Coronation Streets Maximus Evans hints at return for killer Corey Brent

Coronation Street star Maximus Evans has hinted that his villainous character could make a return to the soap.

Max, who played Corey Brent, recently took home the trophy for Villain of the Year at the British Soap Awards 2022.

He may have left the show last year following his character's arrest, but he's since spoken about whether or not he would come back to the soap further down the line.

Although we may not see his face anytime soon as Corey was sent to prison for a minimum of 14 years after he brutally murdered Seb Franklin during an attack on him and his girlfriend Nina.

After Max scooped up his award, he spoke to about reprising his character and even suggested he'd like to see some redemption

He said: "We don't know because I think he got put away for so many years. I think it will be a little while, I'd like it to be a while.

"I think if he was to come back at any time I'd like to see him maybe rehabilitated in some sense, you don't want him to come back as a villain again – but it's up to the showrunner to decide."

When the actor was asked when viewers could potentially expect a return and the storylines he'd like to be involved in, Max said he wasn't sure and it was "kind of just on the back-burner".

He continued: "But I'd like to see what would possibly happen if he interacted with [ex-girlfriend] Asha again. I think because their relationship was so toxic at the end, rightfully so.

"I'd like to see if there was a possibility of maybe trying to… not to rekindle but to apologise and maybe find some sense of redemption. But I think it's going to be hard that's why it'll probably have to be a couple of years."

Viewers were thrilled when Corey was finally arrested and locked up following the murder of Seb in May last year.

At the time, Corey and his gang targeted Seb and his girlfriend Nina for her gothic appearance.

The storyline shared similarities to what happened in real life to 20-year-old Sophie Lancaster in 2007 who was attacked with her boyfriend in a park over the way they looked.

Sophie sadly died from her injuries which resulted in her mum, Sylvia, setting up the Sophie Lancaster Foundation in her daughter’s memory to focus on creating respect for, and understanding of, subcultures in our communities.

Sylvia worked alongside the Coronation Street producers and research team surrounding Seb and Nina's storyline to help highlight the issue.

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