Bryce Dallas Howard Finds Expectant Father in Brother for ‘Dads’ Documentary

Talking about her upcoming Father’s Day movie, the daughter of Ron Howard admits she learns during filming that men have no rite of passage when they become fathers.

AceShowbizBryce Dallas Howard struck gold while she was making her new Father’s Day movie, “Dads“, when her brother announced he was having a baby.

The actress was on the hunt for an expectant dad to complete her parenting documentary when suddenly the project became a real family affair.

“When I started making this movie, my hope was to profile fathers around the globe and I kept saying… ‘We’ve got to find an expectant father; we need to capture that before and after that is fatherhood, where your life is never the same ever again’,” “The Help” star explains, “and about half way through shooting, my brother and his wife shared with us that they were pregnant, and so he became my expectant father.”

And the filmmaker knew she had something special when she tracked down her brother and her dad, Ron Howard, “hiding” at a baby shower bash.

“I was filming… my sister-in-law’s baby shower and I was like, ‘Where’s Reed? Where’s my dad?’ – because I knew that they were in the house…,” Bryce told “Good Morning America“.

“I went down to the basement and I was filming them there and I realised that men have no rite of passage when they become fathers, and here they were listening to the screams of countless women supporting (mum-to-be) Ashley in this adventure… and yet my brother was downstairs with my dad, just sort of, like, hiding.”

“Dads” hits AppleTV+ on Friday, June 19, just ahead of Father’s Day.

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