gravity becomes infinite and space and time become curved.

The only other point in nature where a singularity existed is at the Big Bang.

What is inside a back hole is a mystery, but one expert believes that if you were to get close to the event horizon – the point of no return where the clutches of the black hole’s gravity becomes to powerful that nothing, not even light, can escape – you would be burned alive in the accretion disc.

The friction generated by these discs as they are pushed and shoved by the extreme gravitational force is so large that it can produce a tremendous amount of energy, depending on the size of the black hole.

According to astrophysicist Paul Stutter, getting close to the accretion disc would burn you to a crisp.

He wrote for Live Science: “Indeed, lots of stuff in the universe finds itself orbiting around black holes. Once these foolhardy adventurers get caught in the black hole’s gravitational embrace, they begin the journey toward the end.

“As material falls toward the black hole, it tends to get squeezed into a razor-thin band known as an accretion disk.

“That disk spins and spins, with heat, friction, and magnetic and electric forces energizing it, causing the material to glow brightly.

“In the case of the most massive black holes, the accretion disks around them glow so intensely that they get a new name: active galactic nuclei (AGN), capable of outshining millions of individual galaxies.

“In the accretion disk, individual bits of material rub up against other bits, draining them of rotational energy and driving them ever-inward to the gaping maw of the black hole’s event horizon.

“But still, if it weren’t for those frictional forces, the material would be able to orbit around the black hole in perpetuity, the same way that the planets can orbit around the sun for billions of years.”

Even if you were to somehow make it past the accretion disc and the event horizon, there would be no chance of survival heading towards a black hole.

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A black hole’s gravitational pull is so strong that not even light can escape from them.

So, if a person in a spacesuit were travelling foot first towards a black hole, they would be torn and stretched apart.

This is due to a process called “spaghettification”. The immense gravitational pull is so strong that the force is much stronger at the base than the top.

For example, if you were travelling feet first into a black hole, the gravity be so strong you would literally be ‘spaghettified’, and you would be stretched out to a point where you would just be a stream of atoms heading towards the centre.

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Cardi B Just Joked About Sucking In Her Stomach In A New Bikini Video

  • Cardi B joked about sucking in her stomach in a new bikini Instagram video.
  • The rapper has been open about getting plastic surgery in the past.
  • She started working out after tweeting that she wasn’t getting surgery again.

Life may feel completely turned upside down right now, but at least you can count on Cardi B to set things straight. The rapper just shared a new video that pretty much perfectly demonstrates “Instagram vs. reality,” and it’s unsurprisingly hilarious. In it, Cardi can be seen sashaying toward the camera in a black bikini, with her hands over her boobs. She looks ridiculously fit, and her sarong falls off as she turns sideways.

With the same fierce look on her face, she lets her stomach out, pauses for a moment, and then saunters out of the frame.

“Suck it in life,” she captioned the video. People showed their love for Cardi’s realness in the comments. “Me everyday 👏🏽👏🏽😂😍😍 you still fine AF,” wrote B. Simone. “About 50 replays and 15 minutes later I remembered I came here to type something…😳,” wrote celebrity artist Sketch. And, of course, there were laughing-crying emojis for days.

This isn’t the first time Cardi has talked about sucking in her stomach. “I suck the shit out my stomach for this pic so appreciated,” she wrote next to a bikini pic she shared the same day as her video.

FWIW, Cardi looks amazing whether she’s “sucking it in” or not.

Previously, Cardi has been open about having plastic surgery, and she’s not here for people who hate on her for it. “Let me tell you somethin’, I don’t like talkin’ s— about a bitch’s body because I remember the struggle, baby,” she said in a since-deleted Instagram last year. “I remember when I had no motherf—ing titties, and I remember when I had a fun-size ass.”

Cardi then went after “a lot of natural bitches” on Instagram who criticize women who have “gotten their bodies done.” And, she said, she thinks they’re just jealous.

