Alanis Morissette, Common & More To Appear On Season Finale Of ‘Fraggle Rock’

Alanis Morissette, Common and many others are set to appear as special guests on season finale of Apple TV+‘s reboot of “Fraggle Rock.”

Morissette will sing the classic Fraggle Rock theme song, along with Common, Jason Mraz, Neil Patrick Harris, Tiffany Haddish, and Ziggy Marley on the show.

The original 1980s version of the children’s puppet series from the Jim Henson Company was filmed in Toronto.

The finale was shot remotely due to ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. It will see Morissette, NPH, Haddish, Common and Marley interacting with Gobo, Red, Boober, Mokey, Wembley and Uncle Travelling Matt.

The season finale of “Fraggle Rock: Rock On!” will be available to stream beginning Tuesday, May 26.

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Chrissy Teigen slams ‘rich’ friends asking for freebies as billionaire Kylie Jenner shares excitement at receiving a box – The Sun

CHRISSY Teigen has slammed her "rich" friends who are asking for freebies from her latest Cravings range – as billionaire Kylie Jenner shared her excitement at receiving a PR box.

The 34-year-old star had been sharing videos of celebs receiving their boxes full of goodies to her Instagram Story, but was left fed-up when other wealthy pals started to ask when they'd be receiving their own.

Each box contained a copy of Chrissy's latest cook book as well as products from her kitchenware range, including a frying pan and a chopping board.

Taking to her Instagram Story, the mother-of-two hit out after she was inundated with messages from friends.

She wrote: "Please don't ask me for a box. My marketing budget is not infinite but my love for you is.

"Also, I see some of you asking and you're literally rich."

Chrissy added in a video: "Before I had to make my own boxes I'd get boxes all the time and I'd just donate them or give them away.

"I didn't even think twice about it, thinking the person who made this probably doesn't even know this came to me.

"Then I started making my own and holy s**t it was a ton of work, shout out and so much love to the people who do it on their own – I had a lot of help.

"I put it together, it's very curated, it's a labor of love and I will never, ever throw away or not thank somebody profusely."

Clarifying who she was unhappy with, Chrissy continued: "This is not for fans asking for one, that was honestly just meant for my friends who are literally writing: 'Erm, mine hasn't gotten here yet' and that's because I didn't send it."

She went on to make a dig at food writer Alison Roman, who had previously accused the star of being a "sell-out" with a "content farm", joking: "Maybe that comes from someone getting in your head that we are just a content farm who got so big so quickly, but I promise you that's not how it looks."

Despite Chrissy chastising her rich friends for not buying the products themselves, billionaire Kylie was one of the lucky few to receive a box – and she admitted that she'd been "scared" to ask for the freebies.

Filming the box from every angle, the 22-year-old gushed: "This is amazing, I love you Chrissy and I love your books so much.

"I have been wanting one of these, I've just been too afraid to ask… But now that we're at it can you please cook for me?"

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How many could be suffering from 'gastro coronavirus' as tummy ache could be one of the first signs of deadly bug

A STABBING tummy ache is said to be one of the less commonly reported symptoms of coronavirus.

A persistent dry cough and fever are the two main symptoms we know to look for, but scientists have said Covid-19 can attack our digestive systems as well.

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Dr Fern Riddell, historian and author, detailed on Twitter her digestive symptoms as she's battled coronavirus.

On April 14 she tweeted: "Hello, I’ve not been here because I am on day 33 of #Covid 19, and for the last 26 I’ve been the sickest I’ve ever been in my life.

"I feel really lucky not to have had any respiratory symptoms, mine have been purely gastric, but even with mild to moderate symptoms, it’s horrible."

She goes on to explain how she felt like she had a "summer cold" and slight fever and lost her sense of  smell – another symptom coronavirus sufferers have also reported having.

Dr Riddell said things took a turn for the worse by day 10.

