Are Charity and Vanessa going to split up in Emmerdale? Charity cheats on her with a dangerous newcomer

CHARITY Dingle cheats on Vanessa Woodfield next week in Emmerdale after crashing into the car of a dangerous newcomer. 

Charity’s brutal betrayal will come only weeks after their virtual anniversary celebration. So are they really going to split up? Here’s the lowdown…

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Who does Charity cheat on Vanessa with?

Official spoilers have revealed that Charity will grow increasingly paranoid next week, telling Tracy that Vanessa seemed desperate to get away from her yesterday at the hearing. 

Charity then manages to convince herself that Vanessa must be cheating on her, and storms out of the house and drives off to calm down.

Parking in a layby, Charity blocks a call from Tracy and sulks. 

She considers phoning Vanessa, but bottles it and swings out of the layby, crashing into another car. 

Disaster strikes as Charity stops and squares up for a fight with the owner of the car. 

As they argue about who’s at fault, he offers to pay her off but Charity quickly realises something dodgy is going on. 

When he offers her a few hundred, Charity insists on getting £1000. 

In a shock twist, Charity then warms to the stranger and ends up kissing him.

But when she hears a noise from the car boot and heads to investigate, he angrily warns her to back off. 

But with Emmerdale keeping shtum, viewers will have to find out who the mystery man is that catches Charity's eye.

Is Emmerdale going to split up Charity and Vanessa in Emmerdale?

Emmerdale fans are worried that Charity's actions will jeopardise her relationship with Vanessa.

One fan tweeted: "I just hope that Emmerdale will keep charity and Vanessa together they deserve to be happy. They have been through so much together. I can not wait till Vanessa/Michelle comes back. And see Vanity reunited face to face."

Another fan said: "If Vanessa isn’t going to be coming back to emmerdale at all then yes they’ll throw her under the bus and then charity can move on without much backlash."

Is Vanessa returning to Emmerdale?

Emmerdale are yet to confirm whether Vanessa will ever return to the Dales after she departed in May to continue her cancer battle away from the village. 

Viewers know that Vanessa’s exit was created to facilitate actress Michelle Hardwick’s maternity leave.

And the news that Michelle is having a baby left fans fearing that she’d be killed off off-screen after losing her battle to cancer. 

Michelle hardly reassured viewers when she said she had always known what the ending for Vanessa’s cancer storyline would be. 

She told Radio Times: “I won’t say which way it goes, but I was told straight away.

“As soon as [Emmerdale’s executive producer] Jane Hudson brought me up, she told me the storyline and the outcome.

“I didn’t even have time to think about it one way or another. As soon as I was told the story, I was told the outcome.

“It wasn’t a case of ‘here’s the story but we don’t know yet’. So I’ve always known what happens in the storyline but my lips are sealed…”

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