Daniella Pick: The truth about Quentin Tarantino’s wife

For decades, director Quentin Tarantino’s “babies” have been his slew of box-office hits. But in February 2020, the Hollywood filmmaker and wife Daniella Pick welcomed their first child together, making the 57-year-old a father for the first time (per The Hollywood Reporter).

Tarantino and the 36-year-old Israeli beauty met when he visited Tel Aviv to promote Inglourious Basterds in 2009. Despite their 20-year age difference, the pair married during an intimate ceremony in 2018. Now Tarantino and Pick have welcomed son Leo to the family — but make no mistake, he was not named after that Leo. While some initially thought the couple named their child after actor Leonardo DiCaprio, they chose the name to honor Pick’s maternal grandfather, Ari Shem-Or, as Ari means “lion” in Hebrew (per the Jewish Telegraphic Agency).

Yet while Tarantino’s become a household name over the years, Pick remains relatively unknown outside her native Israel. So, who’s the woman who finally stole this bachelor’s heart?

Daniella Pick comes from an Israeli family of pop stars

For Daniella Pick, life in the limelight isn’t unusual because her father Svika Pick dominated the Israeli pop music scene in the 1970s. In fact, according to The Jerusalem Post, the singer-songwriter caused quite a stir as he and his fellow castmates “stripped down to their birthday suits, causing uproar across the country… and left an indelible mark on the national psyche” when the Hebrew version of Broadway’s Hair debuted.

Daniella and her sister Sharona Pick also tried their hand at pop stardom in the early 2000s. According to news.com.au, the short-lived duo are best known for their single “Hello, Hello,” which they performed as part of the preliminary Eurovision round in 2005. Once the sisters went their separate ways, Daniella found solo success with her singles “More or Less” and “Love Me.”

In the years since, Daniella has also established herself as a successful model who’s graced the covers of Israeli fashion magazines Go Style and Yedioth (per Maxim). And with an estimated net worth of $100 million, it’s obvious to see that Daniella made her mark on the entertainment industry long before she became the famous director’s wife.

Quentin Tarantino and Daniella Pick lead a 'modest' life together

Although both Daniella Pick and Quentin Tarantino are incredibly famous in their own right, Pick told the Pnai Plus (via The Jerusalem Post) that she and her husband lead a “modest” life together. “We are very family-oriented, we love to be at home, to go out to dinner [and] to watch movies, both at home and at theaters,” she said.

“Aside from that, I love to cook and invite friends over, and I also cook every day,” Pick added. “Quentin really loves my cooking and I make things that I know from home and also new things, I love the kitchen. We spend a lot of time during the day together, laughing, talking. He’s a gentleman, romantic, funny, and a hunk… He’s a genius and an incredible husband.”

Pick also takes “an active part” in Tarantino’s filmmaking process because it impacts “all the atmosphere at home.” She gushed as she said Tarantino’s “charming, caring and professional. He makes everyone feel great on the set. It made me feel really proud to see that.” However, Tarantino’s film career won’t be quite as hectic as it once was because, now that he and Pick have settled at their home in Tel Aviv, he plans to step away from the director’s chair.

Quentin Tarantino wants to retire and focus on his family

After Quentin Tarantino accepted the Best Screenplay award for Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood at the 2020 Golden Globes, the director told the press that he inevitably plans to stop making films and “leave them wanting more a little bit.”

“I do like the idea of… a 10-film filmography where I’ve spent the last 30 years giving everything in the world that I have to it, and then dropping the mic and saying, ‘Okay, that’s it,'” Tarantino explained (via ComicBook.com). “And there’s other things I can do. I can write plays, I can direct plays, I can do a TV show, I can do a lot of different things, but the filmography will stand.”

As Tarantino told GQ Australia in July 2019, his departure from film doesn’t mean he’ll disappear from the public eye entirely. “I think when it comes to theatrical movies, I’ve come to the end of the road,” he said. “I see myself writing film books and starting to write theatre, so I’ll still be creative. I just think I’ve given all I have to give to movies.”

And, while he’s focused on his growing family at the moment, Tarantino is not counting out the possibility of a comeback down the road. “If, later on, I come across a good movie, I won’t not do it just because I said I wouldn’t,” he said (per Deadline). We can’t wait to see what’s ahead for this talented family!

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