Bruno Tonioli leaves The One Show viewers livid with 'snub' to fellow guest as they rage 'shut up!' | The Sun

BRUNO Tonioli left The One Show viewers raging as he snubbed a guest on the latest episode.

Bruno Tonioli, 67, and Priyanka Chopra, 40, joined Alex Jones , 46, and Anita Rani, 45, on the couch to discuss their new projects.

The hosts spoke with Bruno on his new job as a Britain's Got Talent judge before moving on to Priyanka Chopra, but Bruno remained on the sofa.

Alex and Anita discussed Priyanka's new Amazon series, Citadel – but then things quickly took a wrong turn.

Priyanka explained that her family are in London right now while she and her husband are busy working.

But Bruno then chimed in: "Do you need a cook? I cook Italian!"

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“I’m in, I’ve got a few weeks off and I’m happy to cook. I’m hired.”

Alex then swiftly changed the subject of the conversation and continued speaking about Priyanka's new series on Amazon.

Bruno Interrupted again, and said: “Oh my god, all the biguns’. I’ve already researched it, I can’t wait. Russo brothers? I mean I’m telling you, blockbusters!"

Viewers were not happy that he kept interrupting Priyanka during her interview and took to Twitter to vent their frustrations.

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One fumed: "Bruno! Shut up."

Another wrote: "Bruno doesn't know how to be a good guest, he needs to let the other guest talk."

A third raged: "Why does he keep interrupting the poor woman! Gosh he is so annoying."

A fourth added: "Enough now Bruno, you've had your turn. Shut the f**k up."

While a fifth complained: "Can someone get him off the show please! He is so annoying."

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