Coronavirus Scare: CAA Mandates Virtual Meetings Between Agents With Clients & Grounds Flights For Next Two Weeks At Least

EXCLUSIVE: In recognition of the spike in cases of the Coronavirus in California, CAA has instituted a temporary policy in which its agents have been asked to hold virtual meetings, instead of bringing clients and guests to CAA headquarters in Century City. Agents are encouraged to work from the office.

The policy is expected to last two weeks at minimum, during which agents will do virtual meetings via Skype, Facetime and phone calls. The goal is to try and curb the spread of a virus that has seen several deaths, and has led to the cancellation of numerous confabs and put everyone on edge.

The agency has also curtailed airplane travel. None of these policies is absolute. It’s not a total grounding of agents, as business essential travel will happen. It will have to be approved, as will some of the in-person meetings that might take place. The hope is to limit the virus from spreading. Exceptions will need to be approved by agency higherups.

Sources said that the hope is simply to recognize the gravity of the situation and that these policies are fluid and could change week by week.


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