She wrote: "Full body shakes and aches, serious dehydration (6 litres of water a day plus dioralyte), overwhelming nausea, awful diarrhoea, extreme fatigue.

"You feel so, so ill. And it’s terrifying. I don’t remember much of the next 14 days."

A recent study, published in the American Journal of Gastroenterology, suggests people might experience digestive issues, such as diarrhoea, when they are infected with coronavirus.

Researchers analysed data from 206 patients with Covid-19 in China’s Hubei province and they discovered that 48.5 per cent of these patients arrived at the hospital with digestive symptoms such as diarrhoea, vomiting or abdominal pain.

Following this, the researchers stated that, for some people, digestive symptoms may present itself first before the respiratory symptoms of Covid-19.

The study noted: "These data emphasize that patients with new-onset digestive symptoms after a possible Covid-19 contact should be suspected for the illness, even in the absence of cough, shortness of breath, sore throat, or fever."

It also explained that patients with digestive symptoms suffered longer than those with respiratory symptoms – citing the average hospital stay as 23.7 days.

In the study, the people included in the study also had a more severe case of illness.

Brennan M.R. Spiegel, co-editor-in-chief of the American Journal of Gastroenterology, said: "In this study, Covid-19 patients with digestive symptoms have a worse clinical outcome and higher risk of mortality compared to those without digestive symptoms, emphasising the importance of including symptoms like diarrhoea to suspect Covid-19 early in the disease course before respiratory symptoms develop."

Despite this revelation, people should still be vigilant in looking out for the primary symptoms of coronavirus including a dry cough and high temperature – as Covid-19 primarily attacks the lungs and respiratory system.

Some patients may also have aches and pains, nasal congestion, runny nose or a sore throat – but these are usually mild and begin gradually.

Developing these symptoms does not necessarily mean you have the illness and they are similar to other illnesses, such as the common cold or flu.


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Heartless crook swipes $150 from 75-year-old man in Manhattan

A heartless crook knocked a 75-year-old man to the ground and swiped $150 from him inside a Manhattan bank, cops said Thursday.

The septuagenarian was withdrawing cash inside a Citibank on Park Avenue South and 25th Street at 9:45 a.m. on Saturday, when the thief came up behind him, brandished an unknown object and demanded money, police said.

“I want your money,” the crook said, who knocked the man to the ground and yanked his wallet containing cards, an ID and the cash from his hands, according to cops.

Surveillance video from inside the ATM booth shows the elderly man sprawled on his back trying to kick away the thief, who then runs out of the bank.

The attacker was last seen dressed in black with a grey backpack. Anyone with information is asked to call the NYPD’s Crime Stoppers Hotline at 1-800-577-TIPS (8477).

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F1’s biggest celebrity fans from Cameron Diaz to Leo DiCaprio and Kit Harington… and the cars they drive themselves – The Sun

FORMULA 1 has always been a sport of glitz and glamour.

But F1 has witnessed some cringeworthy celebrity cameos over the years as stars of sport, music and film muddle their way through an on-the-grid interview – or just downright shun them altogether.

But there is a select handful who can be relied upon to give their all on motor sport’s most prestigious series.

Here, SunSport details F1’s biggest celebrity fans and the motors they have invested their own money in.

Leonardo DiCaprio

DiCaprio’s commitment to motor racing is strong and he has been seen hanging out at the Monaco Grand Prix among the celebrity guests who regularly make their way to F1’s glamour race.

But, as an avowed environmentalist, his own fleet of vehicles is decidedly modest, reportedly featuring a Hybrid Volvo SUV, the electric Tesla Roadster and Hollywood darling Toyota Prius.

DiCaprio does still have room in his garage for a Porsche Cayenne plus a Fisker Karma – dubbed the world’s first luxury plug-in electric vehicle.

However, F1 may no longer be the 45-year-old’s priority after he founded the Formula E team Venturi Racing.

It is perhaps no surprise to see the eco-warrior turn to the electrically powered series to scratch his racing itch.

