Dr Hilary thinks scrapped NHS coronavirus tracing app was 'asking too much'

Dr Hilary Jones has admitted that he ‘never had much faith’ in the NHS coronavirus tracing app that has now been scrapped.

Plans for the app hit a bump after a planned test period on the Isle of Wight. It was announced yesterday that the NHS ‘track and trace’ has been scrapped and will be replaced by a model developed by tech firms Apple and Google.

Speaking on Good Morning Britain today, the nation’s GP said that he always took news of the app with a pinch of salt.

‘I never had that much faith in technology to tell me who to stay in contact with,’ he told Ben Shephard and Charlotte Hawkins. ‘I thought it was asking too much.’

Dr Hilary then went on to the discuss the various failings of the app and how we can move forward and still self-isolate responsibly.

‘What we found was that the NHS app had operational system failures, the Apple and Google ones couldn’t measure distance effectively,’ he explained.

‘They’re trying to combine the best bit of all those apps, but that will be the most important thing.’

The GP went on to stress the importance of human tracers, who get in contact with those who have tested positive for Covid-19 and tell both them and others they’ve been in contact with to self-isolate.

‘Something like 90,000 people have asked to self-isolate by the human contact tracers and most of them are doing that,’ he said.

‘That’s the way forward, we’re going to have to do that for a little while to get forward.’

Despite the plans in place for a new model of the app, Health Secretary Matt Hancock has said that he cannot name a date for when the new version will be ready.

At the time of writing, the UK has had more than 300,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus, and over 40,000 deaths.

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