Dog the Bounty Hunter offers $1,000 reward to find ‘scum’ who stole granddaughter Madalynn’s bicycle – The Sun

DOG The Bounty Hunter has put out a $1000 reward to anyone who can help him find the "scum" who stole his granddaughter's bike.

The young girl's brand new bike was stolen this past week from her family's garage in Hawaii, where they live, and her mom Lyssa Chapman revealed that Madalynn had been left "so sad".

Lyssa wrote: "Kaneohe Kailua friends. My daughter's brand new bike was stolen from our garage last night. Please keep an eye out. She’s so sad."

Her grandfather, reality star Dog – real name Duane Chapman – added: "$1000 reward for the scum who stole my gradaughter's bike (sic)."

Dog has 12 children, 11 grandchildren, and two great-grandkids, and is incredibly close to his family.

He recently received their blessing after he found love again with a new woman, nine months after the death of his beloved wife Beth.

In these exclusive pictures shared with The Sun Dog smiles into the camera as he poses with his arm around new girlfriend Francie Frane, a 51-year-old rancher from Colorado.

Dog's daughter Lyssa Chapman and close family friend Rainy Robinson told The Sun the reality star is head over heels for Francie – and say they couldn't be happier for the new couple.

The couple have been dating for a few months and are helping each other deal with the grief of losing their spouses, Lyssa said.

She added: "They are both so happy together and they are good for each other.

"Francie has been very respectful to all the kids – and to Beth's memory – and my dad is the same way with Bob and their children.

"They go to church three times a week and dad is trying to give up smoking – she is a good woman for my dad.

"He's the happiest I've seen him in a long time – he's so in love and wants to spend the rest of his life with Francie.

"They are both lost their spouses to cancer so they know what it's like to go through that and they are helping each other through it.

"But at the same time they are being very respectful of each other's grieving process and they're not trying to replace each other's partner.

"Beth would approve – I honestly believe that Beth sent Francie for my dad – I feel like Beth and Bob are up there watching down over them."

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