Best ways to enjoy a TV night in – lighting candles and having lots of snacks

A selection of candles, putting their phone on silent, and having a good haul of snacks to hand are the top ingredients for a perfect TV night in, according to Gen Zs.

A study of 1,500 18-25-year-olds revealed the best ways to enjoy a cosy night in front of the screen – including closing the curtains, turning all the lights off, and suitably comfortable chairs to ensure the atmosphere is spot on.

A third like to watch their favourite shows accompanied by their partner – but nearly a quarter (23%) would rather not risk being disturbed at a crucial point in the episode, preferring to watch TV on their own.

The research found the average 18- to 25-year-old will spend seven hours a week in front of the TV, and will watch up to four box sets at any one time.

To help boxset fans get maximum enjoyment from their favourite shows this summer, Samsung UK has teamed up with psychologist Dr Sophie Mort to create a series of handy tips.

It features advice on how to avoid arguments over what to watch next, and pointers on how to combat the lull after a series ends – a feeling endured by one in four (26%) of those polled.

The study also found it takes 38% only a couple of days to finish off a series, while one in ten say it takes them less than a day – with nearly three in ten feeling a sense of accomplishment when they do.

Almost half (47%) turn to TV to help them relax, whilst more than four in ten watch to avoid boredom – and almost a third (31%) use their favourite shows as a distraction from their daily lives.

In fact, a third of young adults tune in to learn something new, while 31% press play because it inspires them to try new things or travel to new places.

Buffering in between episodes (44%) and waiting for the next series of their favourite show to be released (44%) are the biggest bugbears for Gen Zs.

And drip-feeding shows instead of releasing them all at once was also a top annoyance for 37%, according to the OnePoll study.

When it comes to the habits of those they watch it with, one in three (34%) said they hate it when the other person falls asleep during an episode, and a fifth can’t stand it when they repeatedly ask questions throughout.

It also emerged Stranger Things (32%), Peaky Blinders (27%), and Obi-Wan Kenobi (23%) are the shows Gen Zs have been most excited about this year.

Ashrita Seshadri at Samsung UK, which commissioned the research, said: “We want to create incredible viewing experiences for people to enjoy their favourite shows at home, whether that's settling down for a new series or watching a major sports tournament.

“That’s why we've created this guide to help people tune out of the daily distractions in their life, and into that must-see show.”

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