Boris Johnson coronavirus fears: PM reveals he’s ‘worried’ about father Stanley

Boris Johnson was grilled on the latest coronavirus advice and the government’s plan to help keep people safe and delay a full-scale outbreak in the UK on today’s This Morning. The Prime Minister reiterated the information the majority of those that suffer from the virus will experience minor symptoms and it is those who have pre-existing health conditions or who are elderly that are more at risk.

In light of this advice, Phillip Schofield asked Mr Johnson, about his 79-year-old father, Stanley Johnson: “Have you prepared your dad?”

“I’m sure he’s prepared, he’s genuinely in a state of readiness for anything,” Mr Johnson remarked.

Phillip continued: “I don’t say that lightly, because you represent many of us who have older parents.”

Mr Johnson answered: “We’re all worried, both my parents, we all have to think about but what SAGE the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies will be thinking about today is particular about what we can do to help those elderly and vulnerable groups.”

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