Diva On Lockdown fans see Gemma Collins in tears as her dream home sale falls through – The Sun

DIVA On Lockdown fans were in tears for Gemma Collins tonight after her dream home sale had fallen through.

The 39-year-old star sobbed in her car by the side of the road when she got the bad news.

The telly favourite returned to screens with an incredible opening episode filled with laughs.

And she kicked off the show by telling her management team that she wanted the series to follow her home move.

She said: "I've got a new house, I've got fields, I'll look out at cows. I want to get alpacas. We'll be covering my house move in this series."

Viewers then witnessed her roller coaster journey as she closed her Brentford boutique thanks to the coronavirus pandemic – and then lost out on the house.

Throughout the episode the star had poured her energy into shopping for her new pad, even visiting a kitchen and bath shop and begging for a discount on a luxury bath.

But while driving back to her brother's house, where she'd been living, she got the call to say the sale had crashed.

Gemma became overwhelmed and pulled over to the side of the road as she broke down in tears.

Devasted Gemma was inconsolable, and fans rushed to comfort her on Twitter.

One said: "Poor @missgemcollins gutted for you regarding your dream home falling through 😥 keep smiling babes 🥰 loving the new show tonight on"

Another said: "Gemma pulling over to cry after her dream home sale was not going through anymore got me"

Another wrote: "Aw made me so upset to see you crying. 😭 Hope you find your dream home soon and it will be a place of pilgrimage one day 😂"

Many retail businesses have closed their doors as shoppers avoid close proximity with one another to stop deadly coronavirus from spreading – leading staff fearful for their jobs.

The GC started up her business in 2017 in her hometown of Brentwood, Essex.

She offers a wide range of sizes from 16 to 28, telling shoppers she's on hand to "style all you curve queens."

Gemma – who started off as a car salesman before finding fame on The Only Way is Essex – launched her business before releasing a collection with Boohoo.

Before having to close her store, Gemma already admitted the coronavirus is having a big impact on her.

Last month she revealed that the "stress and worry" of the  deadly bug has ruined her diet after she decided to order a Chinese takeaway.

She tried to make herself feel better by treated herself to a feast of food to share with her pals for the evening.

The star has also been worrying about whether she should be returning expensive designer goods – like her Gucci tracksuit.

The death toll has hit 177 as around 1.4 million Brits are expected to be told to self-isolate on Monday.


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