Bill Bailey’s support for ‘both left and right-wing comedy’ amid woke takeover

Sean Lock was a 'trailblazer' for comedy says Bill Bailey

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The comedian and actor, 56, is known for his TV work, such as in Channel 4’s Noughties sitcom, ‘Black Books’. The funnyman is also a regular on comedy panel shows, including as a team captain on the BBC’s, ‘Never Mind the Buzzcocks’. Bailey’s love of music is present in much of his work and the star is famous for incorporating song into his stand-up routines. The comedian found fame with a new audience last year as he and his partner Oti Mabuse won, ‘Strictly Come Dancing’.

His latest on-screen appearance will come tonight as he takes on ‘Celebrity Catchphrase’ on ITV.

The retro game show, presented by Stephen Mulhern, sees quizzers guess catchphrases for cash based on a series of visual clues.

The celebrity version of the show sees famous faces bid to win a £50,000 jackpot for their chosen charity.

Bailey will be pitting his wits against comedic actress Kathy Burke and stylist Gok Wan.

The comedian is known for his alternative sense of humour and friendly on-screen persona.

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However, he has not been afraid to tackle serious issues in the past such as political correctness and Brexit.

In 2018 the star was interviewed by the Daily Telegraph ahead of his ‘Bill Bailey: Larks in Transit’ series of shows.

Speaking about politics influencing his own industry, he said: “Comedy should be fluid. It should be both left and right-wing.

“People thrive on maintaining these tribal divisions that get reiterated every day on social media.

“And I’m trying to get over that [because] we can all laugh together.”

The comedian spoke about his upcoming tour and kind of demographic present at his shows.

He said the tour would tackle Brexit, adding: “In my audience, there’ll be people that voted both to leave and to remain.”

Bailey voted for the UK to stay in the EU and is a supporter of the Labour Party, although he said he was aware of the effect of politics on the arts.

He told the paper that many comedians are “perceived as being too left-wing”, which “acts as a barrier” to audiences who don’t share their politics.

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The comedian also criticised Labour’s indecision over Brexit, including whether it should back a second referendum on EU membership.

He described the election of Jeremy Corbyn as Labour leader as if “a band you’ve been into for years suddenly releases a concept album”.

He added: “And it’s a bit of a hard listen. And it’s only available on, like, a weird format.

“And all the tracks are long and a bit unlistenable, but you kind of stuck with it because you’re a fan, you know?”

Bailey also took a swipe at the UK Government’s handling of the Brexit negotiations with the EU.

He said: “There is a kind of curious sort of Britishness about the whole thing, that sense of: ‘We’ll just bloody do it ourselves then!’”

Celebrity Catchphrase is on ITV on Saturday from 6:30pm-7:30pm.
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