American Idol fans threaten to boycott over ‘obnoxious’ Katy Perry

Katy Perry consoles contestant after she gets upset during apology

American Idol fans have called out Katy Perry once again after she shoved her butt in co-judge Luke Bryan’s face while making the talent show “all about her”.

During the ABC singing competition’s Disney-themed Night, the Firework singer dressed up as Elastigirl from Pixar’s The Incredibles.

Katy made a big entrance onto the American Idol stage as she joined her fellow judges, Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan on the panel.

The pop star then flaunted her figure in front of the cheering audience while sporting the skintight, red-and-black latex costume as the trio made their way behind the judge’s panel.

American Idol host Ryan Seacrest, exclaimed: “Well that is an entrance,” as Katy, Lionel, and Bryan too made their way to their usual seats.

Ryan also made an effort for Disney Night, sporting a Yellow Ducky print robe, pyjama pants, giant house slippers, and a T-shirt that read “Let’s Make Some Magic”.

Ryan then probed Katy: “Is this a safer costume than last year?” before reminding fans that last year the idol judge had “trouble” getting into her chair.

Katy promptly jumped up to her feet and yelled: “That’s right! I did but you know, I love this costume because this!”

She then twisted her hips and poked her butt into her unexpecting co-star, Luke’s face as she turned to face the audience.

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Luke looked uncomfortable, as he held his hands in the air while the Last Friday Night singer stuck her behind in his direction.

Katy was showered with whoops and whistles from the studio audience as she swivelled back to Ryan and announced: “Elastigirl is also a mother, so I’m doing this for all the moms out there.”

She then thrust her first into the air triumphantly to the sound of loudening cheers from the audience.

Despite the studio audience loving Katy’s new look, fans at home seemed to have a different opinion.

Taking to Twitter, @Kimberl81126546 fumed: “Katy Perry is the most obnoxious attention-seeking person on the planet. This show isn’t supposed to be about her. Ugh.”

Another user @ceomikey echoed: “I do too but Katy Perry ruins the show because it’s always about her! She has to be the center of attention.”

With @jkkimmich adding: “Watching American Idol for likely the last time. Why don’t they just call it The Katy Perry Show and get it over with? The show is all about her, not the contestants.”

“Time to grow up Katy and be a professional judge,” a fourth viewer @cja1952 pointed out.

However, not all fans were disappointed as @LeeLabi2nite said: “Katy that’s hot! I’m loving this costume. I love you so much” (sic)

American Idol airs on ABC in the US

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