But Cardi has made it clear that she’s been working hard to be fit since she’s no longer having any new cosmetic procedures. “I been working out for the past 2 weeks cause bitch I ain’t getting surgery again but let me tell you I haven’t got a headache ever since,” she wrote on Twitter in 2019.

I been working out for the past 2 weeks cause bitch I ain’t getting surgery again😂😂😂but let me tell you I haven’t got a headache ever since .

At least she can laugh about it!

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Cardi B finally unveils massive tattoo that covers her entire back and took ‘six months’ to complete – The Sun

CARDI B has revealed her latest tattoo, a colorful explosion of flowers that begins at the top of her back and ends on her thigh.

The inking covers her entire back and winds its way down across her back in a diagonal angle before creeping over her hips and on to her hip.

Cardi captioned a video that shows off the tattoo: "Okay guys! Soooo here it is!

"It took me several months but I’m finally finished.

"This is my back tattoo!

"It goes from the top of my back to the middle of my thigh. Thank you @jamie_schene."

The ink was completed by Californian artist Jamie Schene, who revealed further details of the 60+ hours that the creation took to complete.

He wrote: "Thank you @iamcardib! 60+ hours, more than 10 cities, it was an awesome project and a crazy experience.

"Thanks for your dedication, strength, and hospitality."

The completion of the tattoo comes amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, during which The Sun exclusively revealed that the rapper had isolated for weeks at a five-star hotel in LA, where she had beauty treatments and lounged by the pool with fellow guests.

The Please Me rapper and husband Offset flew more than 2,000 miles from their home in Atlanta in mid-April, where they own a $8.5million mansion, and checked into The London Hotel in West Hollywood, according to a source.

An insider said: "Cardi and Offset chose The London because they don't have a base in LA, and it is one of a few hotels which has stayed open with its pool area accessible.

"While some guests have been staying in their rooms, the rooftop has attracted plenty of people who have been relaxing on loungers and in luxury cabanas, they don't seem to be practising social distancing."

They added: "Many people are stuck at home and haven't seen their family or friends in months, it just shows if you have money you can find away around it."

In several social media photos, Cardi appears to have had her hair and nails done during the LA lockdown, and even filmed herself screaming in pain while getting a bikini wax surrounded by a glam team in masks.

A spokesman for The London told The Sun: "We did not close at any time and it's business as usual with our rooftop pool open for guests, although we are adhering to health guidelines."

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Vanderpump Rules’ Lala Kent loves her ‘new face’ after plastic surgery makeover

VANDERPUMP Rules star Lala Kent admitted she loves her 'new face' as she reflected on her plastic surgery makeover.

The Bravo star, 30, has been open about her cosmetic procedures over the past two years and her latest comments come as she rewatched season 4 of her series.

Lala thanked her plastic surgeon, Dr. Diamond, for her current look as she took to her Instagram Stories while reminiscing about her appearance over the weekend.

She said: "I will say, though, I thoroughly enjoy my new face that Dr. Diamond has provided to me.

"I love my jaw, I love my little chin, I love my lips. That’s how you can tell these days if it’s a throwback show, because everybody’s walking around like this.

"Ye old little thin lips. Now we’re all like cluck, cluck, cluck. Little duck lips, it’'s so funny."

The reality star appeared in disbelief over her "little baby face" and added that rewatching the 2015 series has allowed her to realise how far she's come.

She continued: "Yeah, I’m plugging right along and dude, I have such a little baby face.

"Like, I look back on this and I’m like, I was just so trying to figure out life in LA being on a television show, you know? I was like, little baby Lala."

Yet, Lala joked that she hasn't completely changed and she's "still as vulgar" as her younger self.

"The only thing that’s really changed," she said. "I've absolutely matured, I'm definitely still as vulgar. But I was f***ing gangster in this. I was like, nonchalant."

Recently, Lala, who was forced to postpone her wedding in April due to the COVID-19 pandemic, got candid with followers about her plastic surgery upkeep during a similar Instagram post last month.

