Amy Childs reveals she regrets getting cosmetic surgery and says she looked like a ‘freak’ – The Sun

AMY Childs has admitted she regrets getting cosmetic surgery and says it made her look like a “freak”.

In new BBC documentary I’ve Been There, the former TOWIE star, 29, warns two young fans about the dangers that come with going under the knife.

Speaking about her own cosmetic surgery – which includes two boob jobs, botox, lip fillers and veneers – Amy said she regretted “everything”.

She said: “I honestly look back at pictures now and I look like a freak.

“I've got so much advice to give to you, it will definitely put you off surgery just so you know. I regret everything I've had done, everything.”

Amy had her first boob job in her teens, taking her breasts from an A-cup to a D-cup. She had another at the age of 23, boosting her to a 30EE.

The mum of two – who says she was addicted to surgery – opened up to host Kate Thistleton about being a role model to younger fans.

She said: “These 14 year old girls wanted to look up to me and I’m obviously part of the problem.”

Amy was forced to spend a week in hospital following a rupture in one of her implants.

She said: "I was in hospital for a week while they drained the fluid out.  I was in so much pain and saying 'What have I done, Mum? What have I done?' I couldn’t believe I had put myself in this position."

Four weeks later, one of her implants "flipped over".

She added: "It was the most horrific time and I was so young.”

Amy said she’d be “devastated” if her daughter Polly wanted surgery.

She only wishes someone could have sat her younger self down and warned her of the risks she was taking.

"If I could speak to 20-year-old Amy I would spell it out – because if she knew what was going to happen she wouldn’t have had anything done at all."

She said: "In a way I'm glad that I've been through this, so I can tell her – and show her."

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