An exposé X Factor doc will reportedly look into ‘bullying’ claims

Allegations against ITV’s hit show The X-Factor are about to be explored in a shocking documentary that is in development, according to the Mail on Sunday.

It will reportedly examine claims of exploitation and harassment made by former contestants which took place away from the cameras.

Kicking off in 2004, the X-Factor became one of the biggest reality TV competition shows in the world.

Creator of the programme Simon Cowell sat as a judge on the show for 14 years, with an evolving roster of other judges joining him.

The broadcaster behind the documentary has not been revealed, but it was reported that two well-known production companies are working on it.

Here is everything we know about the documentary.

What is the X Factor documentary about?

No names have been attached to The X Factor documentary, though it has been reported that former contestants will be taking part.

One of Simon’s aides from the show will also be featured, though the two have parted ways since.

A source told the Mail: “There are currently some former contestants telling their stories for the programme.

“There are some out there who believe they were mistreated by the X Factor machine.

“They are now going to get their chance to have a say. But what is more worrying for Cowell and ITV is that there are some of his former lieutenants who are ready to break their silence on what went on.”

A release date has similarly not been confirmed, though if production is starting now then a 2023 premiere window is on the cards.

What claims have been made against the show?

In the past, a number of former contestants came forward to voice their opinion on The X Factor, including the Irish duo Jedward.

When news broke that the series have been cancelled by ITV, the pair posted on Twitter: “X Factor has been axed Mission Complete.”

John Grimes, one of the two singers in the duo told ITV news: “I feel a lot of people have been exploited on the show, people behind the scenes, different contestants have come forward and shared their stories.”

Last April, Katie Waissel claimed she was sexually assaulted by one of team member on the show.

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The alleged incident came a few years after she appeared on in the series, as she starred back in 2010.

The singer claimed it happened over in the US when the team member met with her in a luxury hotel to discuss recording work.

Speaking to The Sun, she said: “I can still smell him. I was paralysed with shock. All I could think was, ‘How am I going to leave this room?’

“I was a victim but I wouldn’t allow myself to recognise just how terrible it had been. I’ve never spoken before as I thought I’d be blacklisted and never work again.

“I was vulnerable but times have changed and I now feel bold enough to speak out.”

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The publication reports that the man, who is not being named for legal reasons, completely denied the claims made against him.

Cher Lloyd has also previously hit out at the ITV show, admitting she felt unsupported throughout her experience.

In a 2020 interview with The Guardian, Cher explained: “What baffles me is that they created a character but then, after the show, expected me to be a fully-fledged, respected artist.

“I had to do damage control. And still, at 26 years old, I have to do damage control. “Years later, I do have some anger towards people for doing that to me.”

Following the claims, a spokesperson for The X Factor previous hold “Duty of care to our contestants is of the utmost importance to us. We take welfare very seriously and have measures in place to ensure that they are supported.”

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