Cameron Diaz

Charlie’s Angels star Diaz shares many of the eco credentials of her Beverly Hills buddy DiCaprio when it comes to her car collection.

Said to be among her options for the morning commute are a Prius and Tesla Roadster, the battery-powered baby of outspoken entrepreneur Elon Musk.

Diaz, 47, swung by the 2013 Monaco GP and witnessed Nico Rosberg pick up what was then a rare win for Mercedes.

Clearly one with a thirst for speed, she has also been seen climbing into a Maserati Quattroporte.

George Lucas

Few celebrities can boast as many appearances at F1 race weekends as Star Wars and Indiana Jones creator Lucas.

Spotted at, among others, the Austrian, American, British and Monaco circuits over the years, he even jumped up to the podium to interview Lewis Hamilton, Sebastian Vettel and Felipe Massa at Monza in 2015.

The 75-year-old’s passion for speed has been a significant part of his life since his youth, with major consequences.

A big car crash in California is said to have focused his mind to press on and get the grades that helped him boot up the Star Wars franchise – a movie keenly reflected in his car history.

When the Mosler MT900S sports car was released in the early 2000s, it was dubbed the “Darth Vader car” due to its fierce appearance.

Only 14 were ever made but who took delivery of the first street-legal MT900S? George Lucas.

Antonio Banderas

You have to be a petrolhead to play Ferruccio Lamborghini on the big screen and Spanish film star Banderas is just that.

A self-described “follower of F1 for many years”, Banderas has previously turned out at Austin’s Circuit of the Americas and, of course, Monaco.

Featuring in his car collection over the years have been a Porsche 911 and a Bentley Continental, both convertible.

And we can expect to see him behind the wheel of more supercars when Lamborghini – The Legend drops.

Kit Harington

Not only has Kit Harington heard the engines roar from the stands, he has hopped in for a first-hand experience too.

Before the 2017 Italian GP, and joined by Game of Thrones co-star and F1 superfan Liam Cunningham, the English actor was treated to some mega G-force in the backseat of a two-seater F1 car.

And the boys were back for the following year’s race in Monaco, joined by another GoT favourite Nikolaj Coster-Waldau.

Back on the public roads, Harington has shown off a Triumph Thruxton motorbike and a stunning Jaguar F-Type, that must feel like a Reliant Robin after his Monza experience.

David Hasselhoff

For a man who burst onto our screens driving a futuristic sports car, David Hasselhoff has done extremely well to live up to his Knight Rider credentials.

Among the extensive list of vehicles he has owned over the years are a 1960 Mercedes-Benz 190SL, 1986 Porsche 928, 2016 BMW Alpina B6 Gran Coupe and a 2017 Cadillac Escalade.

Naturally, The Hoff did own the 1986 Pontiac Firebird specially customised to create his KITT companion in the famous TV show – before he sold it six years ago.

A regular at Gumball Rally events, the 67-year-old was a guest of Red Bull at the 2013 Italian F1 GP where he declared even champion Sebastian Vettel “tough to beat”.

Owen Wilson

One of the great questions of F1’s celebrity cameos is whether Owen Wilson actually likes the sport or just happens to voice a film character inextricably linked to it.

The star of Disney hit Cars has popped up at a number of races but has often been reluctant to profess his love for all things racing.

When quizzed by racer-turned-pundit Martin Brundle on the grid of the Malaysian GP in 2012, he tersely replied: “This is my second [Grand Prix], I went to one in Spain.”

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A perplexed Brundle drolly stated “well that’s good to know” as the Hollywood actor drifted away.

Back on the streets, Wilson musters up the energy to drive a Prius having also owned a Porsche that was identical to his brother’s.

Wilson recalled: “We, I’m sure, looked pretty obnoxious with matching Porsches, because at that point we were living together.”