In the clip, she told her fiancé Randall Emmett, 49: "Can I tell you what I’m really pissed about, Rand?

"The quarantine is preventing me from getting the injections I need to keep this face. I need Dr. Diamond! Dr. Diamond, my jawline is fading quickly and these wrinkles are getting deep."

Speaking with Bravo in 2018, Lala admitted she's pretty much had her whole face altered, but felt she may have gone too far.

She told host Andy Cohen: "I'm not the type of person that's going to walk out and say 'I've had nothing done'.

"I will say this last time I may have overdid it. I want to stop with the lips, I want to stop with the fillers, enough is enough."

"I have Botox [points to forehead], I've had filler in my cheekbones, filler in the chin, filler in the jaw and my lips – so pretty much my whole face except my nose."

At the time, Lala confessed there were still a few areas she'd still like to continuing enhancing.

"I think the only place I'd go back to is my jaw because my genetics are horrible with jawlines and Botox because I like to scrawl at people a lot," she shared.

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EU’s chief negotiator Michel Barnier ‘burst into a bizarre rant’ at last week’s Brexit talks – The Sun

THE EU's chief negotiator Michel Barnier burst into a bizarre rant at the end of last week’s Brexit talks, according to insiders.

The UK’s team was stunned as the Frenchman made the “bewildering” claim Britain is asking for benefits of the single market without the costs.

They insist Mr Barnier's behaviour was because he knows he is “losing the argument”. Downing Street has repeatedly said all the UK wants is a Canada-style free trade agreement, and offers to accept some tariffs and quotas to get a deal.

British negotiators believe Mr Barnier, out of desperation, is reverting to the tired old lines he used successfully against Theresa May.

A senior UK official said: “Their arguments on merit aren’t working and they’re reaching for some of the old script, but it doesn’t fit the actual situation we’re now trying to negotiate.

“Anyone who thinks this Government has nostalgia for 2018 has an imperfect understanding of UK political developments over the last few years.

"Barnier is doing a good job with the hand given.

“He must know the mandate is unnegotiable.”

No 10 is pessimistic of breaking the deadlock unless the bloc changes its attitude.

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Age-gap couple with 30 years between them get married naked – after meeting on a nudist holiday

A NUDIST couple tied the knot in the buff in front of 40 naked wedding guests – and even the officiator was in his birthday suit. 

Nigel, 59, and Rachel Seymour, 30, met on a naturist holiday in 2017, and following a whirlwind romance the couple got engaged six months later. 

Nigel, a vehicle restorer, got down on one knee in front of 400 naked strangers while on a holiday organised by British Naturism, a society for people who enjoy nudity, which the couple are members of. 

Sticking with the theme, Nigel and Rachel, a care assistant, decided to get married in the nude, surrounded by 40 of their friends and family. 

The couple, who share one-year-old Michael, headed to naturist haunt, the Oakwood Sun Club, in Essex, for the revealing ceremony last year. 

Rachel said: “Our naked wedding made perfect sense, as it meant I didn’t have to spend £1,000 on a wedding dress.

“Getting married in the buff with your friends and family is still just as magical an experience.

“It felt really freeing. We met in the buff, Nigel proposed in the buff and we had a ceremony naked. It closed the chapter.”

The pair had a legal ceremony – while fully clothed – which they refer to as the ‘textile' event. 

Rachel added: “It was a little less serious than the textile wedding. There was more of a jokey, fun vibe.

“All guests had to bring with them was a towel and some sun cream.”

Nigel added: “The reaction we’ve had from friends and family who did not attend the blessing was very much, ‘That’s not for us but you carry on and let us know how you get on.

“But we loved every minute of it.”

The couple even found someone willing to strip to conduct the ceremony, with Rachel saying: “The officiator who conducted the civil blessing was not a naturist, but we had asked around and found someone who said they would be willing to be naked.”

