Cardi B Just Joked About Sucking In Her Stomach In A New Bikini Video

  • Cardi B joked about sucking in her stomach in a new bikini Instagram video.
  • The rapper has been open about getting plastic surgery in the past.
  • She started working out after tweeting that she wasn’t getting surgery again.

Life may feel completely turned upside down right now, but at least you can count on Cardi B to set things straight. The rapper just shared a new video that pretty much perfectly demonstrates “Instagram vs. reality,” and it’s unsurprisingly hilarious. In it, Cardi can be seen sashaying toward the camera in a black bikini, with her hands over her boobs. She looks ridiculously fit, and her sarong falls off as she turns sideways.

With the same fierce look on her face, she lets her stomach out, pauses for a moment, and then saunters out of the frame.

“Suck it in life,” she captioned the video. People showed their love for Cardi’s realness in the comments. “Me everyday 👏🏽👏🏽😂😍😍 you still fine AF,” wrote B. Simone. “About 50 replays and 15 minutes later I remembered I came here to type something…😳,” wrote celebrity artist Sketch. And, of course, there were laughing-crying emojis for days.

This isn’t the first time Cardi has talked about sucking in her stomach. “I suck the shit out my stomach for this pic so appreciated,” she wrote next to a bikini pic she shared the same day as her video.

FWIW, Cardi looks amazing whether she’s “sucking it in” or not.

Previously, Cardi has been open about having plastic surgery, and she’s not here for people who hate on her for it. “Let me tell you somethin’, I don’t like talkin’ s— about a bitch’s body because I remember the struggle, baby,” she said in a since-deleted Instagram last year. “I remember when I had no motherf—ing titties, and I remember when I had a fun-size ass.”

Cardi then went after “a lot of natural bitches” on Instagram who criticize women who have “gotten their bodies done.” And, she said, she thinks they’re just jealous.

But Cardi has made it clear that she’s been working hard to be fit since she’s no longer having any new cosmetic procedures. “I been working out for the past 2 weeks cause bitch I ain’t getting surgery again but let me tell you I haven’t got a headache ever since,” she wrote on Twitter in 2019.

I been working out for the past 2 weeks cause bitch I ain’t getting surgery again😂😂😂but let me tell you I haven’t got a headache ever since .

At least she can laugh about it!

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Cardi B finally unveils massive tattoo that covers her entire back and took ‘six months’ to complete – The Sun

CARDI B has revealed her latest tattoo, a colorful explosion of flowers that begins at the top of her back and ends on her thigh.

The inking covers her entire back and winds its way down across her back in a diagonal angle before creeping over her hips and on to her hip.

Cardi captioned a video that shows off the tattoo: "Okay guys! Soooo here it is!

"It took me several months but I’m finally finished.

"This is my back tattoo!

"It goes from the top of my back to the middle of my thigh. Thank you @jamie_schene."

The ink was completed by Californian artist Jamie Schene, who revealed further details of the 60+ hours that the creation took to complete.

He wrote: "Thank you @iamcardib! 60+ hours, more than 10 cities, it was an awesome project and a crazy experience.

"Thanks for your dedication, strength, and hospitality."

The completion of the tattoo comes amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, during which The Sun exclusively revealed that the rapper had isolated for weeks at a five-star hotel in LA, where she had beauty treatments and lounged by the pool with fellow guests.

The Please Me rapper and husband Offset flew more than 2,000 miles from their home in Atlanta in mid-April, where they own a $8.5million mansion, and checked into The London Hotel in West Hollywood, according to a source.

An insider said: "Cardi and Offset chose The London because they don't have a base in LA, and it is one of a few hotels which has stayed open with its pool area accessible.

"While some guests have been staying in their rooms, the rooftop has attracted plenty of people who have been relaxing on loungers and in luxury cabanas, they don't seem to be practising social distancing."

They added: "Many people are stuck at home and haven't seen their family or friends in months, it just shows if you have money you can find away around it."

In several social media photos, Cardi appears to have had her hair and nails done during the LA lockdown, and even filmed herself screaming in pain while getting a bikini wax surrounded by a glam team in masks.

A spokesman for The London told The Sun: "We did not close at any time and it's business as usual with our rooftop pool open for guests, although we are adhering to health guidelines."

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Cardi B Says She's Ready to Get Paid for Viral Coronavirus Song

By Tuesday, “Coronavirus” was ninth on the overall iTunes U.S. songs guide.

Cardi B wants reimbursement for inadvertently laying down a new chart-topping track.

