Declan Donnelly grins as he and wife Ali play with daughter Isla in the park – The Sun

DECLAN Donnelly was all smiles as he enjoyed a day out at the park with his daughter Isla earlier today.

Dec, 44, was all smiles as he made the most of the good weather and his daily outing amid the global coronavirus pandemic.

As his wife Ali kept an eye on the buggy and their pet pooch, Dec chased his 19-month daughter on the grass and appeared to be having a great time.

Grinning from ear-to-ear, the Britain's Got Talent presenter looked every inch the doting dad as he picked his tot up as she giggled.

Dec had dressed causally for their day at the park, wearing light grey jeans, a loose shirt and a navy blue body warmer.

The dad-of-one completed his look with a pair of white trainers and dark sunglasses as he spent some quality time with his family.

Isla looked adorable in a pair of navy blue leggings, a cream coat and white trainers to match her father’s.

When the father daughter duo were finished playing, they rejoined Ali and continued their walk around the park.

At one point, Dec appeared worried as he checked the bottom of his trainers to make sure he hadn't stood in anything dodgy.

Despite Britain's Got Talent currently airing on television, the scenes were filmed earlier this year and Dec is no doubt missing his best pal Ant McPartlin.

But it seems the pair have been keeping in touch via video calls and even did a virtual workout with one another earlier this week.

In the clip, Dec is seen challenging his best mate Ant, also 44, to an exercise session after branding him a "lazy brute" for lying on the sofa.

Telling him to "forget Joe Wicks", Dec promises Ant he will "give him a good beasting" before challenging him to a press-up workout.

But with a clever trick of the camera, Dec then manages to perform the moves with one hand, one finger and even goes on to clap between each one.

As Ant begins to struggle after just a few regular press-ups, which he is doing on his lounge floor, he gasps: "Huh? What? How are you doing…?!" Ant then collapses on the carpet before storming off.

Twisting the camera around to show that he was actually doing his press-ups while standing against a bathroom wall, Dec says: "Are you with me?

"Oh, have you gone? One come on. It was only a joke. I was just joking!"

The lads, who are isolating in their respective houses at the moment, posted the funny video to their joint Instagram account.

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