Lewis Hamilton talks about his experience testing the new Mercedes W11 Formula 1 racing car


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Ranking chain thrift stores from worst to best

Your local thrift store is no longer a hub exclusively for hoarders and senior citizens. Thrifting has become a cornerstone of youth fashion, and when you think about it, it makes perfect sense. Younger people have recently become more involved in environmental action, are typically on a budget, and want to look cool. Thrift stores offer heavily discounted goods, some of which are vintage designer pieces, and are perfectly on-trend for millennials and teens. These used items are essentially being recycled, which leaves the environmental footprint of second-hand shoppers more neutral. When you look at all that thrifting has going for it, it’s actually kind of surprising it didn’t become popular sooner.

With a booming interest in used items comes an abundance of shopping options, but which chain thrift stores are the worst and which are the best? In order to rank them, you need to look at price, quality, and company values.

Salvation Army tops the list for the worst chain thrift store. While any thrift store is a good option if you are trying to be environmentally conscious, Salvation Army got just 1.5 stars from reviewers on Consumer Affairs in the last year. When you take into account some of the questionable goings-on within the company including a history of LGTBQ discrimination (via Vox), they unfortunately don’t earn great marks when compared to other stores.

The better chain thrift store options

Goodwill lands in second-place for worst thrifting option. Goodwill is quite affordable, according to their price guide, and often offers great deals on trendy and vintage items. But they too have received some criticism in regards to their company practices. In 2013, Forbes reported on some very concerning exploitative activity going on within the company. Apparently, Goodwill has paid workers in some states as little as 22 cents an hour. It seems as though there might be a reason their prices are so low.

Crossroads Trading has 37 store locations nationwide, which seems small in comparison to the abundance of Salvation Army and Goodwill locations, but they make up for it in quality. Crossroads is definitely spendier than other stores, however, it’s still far more affordable than buying the items new. Additionally, the stores only curate quality items that are very on-trend, so there’s no endless digging to find something (via The Daily). The company offers their employees a livable wage and benefits, too (via Crossroads Trading). You’d be hard pressed to find a better thrift store, but there’s one more you might want to consider.

Buffalo Exchange ranks as the best chain thrift store. The company has 51 locations, which makes it easier to shop, and according to The Daily, like Crossroads Trading boasts affordable prices and curated on-trend clothes. The company also offers a comprehensive benefit plan for all their employees who work just 20 hours or more a week (via Buffalo Exchange). 

Next time you’re looking for a wardrobe refresh, you know where to head.

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Congress preps plan to work from home amid coronavirus outbreak

Congress is bracing for coronavirus with a plan that could direct Capitol Hill staffers to work from home.

The House Administration Committee will launch a center Monday to coordinate computers and phones into a telecommuting system, according to an internal memo obtained Friday by Fox News.

“In light of the unique and unusual circumstances presented by the coronavirus … this will provide the opportunity for staff to receive technical assistance they may need to be prepared to work remotely,” the memo reads.

Congressional staffers were spooked this week after learning dozens of their bosses may have been exposed to the fast-spreading illness at the American Israel Public Affairs Committee conference last week in Washington.

But the House and Senate remain open to visitors — and representatives and senators must vote in person, the Constitution mandates.

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Whatever happened to Lennie from My Big Fat Fabulous Life?

My Big Fat Fabulous Life first premiered in 2015 and fans of the show will be well aware of Whitney Way Thore’s ex Lennie Alehat, who starred in seasons two, three, and four. Though the couple split after an alleged cheating scandal, Thore speaks of Alehat highly. In 2018, the reality TV star wrote on her Facebook (via Starcasm), “Lennie wasn’t for me, but he is a good person and has continued to support me even though we broke up 2.5 years ago.” But whatever happened to good old Lennie Alehat? What has he been doing since My Big Fat Fabulous Life and what is he up to now?

Following Thore and Alehat’s breakup, Lennie unexpectedly showed up on an episode of Catfish. Many viewers believed that tattoo artist Chelsea was getting catfished by a mysterious man behind the screen, but according to TV Shows Ace, it was indeed Lennie. Bustle reported in 2018 that post-filming the two became an official couple, however, there are no signs that they are currently in a relationship on Instagram.