And in-keeping with the theme, the newlyweds went on a naked holiday at the world’s largest naturist village in the South of France.

Being naked has been a way of life for Rachel, who grew up with a naturist dad, Harvey Allen, 74, who was the photographer at the wedding. 

Nigel came late to the idea, and only started stripping off nine years ago to help him overcome his poor body image.

He said: “What I liked was that you had no idea what people did in their day-to-day lives – whether they were a judge, a doctor, or a police officer. Being naked just levels everyone out.

“We both love nudity. It doesn’t matter what you look like, what size, colour, creed, occupation you are. Everybody is on the same level when they are naked and nobody judges you.”

The couple are adjusting to life in the lockdown, with key worker Rachel still working everyday – fully clothed.

But she admitted she’s had to be “creative” at home – particularly when it comes to exercising.

She said: “I’ve been doing my exercises – some squats, leg extensions and using weights, sometimes using the baby as one, because he is quite heavy! He giggles his way through it.

“But I’ve had to put a bra on to stop my breasts bouncing about!”

While they can be naked in the house, the couple only have a small patch of garden which isn’t overlooked by the neighbours, where they can strip off. 

Nigel said: “It’s been such nice weather that we’ve planting sunflowers and tomatoes. 

“There is only a small area of our garden where we are not overlooked by the neighbours, though, so we do have to be a bit careful and make sure to stick to that area when we’re nude.

“The main change for us has been missing out on events with our nudist friends and family. We can’t wait until we can go back out again. 

“We’re desperate to go out for a naked swim- and would love to at least celebrate the first anniversary of our nude blessing with one.”

Meanwhile Brits are stripping off to bake, sunbathe and even work from home during lockdown.

And bored Brits are stripping off and doing naked yoga, nude baking and boozing in a virtual ‘naked pub’ during lockdown.

And the Quarantine Pillow Challenge sees fashionistas go naked except for bedding in latest bizarre at-home Instagram trend.

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Vegans vandalise cheese shop by spraying 'dairy = death' on window

Militant vegans vandalise a cheese shop by spraying ‘dairy = death’ in red paint on the window

  • Michaela Myers, 52, found ‘dairy = death’ painted on her store window last week 
  • This is the second time Barney’s Delicatessen targeted since opening in 2018
  • Anonymous Brighton animal rights collective advocate has defended the act

Suspected militant vegans have vandalised a cheese shop in Brighton by spraying ‘dairy = death’ in red paint on the window.

Michaela Myers, who owns Barney’s Delicatessen in Kensington Gardens, said she believes the graffiti was left on her store by hard-line vegan activists, who had sprayed ‘Mmm cancer’ outside the shop a year ago.   

‘This is the second time our shop has been hit by militant vegans, whose ignorance never ceases to amaze me,’ she said.

‘A year ago we found the words “Mmm cancer” sprayed on the floor just outside the shop. We’d only just opened and they were already targeting us.’

Suspected militant vegans have vandalised Barney’s Delicatessen in Kensington Gardens,  Brighton by spraying ‘dairy = death’ in red paint on the window (pictured)

Ms Myers said she sympathised with people’s concerns about animal welfare, but explained the damage would cost a small fortune to remove at a time when the business was struggling to stay afloat due to lockdown. 

‘The emotional impact alone has been horrible. I’ve got that knotted, twisting feeling inside – my stomach’s still churning,’ she said.

‘It’s really upsetting that people feel the need to do something like this. We’re just trying to make a living, help the community and get through this difficult time.’       

The 52-year-old, who opened her store in East Sussex in 2018, added her business is struggling to survive after being forced to close amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Michaela Myers (right), who owns Barney’s Delicatessen, said she believes the graffiti was left on her store by hard-line vegan activists

The 52-year-old, who opened her store in East Sussex in 2018, added her business (pictured before the graffiti) is struggling to survive after being forced to close amid the coronavirus pandemic

The delicatessen now offers boxes of fresh vegetables for customers to collect or for next day delivery across the local area.    

