Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez recreate romance from 20 years ago – with loved-up snogs on yachts and sexy sunbathing

IT is a rekindled romance that could be straight out of a movie script.

And if the first time around was just a rehearsal for Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, this time they are going for the full Hollywood production.

The A-list couple, affectionately nicknamed Bennifer, first fell for each other on the set of film Gigli in 2002 — and now they appear to be recreating the most romantic moments from their first stab at love almost 20 years ago.

Photos emerged this weekend of Ben, 48, and Jen sunbathing on a £94million super yacht in Saint-Tropez in the south of France that were remarkably similar to scenes of them fondling each other while filming the video for her 2002 hit Jenny From The Block.

Twitter was filled with theories the couple are doing it deliberately as a gift to fans who have been rooting for them to get back together ever since their split 2004.

In the video for the single, Ben was cast as his then real-life girlfriend’s love interest. And he is seen patting Jennifer’s famous bum in a scene that went down in music history.

On Sunday, Ben was snapped doing exactly the same thing — with Jennifer even wearing a similar-looking pink bikini — during their romantic French getaway for her 52nd birthday.

Photographs of the couple getting hot and heavy on a balcony also caught the eye of fans, who could not get over how similar they were to another scene in the music video.

And ever since Ben and Jen rekindled their relationship in May, eagle-eyed fans noticed he was wearing a Curvex watch he had first worn in that video.

The timepiece was a gift from Jennifer and it seems that after they got back together, he dusted it off and put it back on.

Other paparazzi shots from their earlier relationship seem to have been accidentally-on-purpose recreated, too.

They confirmed their romance by snogging over dinner at a Malibu restaurant on June 12 — in a strikingly similar clinch to one they shared around the time of their engagement in 2002.

And the couple have also kept in step when it comes to walking out hand in hand.

On Sunday they were snapped leaving the luxurious French Restaurant Club in Saint-Tropez looking perfectly in sync.

Almost two decades prior, the couple walked in almost identical position as they arrived on the red carpet for Ben’s film Daredevil in February 2003.

And while the rest of us are enjoying the trip down memory lane, Bennifer also seem to be getting in on the act.

A picture Jennifer posted online to mark her birthday appeared to be a comedy gift from Ben — and a nod to their earlier attempt at love.


The present was a framed black and white picture from their Vanity Fair shoot in March 2003 — where they were captured riding a motorbike together.

Before posting the Instagram snaps of herself and Ben to coincide with her birthday, Jennifer had remained coy over any talk of their romance.
When quizzed about it last month, she simply replied she was “super happy” and had “never been better”.

But if history continues to repeat itself, it will not be long until Jennifer is waxing lyrical about her love for Ben once again.

Writing after their break-up in her 2014 memoir True Love, Jennifer said her split from Ben left her feeling bereft.

She wrote: “Ben and I split up at the moment when I thought we were committing to each other forever. It was my first real heartbreak, it felt like my heart had been torn out of my chest.”

Since getting back together two months ago, their relationship has moved quickly.

Last week, dad-of-three Ben and Jennifer, who has 13-year-old twins, were spotted looking for a house together in Holmby Hills — one of Los Angeles’ most upmarket locations — and have been spending time with each other’s children.

After almost two decades apart, it seems the lyrics from Jenny From The Block could not be more apt for this second-time-lucky couple.

They used to have a little love — now they have a lot.

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