CNN Host Seemingly Compares Bernie Sanders’ Campaign To Coronavirus

CNN host Michael Smerconish apparently thinks there may be a correlation between Sen. Bernie Sanders’ surging presidential campaign and the deadly coronavirus outbreak causing fear across the globe.

Smerconish introduced his bizarre theory on Saturday morning’s installment of his self-titled show, Smerconish.

“Can either coronavirus or Bernie Sanders be stopped?” he pondered before attempting to explain what he was talking about.

“An already unpredictable presidential campaign just became more so. A list of intangibles which included the impact of impeachment, a large Democratic field, congested candidate lanes, and the looming prospect of no one getting the majority of delegates needed to secure the nomination before the convention now includes the spread of a deadly virus,” Smerconish stated.

His commentary was accompanied by a banner across the screen blaring: “Can Either Coronavirus or Bernie Sanders Be Stopped?”

CNN posted video of the segment on Twitter, but the banner had been removed. In a statement to Deadline, a network spokesperson said the graphic was a “mistake.”

“The banner was wholly inappropriate and a mistake. We are addressing internally,” the spokesperson said. CNN did not comment on Smerconish’s remarks.

The host noted that there have been 67 known cases of COVID-19 in the U.S. (one person died earlier today in Washington state), then turned his attention to President Trump and said the virus places Trump under a microscope while managing a crisis.

As for Sanders, Smerconish reminded viewers that South Carolina voters headed to the polls today for the state’s primary, and on Tuesday 14 states will hold elections.

“Will Super Tuesday solidify Bernie Sanders’ front-runner status, or place it more in doubt?” Smerconish asked before urging viewers to head to his website to answer the question.

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