An anonymous Brighton animal rights collective advocate defended the act when approached by the Argus, saying: ‘What is more extreme, killing an animal or spraying paint?’

In a statement, the anonymous organisation said: ‘Although the act of graffiti is vandalism, we support the message of animal liberation relayed in it.

‘The same system that classes graffiti as vandalism allows the exploitation and killing of individuals and therefore we must challenge this institution.

‘This is also a human rights issue. Slaughterhouse workers are being forced to work during the pandemic and thereby being put at a disproportionately high risk of catching the virus.’

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8 Best Sports Bras For Large Breasts 2020 | The Sun UK

SPORTS BRAS are obligatory for large-breasted women to enjoy a carefree workout – your assets should never get in the way of exercise.

So why is it so hard to find a good one? Well, we're here to help you choose with our selection based on our knowledge and online reviews.

Are sports bras good for large breasts?

Ordinary underwear just doesn’t take into consideration the bounce – that painful, distracting and annoying factor that comes with exercising when you have big boobs.

An ill-fitting sports bra is not only irritating, but it can also damage your posture and muscles as tight straps put added pressure on your shoulders. But, shop around and you won't have to suffer.

Whether you're doing some calm and collected yoga, or working up a sweat in a spinning class, there are a variety of styles out there made for every situation.

Despite being a necessity, finding a sports bra for a DD+ chest can feel like an impossible pursuit. They're like rare, hidden gems and are often expensive.

But have no fear, we’ve got your back (and your boobs) with all the best styles available now.

1. The Staple White Sports Bra: Shock Absorber Fuller Cup

  • Shock Absorber Fuller Cup Sports Bra, £37 from John Lewis – buy here

This Shock Absorber sports bra has three dimensional support, made for fuller breasts.

It’s padded, with adjustable straps and a cushioned hook and eye to prevent digging.

Perfect under your tennis whites but also great for sports like horse riding and aerobics.

In short, it’ll support you through the most dynamic workouts.

Black or white, take your pick.

2. The Cool Racerback Sports Bra: Naturally Close Active Wear

  • Naturally Close Active Wear High Impact Sports Bra, £22 from Simply Be – buy here

You can always rely on a racerback bra for maximum support, especially one with a high neckline.

As another non-wired style, Naturally Close’s high impact sports bra is extra comfy too.

Spliced with a playful zip and set on a cool printed brand, this colour-block bra is piped in pink for contrast.

It’s not just a bra, as a trendy option it can pass as a sports top too when teamed with high-waisted leggings.

3. The Staple Black Sports Bra – Gorgeous DD+

  • Gorgeous DD+ – Black Underwired Padded Sports Bram £24 from Debenhams – buy here

Going all the way up to a GG, Debenhams' Gorgeous range is like gold dust.

The streamlined underwiring, padded caps and extra-thick straps offer the utmost support, while the cushioned underband stops anything digging in during a long workout (we’re all familiar with those angry red marks post-gym).

But it’s not all about the sensible stuff, sports kit should look good too – we love the mesh overlay and on-trend neon colour-blocking on this one.

Check out the pale grey and turquoise version here.

4. The Professional Sports Bra: Reebok Puremove Bra

  • Reebok Puremove Bra, £26.97 (Was £44.95) from Reebok – buy here

Reebok’s PureMove black bra is made with Motion Sense Technology – the fabric literally responds to your movements, made to look after your body as you train.

This racerback style has cleverly-placed air holes, so your boobs can breathe, and the moulded cups minimise chafing.

Explaining the higher price point, there are amazing reviews – plus, people are really into the red pop colour interior.

5. The Most Affordable Sports Bra: High Impact Zip Front

  • High Impact Zip Front Sports Bra, £26-£28 from Next – buy here

Next’s sport performance collection goes up to a size 40DD and, starting from £26, it’s great if you’re on a budget.