Last week, the rapper took to Instagram to share a video where she waxes on about all things coronavirus. The rant was quickly snatched up by a DJ named iMarkkeyz, who ripped the audio and created a new dance track.

“[The beat] was in the tempo of how she said ‘coronavirus,’ so it kind of matched the beat,” iMarkkeyz told Buzzfeed.

Ya keep playing I’m deadass FUCKIN SCARED. I’m stocking up on food.

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"Coronavirus" went viral, and when the "Bodak Yellow" hitmaker heard it in a Rio De Janeiro club, she posted on social media, "I might [as] well do a damn music video. I’m boutta tell Atlantic to put this song on Spotify."

Then the song spread into the charts.

"The fact that this damn coronavirus song is charting on iTunes — Hold on — let me hit the DJ up and Atlantic so I can get my damn coins," the "Bodak Yellow" hitmaker wrote via Instagram on Monday.

A few hours later she got back on the IG horn to give an update.

The fact this damn corona virus song is charting on iTunes ….Hold on ..let me hit the Dj up and Atlantic so I can’t get my damn coins 😩😩😩😩

A post shared by Cardib (@iamcardib) on

"Damn I posted the iTunes chart 2 hours ago of this damn Corona song charting on the hip hop charts at 96 now it’s number 11 😩😩😩😂😩😩 86 on the overall charts — I’m glad yaaa having fun — Make sure you lysol your p–sy before you POP IT."

By Tuesday, "Coronavirus" was ninth on the overall iTunes U.S. songs guide.

Damn I posted the iTunes chart 2 hours ago of this damn Corona song charting on the hip hop charts at 96 now it’s number 11 😩😩😩😂😩😩 86 on the overall charts ..I’m glad yaaa having fun …..Make sure you lysol your pussy before you POP IT.

A post shared by Cardib (@iamcardib) on

Meawnwhile, Cardi’s voice — even in an Instagram recording — could be considered copyrighted, according to Rolling Stone.

But iMarkkeyz may still be in for some of that sweet "Coronavirus" green.

"I could see her label treating this as a remix and claim 100 percent ownership of the master, and then pay the producer a royalty," Deborah Mannis-Gardner, a music clearance specialist, told the publication.

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Cardi B tells fans she can’t get husband Offset’s name tattooed on her ‘p***y’ days after ‘panicking’ over coronavirus – The Sun

Cardi B has revealed she wanted to get a tattoo of her husband's name on her vagina but isn't allowed to do so because she has laser removal treatments on her private parts.

Cardi B – real name Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar – took to Twitter earlier today to express her sadness amid the global coronavirus pandemic.

Tweeting a sad emoji face, the mom-of-one wrote: "I wanted to get Offset name tatted on my p***y but I laser down there so I can’t."

Fans were quick to react to the post with hilarious comments and memes, with one fan replying: "Don't worry, I will tattoo it on mine for you, cos I love you."

A second person added: "I think this is the greatest proof of love ever … Guinness Book pls check it!! (sic)," while a third replied: "Girl we don't care. People are dying!!!'

Her latest bizarre post comes after after she admitted to her fans on Instagram that she's panicking about COVID-19 and self-isolating at home.

"I don't know bout ya but this s**t got me sad ass f**k. I keep having nightmares and my anxiety thru the roof (sic)," she wrote to her 60.1 million followers.

The rapper had previously taken to Instagram to post a comical video, which has since been turned into a remix and is climbing the iTunes chart.

Brandon "iMarkkeyz" Davidson sampled Cardi's coronavirus rant from Instagram for an original track after it became a popular meme online.

Posting a screengrab of the single's chart position, she wrote: "Damn I posted the iTunes chart 2 hours ago of this damn Corona song charting on the hip hop charts at 96 now it’s number 11 😩😩😩😂😩😩 86 on the overall charts.

"I’m glad yaaa having fun …..Make sure you Lysol your p*ssy before you POP IT," she jokingly added.

In another post, Cardi said: "Government, government, government, I know s**t getting real! Once the stock markets start going low, that's how I know s**t is getting real coz there ain't nothing white corporate America hates the most than losing motherf***ing money."

She continued: "And all we need to know is, like c'mon now, let's stop playing around. Is this coronavirus s**t gonna be a couple of weeks type of s**t or a couple of months kind of s**t?

"Let me know so I can start motherf***ing racking up on food and Monclers, so a b***h can move to motherf***ing Antartica b***h! I'm scared!"

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