Call the Midwife wedding as Trixie Franklin finally finds love again?

Call the Midwife: Sister Frances delivers bad news to a patient

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Nurse Trixie Franklin (played by Helen George) met Matthew Aylward (Olly Rix) in heartbreaking circumstances on Call The Midwife when his wife tragically died following the birth of their son. The widower returned later to the series where he invited Trixie to his son’s christening and the pair have been growing closer ever since. While they are clearly fond of each other, Trixie actor Helen has hinted there are still “so many obstacles to overcome”. 

Olly made his Call The Midwife debut in series 10 when his wife gave birth at the Lady Emily Clinic where Trixie encouraged him to be more involved in the childbirth process and bond with his newborn son. 

However, in the following episode, his wife sadly died after being diagnosed with leukaemia leaving Matthew widowed.

He returned to the BBC show later in the series and asked Trixie to attend his son’s christening which brought the pair closer together. 

While they have continued to bond since the Christening, the way the pair met has complicated matters. 

Speaking to and other publications, Helen opened up on the “deeply emotional situation” the characters are embroiled in. 

The 37-year-old actress said: “Yes we are getting closer and it’s going well, he’s still here and he’s invested. 

“It’s such a deeply emotionally situation and there are so many obstacles to overcome so it’s a bit of a friendship really and a support mechanism before it becomes anything romantic. 

“I think it’s possibly one of those things that everyone sees around them that they don’t see themselves.

“It’s a friendship that develops upon truth because she’s been there and cared for his wife as she died and there’s a connection because of that. 

“But does he drive me to drink? You’ll have to see.” 

Helen also opened up about kissing scenes during the 11th series of the popular drama, but she didn’t specify who she might be puckering up to. 

The star explained the cast and crew had to adhere to strict COVID-19 restrictions when they were filming series 11 which made romance scenes awkward.  

Helen quipped: “Well we became masters at kissing through perspex. It was the most unsexy thing you can ever do. 

“And a man comes along with a little bit of spray and a window wiper and wipes down your spit after every take and it’s horrific.

“It takes a while and it was so mechanical. Do we turn our heads to the left? It was so embarrassing and just awful.” 

Could the admission about kissing be linked to Trixie and Matthew’s romance blossoming in the series?

It looks as though viewers will have to wait and see how their relationship develops as the series continues. 

If the couple finally tell each other how they feel about one another will Matthew propose to Trixie?

Could the Call The Midwife series finale see Trixie walk down the aisle in an elegant wedding gown and her trademark red lipstick?

Call The Midwife continues on Sunday at 8pm on BBC One. 

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