Below Deck boss details episode which should never have aired: ‘The biggest controversy’

Below Deck season 9 preview

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In season one of Below Deck, an episode title Dude, That’s a Dude, Dude, shows one guest on a luxury eacht bring back a trans woman after a night out. When they got on the boat, members of the crew can be heard calling her “dude,” which has received mounting complaints from viewers. The instalment has since been taken off streaming platforms due to the transphobic comments.

There is always plenty of drama on Below Deck but one episode for the very first series has left fans furious.

The transphobic comments have led to the series being taken off streaming platforms.

Now, producer Mark has explained he has “regrets” over how it was handled, admitting the episode should never have aired.

He explained they are “never shy” about showing what happens on the luxury yachts.

“Everybody who comes on the show has given us permission to show everything that occurs, and everything they say and everything they do,” he confirmed.

“We aired that because it was their real opinion towards the situation.”

However, Mark admitted to they were “not on the right side of history” with the episode.

“Maybe we should have, in hindsight, been more balanced. Or had somebody call them out, which maybe we had.

“It could have probably been handled better.”

Mark added to the publication it’s the “biggest controversy” the show has ever had to deal with.

It comes after the producer opened up on the “biggest shame” of filming with the crew.

While the camera crew follow the yachties around the boat, they can’t get an insight into all of their thoughts.

Viewers often see the crew texting one another meaning bosses miss out on key details with regards to spats and romances.

Mark noted the crew could be dishonest about what was really going on.

“It’s not 100 percent because they text each other, and that’s a problem for us,” he explained.

“Usually because they’ll say, ‘Let’s not talk about this in front of the cameras’ or ‘Let’s work it out separately’.”

Mark added: “And that’s a shame when they do that because it just gives us less to make the show about.”

Below Deck is set to return for the ninth series on Bravo in October but there will be a big change.

Captain Lee Mosbach, who has been a firm fixture on the show, will not appear due to “mystery” condition.

Below Deck season 9 sets sail on October 25 in the US.

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