Lennie Alehat is now a full-time artist

Instead, Lennie dedicates his Instagram profile to his art. He often posts work in progress pieces or complete portrait artworks and advertises that he accepts commissions regularly, revealing recently on the social media platform that it’s now his full-time job. At the top of the profile, he tells followers to “DM” him for more information. His most popular pieces appear to be of couples, which seems fitting considering he spent most of his time in the spotlight in some form of a romantic relationship.

When he’s not busy painting, Lennie is often pictured spending time with his family and more recently his new nephew. Other times he is seen at sporting events or taking on some extreme sports himself — in July 2019, Lennie proudly posted his experience sky diving.

As for Whitney? Well, let’s just say things are going a little better for her in the dating department these days. 

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Tyson Fury’s dad John says ‘frightened’ Anthony Joshua will quit before facing his son and would be in tears if they met – The Sun

TYSON FURY'S dad believes Anthony Joshua is "frightened" of his son and will quit before facing the Gypsy King.

Fury Jnr, 31, sensationally destroyed Deontay Wilder on February 22 to extend his unbeaten record and claim the WBC heavyweight title.

Wilder is expected to take up the option for another rematch which would take place later this year.

But after AJ has fought Kubrat Pulev in the summer, most boxing fans expect to see the two heavyweight champions go head to head.

It would be one of the biggest sporting events in British history with all the world titles on the line – Fury's WBC and lineal crowns as well as Joshua's WBA, WBO, IBF and IBO belts.

Former bare-knuckle fighter John Fury, though, reckons Joshua is too scared.

He said: "I don’t think he will [fight Fury] because he’s too frightened.

"He’ll retire before he faces Tyson Fury. The Gypsy King will retire him without even fighting him, and I’ve said it first."

Fury Snr believes his boy is in a different league from Joshua and would destroy the Watford star, insisting he would be left in tears.

He added: "You know the aliens are light years ahead of us in brainpower, that’s how my son is in front of Joshua in [terms of] ability.

"He [Joshua] can’t do it! He’s got slow feet, he’s got a few fast hands, he goes 1,2, left-hook, chin stuck in the air.

"You’ve seen him, he’s blown out of his a** when he gets a bit of pressure put on him. Tyson will do more than pressurise him!

"He’ll be crying after four rounds, tears will be rolling down out of his eyes like marrowfat peas.

"[He'll be] on the floor, end of. Give me them belts back that you’ve stolen you bum. That’s it."

Just last week, the Gypsy King's dad told Good Morning Britain he wanted his son to hang up his boxing gloves and retire.

He said: "I want my son to retire now. He's done enough. It's been an uphill battle for him. He's done enough. I want him to pack it in now.

"I think it's in the back of his mind. He can't do anymore. He's won every professional title. Enough is enough. There's more to life now. He's given it his all.

"He's got no more to prove. He's proved he's been a worthy champion from this country. He's been 13 years as a pro and he's always been the opponent.

"He's 32 years old. He's got a young family and I do believe his children deserve their father."

Fury's wife, though, wants to see her husband take out Anthony Joshua to unify the heavyweight division and then call it a day.

Speaking in an interview with the Daily Mirror, Paris said: “I’d like him to beat Anthony Joshua and then stop.

“He’s in the ring with supreme boxers and it is a dangerous sport. We both know the risks.

“If they put all the belts on the line it would be such an amazing fight. I’d like him to take that one fight and retire undefeated.

“He can’t go on forever, he can’t go undefeated forever. I wouldn’t like to see him continue for too long and get hurt.

“I wouldn’t like to see him lose his record chasing money or fame. He doesn’t need that. He’s already cemented his name in the history books.”

Just a little cake to celebrate bringing back the WBC belt. @gypsyking101

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