Dave Chappelle Hijacks Michael Che’s Kimmel Interview (Video)

What are friends for, we guess

Tony Maglio

“Hello Jimmy Kimmel,” Chappelle responded. “I don’t want to take away from Michael’s shine, but ‘The Midnight Miracle’ is streaming right now on Luminary…and Apple starting on Tuesday night.”

Che chimed in that he is on the current episode of the Chappelle’s podcast. So at least there is SOME tie-in to what Kimmel’s bookers planned for.

From there, Chappelle continuously popped in with jokes and self-promotion. That Poor Michael Che.

At least Che got two segments last night. Following the commercial break, Kimmel rolled a clip from “That Damn Michael Che” featuring “Saturday Night Live: Weekend Update” alum Colin Quinn.

“Colin Quinn is one of the funniest guys there is, right?” Kimmel posed.

“Easily, easily. He was like the first person to tell me I should do ‘Update,’ too, so it was really special to have him on the show,” Che said.

“Which ‘Update’ Colin do you like better: Jost, or Quinn?” Kimmel asked.

“Oh Quinn, by far. Not even close. You don’t even have to ask me– you don’t have to finish the question,” Che deadpanned.

Watch the video above. Che and Kimmel almost got through the second segment without That Damn Dave Chappelle jumping in to talk about himself and plug his podcast.

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