Coleen Nolan branded ghastly after shoving co-star Jane Moore

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Loose Women star Jane Moore called her co-star Coleen Nolan 'ghastly' due to her supposedly shoving her on air.

As the show started on Wednesday (March 23), Jane could be heard leading the conversation and making a jibe about Coleen.

Jane introduced the Loose Women ladies and when she got to Coleen, she said: "And it is the ghastly Coleen Nolan – who just shoved me on air."

To which Coleen scoffed at, but didn't deny, before the women swiftly moved on to the next segment.

This comes a few days after Coleen was apparently "gutted" that season 2 of Bridgerton has fewer sex scenes in.

The ITV panellist was rinsed by fellow panellist Ruth Langsford who joked Coleen would be disappointed with the lack of bonking.

Ruth opened the segment after an ad break and said: "Bridgerton is back and great news Coleen is very happy but bad news there's going to be a lot less bonking.

"That's why you liked it!" Ruth said while looking at Coleen.

She added: "How do you like your telly – racy or romantic? We know what yours is Coleen!

"Coleen it's a bit disappointing for you and Brenda, less of the bonking, no bodice-ripping…"

However, the Nolan sister defended her taste and shared she was less bothered about all of the X-rated material than her co-stars thought.

Coleen explained: "So, here's the thing that this will surprise you, I don't really like when there's too much of that. I'm more interested in the romantic side of it, I'll never forget in the last series when he said "I burn for you"

"And I remember turning around and being like I want someone to burn for me.

She added: "I'm not actually into tall the graphics, I know what they're going to do, I don't really need to see exactly what you need to do.

"I've always been a bit like that when I was younger because I'm very romantic so I like the romantic side."

Her co-star Ruth then quipped: "Does Michael burn for you?"

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