EastEnders stars try out new ‘find my character’ filter – but it gives them their co-stars faces – The Sun

EASTENDERS stars have tried out the new 'find my character' filter on Instagram – but not one of them got their own.

Several of the soap's biggest actors tested the new feature and while some were happy with who they got, others were not so impressed.

The soap's Instagram account re-posted the videos from the actors' individual accounts.

First up was Jessica Plummer, who stars as Chantelle Atkins on the soap and a huge smile crept across her face as she ended up with Mick Carter, played by Danny Dyer.

She captioned the vid: "I am officially the female Danny Dyer GET INNNNNNN."

Gurlaine Kaur Garcha, who stars as Ash Panesar, landed on one of her brothers Kheerat Panesar.

Hoping for a different character, she tied up her hair and tried again, only to get Vinny Panesar, another of her siblings.

Clair Norris, featuring in EastEnders as Bernie Taylor, was stunned to receive their family dog as the character, and the baffled star captioned the video with "????"

Her mother on the show Karen Taylor, played by Lorraine Stanley, was exited to get the evergreen Patrick Trueman.

Whitney Dean actor Shona McGarty also gave it a try and was stunned by the result.

She landed on none other than her character's worst nightmare, her stalker and the man she murdered in self-defence, Leo King.

Shona covered her mouth in shock and captioned the clip with an emphatic "NOPE."

Speaking of Whit and Leo, the stall owner is in prison after she gave herself following the psycho's murder.

Whit killed her crazy ex in self-defence but is facing a long stretch behind bars after she was refused bail before her trial.

The defiant Whitney is adamant that people need to listen to her and has now decided to go on hunger strike in the hope that her fortunes will change.

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