Emmerdale fans spot blunder as soap schedule shakeup means it’s STILL Easter in the village – The Sun

EMMERDALE viewers struggled to look past last night's Easter Egg hunt in the village as the soap's schedule shake-up continues to play havoc with its timeline.

The coronavirus pandemic forced the soap to halt filming last month and reduce its weekly TV schedule to prolong its run until more episodes can be shot.

And while Emmerdale bosses have previously explained there will be a lag in its onscreen dates, viewers are finding it hard work.

One wrote on Twitter last night: "Is anyone else finding watching an Easter egg hunt on #emmerdale 3 weeks after Easter happened a bit surreal?"

Another posted: "Longest Easter ever on Emmerdale. I know the episodes are behind because of the virus, but even then it’s gone on about 3 weeks! Rabbit face#Emmerdale."

A third shared: "Longest easter ever on #emmerdale!."

As a fourth said: "All these reduced soap episodes isn't half confusing @emmerdale we have an Easter Egg hunt…"

Andrea Tate finally discovered husband Jamie's affair with Belle Dingle as she saw them snog while the kids hunted for eggs.

It doesn't look good for the forbidden lovers as Andrea has vowed to get revenge.

Meanwhile last week the soap's fans were convinced the soap predicted the coronavirus outbreak – with a protest over Johnny being ill at day care.

The toddler son of vet Vanessa Woodfield was sent home from day care at the village hall after sneezing over the snack boxes.

He had been sent to day care to keep him away from his mum Vanessa who is undergoing a course of chemotherapy to fight her bowel cancer.

Doctors had told her to minimise her contact with germs while hr immune system is compromised by the treatment.

But with his step-mum Charity finding his aunt Tracy bringing him home early, she asked what was going on.

She said: “What’s he doing back? Last time I checked there was at least another two hours left at the village hall yet.”

Tracy told her: “Harriet rang, some of the parents saw him sneeze over the snack boxes and caused a protest.

“I know, he’s got a bug not the bubonic plague. What’s the matter with them?”

The ill-timed joke had fans convinced the soap must have predicted the current outbreak of coronavirus.

One wrote: “Do u think that sneeze reference was to do with coronavirus? #Emmerdale."

A second said: "Start of coronavirus. #Emmerdale."

Another added: "All these plague and spreading germs lines of dialogue tonight though… #Emmerdale."

* Emmerdale airs Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings at 7pm on ITV

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