Perfect for barre class, yoga or high-intensity workout, this sports bra will keep everything in place.

Feel free to work up a sweat –  it’s made with moisture-wicking fabric.

It also features a functional front zip with an inside clip and breathable mesh back.

TIP: show off the straps with an off-the-shoulder sweater.

6. The Futuristic Sports Bra: Shock Absorber

  • Shock Absorber Active Shape Support Sports Bra, £36 from John Lewis – buy here 

Shock Absorber have created an Active Shape sports bra for everyone from an A to an F cup.

The contrasting black and neon colour scheme feels futuristic and fabulous.

As a high impact level bra, it’s ideal for running, aerobics and martial arts.

In this, you’ll never have to worry about any uncomfortable bouncing.

With breathable, light-padded cups and mesh, it boasts superior comfort.

7. The Versatile Sports Bra: Elomi Energise

  • Elomi Energise High Impact Wired Sports Bra, £36 from SimplyBe – buy here

The Elomi Energise style might just look like a bra, but it is not an ordinary one. With microfibre fabric wicking away moisture, a supportive underwire and changeable straps, it’s made for a heavy exercise sesh.

You can choose between a racerback or straight straps, depending on what top you’re wearing.

Plus, sizes go all the way up to a J.

Although it’s a higher price, see it as an investment for your health – your body deserves to be looked after.

8. The Instagrammable Sports Bra: Pink Soda Sport Tape

  • Pink Soda Sport Stitch Sports Bra, £20 from JD Sports – buy here

Logo taped bras have been in fashion a while now and with matching leggings, this Pink Soda one is made for the ‘gram.

It's made from stretchy poly fabric and features elasticated under bust for a perfect fit: you’ll always be supported however hard you work.

Do sports bras stop bouncing?

When it comes to choosing the right sports bra, having enough support while you're exercising should be your first priority.

While it's unlikely that it will keep your breasts completely still, a good bra should soften the bouncing by more than 50 per cent, according to fitness experts.

How do I choose a sports bra for heavy breasts? 

If you're wearing anything above a C cup, there a few things to keep in mind to avoid painful boob bouncing.

Ditch the traditional sports bra, which usually has a single flat panel and opt for one with two separate cups that will give you decent support.

You’ll also want to look out for options with higher armholes and decent coverage at the front (avoid plunging necklines), so that your breasts aren't spilling out of the neckline or underarm.

Finally, pick bras with wide straps that will evenly distribute weight without digging into your shoulders and provide greater comfort compared to narrow ones.

How should a high impact sports bra fit?

Getting your measurements wrong can lead to sagging, back or neck pain and even scarring, so it's important to get a sports bra that is right for you.

It should feel a lot more close fitting than your ordinary underwear although sizes are the same.

As a general rule of thumb, you should just about be able to get a finger under the supportive lower cuff of the bra, and it should be tight without cutting into your skin.

Similarly, make sure the straps don't slip off or dig into your shoulder during high-impact activities.

If you feel the band is riding up in the front or pulling at the back, it probably means it's not the right size and you're not getting the full benefit of support.

We’ve designed Sun Selects to help you find everything you need when you’re shopping around the web. Click the link to find more of our top picks.

Do you love healthy life style? Us too! Check out our dedicated health and fitness page here.

If you enjoy trying out different yoga poses and exercising, take a look at our round up of the best yoga mats here. 

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Piers Morgan jokes wife will be 'kept on her toes' after Vicky Pattison comment

Piers Morgan has joked that his wife Celia Walden will be ‘kept on her toes’ now Vicky Pattison has revealed her ‘obsession’ for him.

The Good Morning Britain presenter’s comments came after the former Geordie Shore star confessed her feelings for the journalist in a magazine interview, in which she admitted: ‘I’m obsessed with Piers Morgan.’

Taking to Twitter, Piers shared a picture of the story and responded: ‘This should keep Celia on her toes.’

