Donald Trump compared to Tiger King's Joe Exotic in Trevor Noah burn

Trevor Noah compared Tiger King’s Joe Exotic and President Donald Trump in his latest episode of The Daily Social Distancing Show as he dropped some coronavirus truth bombs. Yes, really.

After bingeing the seven-part Netflix series, which the comedian described as ‘even more viral than Covid-19’, he pointed out that both Joe and Trump like to be the centre of attention and are disorganised.

‘I’ve realised a couple of things,’ Trevor began. ‘One: This is what happens when white people have no black friends. And two: Joe Exotic is not only one of the weirdest people you will ever meet in your life, he could also be President of the United States.’

Going on to explain what he meant, the talk show host continued: ‘Hear me out. This man has all the character traits of a commander-in-chief. Everything.

‘For instance, one thing you’ll realise about Joe Exotic is he makes everything about him, which apparently very presidential.’

Trevor added: ‘If you watched Tiger King, you will know Joe is the most disorganised person you will ever meet. And when it comes to coronavirus, Trump is exactly the same.’


The presenter was of course referring to Trump bragging about his Covid-19 press briefings getting high television ratings and invoking the Defense Production Act so the US can take control of the pandemic.

Netflix’s The Tiger King documentary landed on the platform earlier this month and has already become a viral success.

It’s since been revealed that Joe, who is currently serving 22 years behind bars for numerous accounts of animal abuse and the murder-for-hire of activist Carole Baskin, is ‘loving’ his new-found fame.

The Tiger King is available to stream on Netflix and The Daily Social Distancing Show With Trevor Noah airs weekly in the US.

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