'Breaking Bad' Deleted Scene Shows Hank Surprising Walt Earlier in the Show

Hank Schrader and Walter White had a brotherly relationship for many years, but that, of course, shattered toward the end of Breaking Bad, when Hank realized Walt was the drug kingpin he’d been searching for all along. Unfortunately, he died before he could bring him to justice, but actor Dean Norris has at least kept his character’s memory alive through interviews and social media posts. More recently, he shared a Breaking Bad deleted scene that was filmed during a happier time in Hank and Walt’s lives.

Here’s Dean Norris’ ‘Breaking Bad’ deleted scene

For his 58th birthday on April 8, Norris decided to gift fans with a deleted scene from Breaking Bad Season 1. “Thanks for all the bday love,” he wrote. “Here’s a deleted Breaking Bad scene, Hanks first [scene].” The clip shows Hank arriving at Walt’s house with Marie, ready to party as Marie disregards him in her usual way. See it here:


The clip comes as ‘Better Call Saul’ gets closer to the ‘Breaking Bad’ timeline

Now heading into its sixth and final season, Better Call Saul is steadily catching up to the beginning of Breaking Bad. The series left off with Lalo Salamanca surviving the attempt on his life and realizing that Nacho Varga had betrayed him. At the same time, Kim Wexler was alarmingly becoming more like Jimmy, especially when she floated an idea to take down Howard Hamlin. Even Jimmy with his own murky moral compass pushed back on the idea, but Kim seems to have her mind made up.

The series will also jump ahead to reveal what happens to Saul after he fled New Mexico for Nebraska. Fans know he’s been laying low as Gene Takovic, the manager of an area Cinnabon, but he’s not out of the weeds yet.

While he was able to steer clear of any drama for the first few years, Gene was made in season 5. The guy paints himself as nothing more than a cab driver, but his energy and tone give the impression that he’s more than who he says he is. Even Gene felt so, which is why he called The Disappearer for another extraction. But once they connected, he suddenly had a change of heart, telling the man he intends to fix the problem for himself.

Fans will have to wait a while for Better Call Saul Season 6, as it, unfortunately, faced delays due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. But filming is underway, with plans to air the season sometime in 2022.

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