In the interview, Vicky praised Piers for his handling of the coronavirus crisis and called for him to become the next Prime Minister.

She added: ‘He’s been the main champion for this from the get-go and I think he’s doing the most fantastic job of holding our politicians to account.

‘He’s not just hammering people for no reason, which is what he used to do,’ she said. ‘Now he’s got a real campaign and he’s like a dog with a bone, and I love it.’

Piers’s cheeky quip comes just hours after he admitted he has ‘probably’ taken his comments on Meghan Markle ‘too far’.

The no-nonsense host has made his feelings about the Duchess of Sussex more than clear in scathing rants on Good Morning Britain, just last month branding the Suits actress and Prince Harry ‘whiny little brats’ for their decision to adopt a ‘zero engagement’ policy with four UK newspaper groups.

However, it seems as though he’s had plenty of time for self-reflection during lockdown as he touched on his behaviour in a candid interview, explaining he might change how he discusses the Royal couple in the future.

When asked if he would have ‘dialed’ his criticisms against the 38-year-old ‘down’ in hindsight – after claiming she ghosted their former friendship – he replied: ‘Yeah, probably.

‘It’s probably not wise, if you’re a columnist, to make things too personal.

‘Have I taken things a bit too far? Probably,’ he added to the Sunday Times. ‘Do I think that will govern and temper how I talk about them going forward? Absolutely.’

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'RHOA': Is Cynthia Bailey Fired, Quitting, or Being Demoted for Season 13?

Cynthia Bailey is one of the stars of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. The former model has been holding a peach for 10 seasons of the show. All of the cast finished wrapping production on season 12, including a virtual reunion. Rumors have started circulating that Bravolebrity is being fired from the reality series and Bailey is finally breaking her silence.

Rumors around Cynthia Bailey’s future

A report from a fan blog has suggested that Bailey won’t be returning for RHOA Season 13. That has been the perception of insiders that know what went down during the season 12 virtual reunion. Many perceived that it was a swan song for Bailey and she was getting ready to move in.

The thing is that Bailey’s fiancé is based out of Los Angeles and the show films in Atlanta. With their impending nuptials, it’s highly-likely that Bailey is going to move cross-country to California once she ties the knot.

It was the site called Tamara Tattles that first reported the story after an alleged insider confirmed Bailey was a goner. The online publication later said the Bravo star had been offered a limited role for the new season.

“CEO of the production company called her and asked her if she would be interested in taking a friend or reduced role,” the site reported. “She said she would have to see the offer before determining.”

The site claims that Bailey was offered less money for her appearance if she were to return in the limited role.

Cynthia Bailey breaks silence

After the rumor lit up on social media, Bailey was approached to clarify if she had been demoted or fired from RHOA.

“I have no plans to leave RHOA at this time,” she told The Shade Room. “Every year there are rumors saying that I am getting fired, or not returning. I’ve been a peach holder consistently for 10 years now. I love my cast and my Bravo family. I am looking forward to next season.”

Bailey also denied she had been offered a limited role for season 13. In fact, she said that no offers have been handed out yet.

“That is completely false,” she added. “We just recently filmed the reunion, and have not started contract negotiations yet.”

‘RHOA’ Season 12 reunion schedule

The RHOA reunion had to be recorded virtually this season due to the coronavirus pandemic. All of the ladies logged in to their computers to rehash all the drama from season 12.

In the first part of the reunion, Nene Leakes will face her co-stars to talk about her apology tour this season. Kenya Moore will also reveal what the status of her relationship with her husband Marc Daly is. The reunion will start airing on Sunday, May 10 at 8 p.m. ET.

The next Sunday (May 17), Eva Marcille and Porsha Williams exchanging words while Moore will explain how her friendship with the latter dwindled. On Sunday, May 24, the reunion concludes with Bailey and Moore’s friendship up for discussion. The Cookie Lady will also be a subject at hand, but according to sources she doesn’t make an appearance.

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